Dreams Related To Stable

Being inside and around a stable

The things I dreamt in my dream are not related. First I dreamt about a beautiful environment with so many colorful trees. I saw a stable where horses live. Some person was talking about renovation of the stable. I saw beautiful shiny tiles. The color of those tiles was similar to the color of hay. And finally I walked around and then I went near a bush of grass and I picked some lemongrass plants and then I cut it into small pieces. But I cut those thinking that those are curry leaves.

This vision is filled with both positive and negative imagery, suggesting that it contains both a reminder and warning to you, the dreamer. While they may not seem connected on the surface, all these images have a thread woven clearly between them, starting with the lush colorful trees you saw first. This scenery suggests prosperity and happiness, both current and potential. You have been blessed with many things in life, as both the stable and horses further reveal an abundance of love, energy and contentment surrounding you. However, the image of hay-colored tiles is somewhat troubling, because they could indicate jealousy. While this type of emotion usually comes through more strongly in dreams than in reality, it could mean you are not as grateful for your blessings as you should be or that you are not as forthcoming with praise and thanks as you should. The last image, the cut lemongrass, is a warning that you could lose everything if you do not mend your ways. If you have been putting off returning the favor to someone who has helped you recently, now may be the time to show them how much you appreciate their love and support.