Dreams Related To Squirrel

Being bitten by a squirrel

Being bitten by a squirrel is often interpreted as a sign that someone close to you, most likely a significant other or child, would cause you great concern and heartache. If the squirrel was rabid, it may predict a more serious, heart-wrenching situation.

Killing a squirrel

Killing a squirrel is a highly ominous warning in the realm of dream visions. It is associated with negative feelings and emotions in reality, particularly loneliness. You may have done something recently that has caused others to turn their back on you, be it warranted or not. Your status as scapegoat or outcast would leave you feeling hurt and depressed.

A dead squirrel

A dead squirrel is an ominous sign to perceive in the dream world. It means you would soon be betrayed by someone you once trusted and whose counsel you had confidence in. Furthermore, this act of betrayal would spiral into a series of issues and troubles you would have to deal with for some time.

Having a squirrel for a pet

Having a squirrel for a pet in the dream world is an auspicious symbol associated with instances of familial happiness. You would be able to spend enjoyable time with your close family members, making memories together and taking pleasure in their company.

Many squirrels around

Multiple squirrels surrounding you in the dream world, such as in a park or forest area, is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It means you would soon be visited by or spend time with those you hold close in your heart, like a family member or dear friend. In some cases, this symbol is also associated with success and accomplishment, usually for a current endeavor.

A dead squirrel in a cage

So my dream was about that I was with my mom and dad, they are divorced in real life and don't live together anymore. But they were both in my dream with my little brother and boyfriend. My parents were going to pick up something at this house so my bf was driving my brother was riding shotgun and my parents and I were in the back seat. We got to the place and I got down with my parents, my bf and brother stayed in the car. We went into a house of a young couple and I saw they had a baby squirrel in a cage box with a big lock. They told me that they were selling it if I was interested to buy it. I told them that I wanted to show my bf, so I went out of the house to the car i showed my bf and brother. I told my bf if I should buy it? In real life I been telling him if he wants to adopt a animal with me. Anyways, he got the cage and looked at it, I don't remember if he said anything but then gave it back, but right before I looked down at the baby squirrel in the cage I heard my mom calling me back. I told her I was coming back I then looked down at the cage to see it was dead. I was in shocked because it was alive when I had it, but suddenly dead after my bf gave it back. What does that mean?

This dream vision does seem to be related to your desire to adopt a pet in reality. The first symbol in this vision, your parents being together despite being separated in reality, could reveal your lifestyle and choices you make. In particular, this symbol reflects your own sincerity and honesty when dealing with others. However, wanting to adopt the squirrel in this dream may also indicate the presence of someone who does not prioritize or even cares about your well-being. This can be seen both in the caged nature of the squirrel and its death while it was being handled by your boyfriend. Perhaps you subconsciously feel that there is some barrier between you two or that he is being distant for some reason. In essence, this vision is probably a message from your subconscious asking you to consider what would happen if you really chose to adopt an animal together. While you might try to rationalize it as a way of solidifying your connection to him, you may wind up having to shoulder the responsibility all by yourself if things turn out poorly.

A squirrel for women

For women, the symbol of a squirrel in the dream world has a somewhat sinister meaning. It suggests she would soon meet or become involved with a confusing, deceptive man. This strange male would attempt to bewilder, misdirect or lie to her in order to advance his own sinister agenda.

A squirrel in a hole

I saw an animal hiding in a hole, I dug the hole and killed a squirrel.

Digging a hole may symbolically refer to making a change in your life. However, killing a squirrel suggests these changes would come under negative circumstances or because you have to correct something that you did wrong in the recent past. For instance, if you were recently rude to a friend or family member, you would not only need to apologize to repair the relationship but also address the underlying reasons for the disagreement in the first place.

Having a squirrel attached to the face

I was at a work conference and took a day off to walk around a small town in California along the water. I ran into my female boss and she suddenly exclaimed that I had a squirrel on my head. Not just sitting on my head, but clutching my face. It wasn't attacking me, but I wanted to get it off and asked my boss to help me. Then I woke up.

Dreaming of participating in a work conference indicates a busy professional life. You could be deep in a tiring project with many moving parts, hence you need to stay focused. Meanwhile, the squirrel on your head means a personal relationship could be distracting you from work. An old flame could suddenly re-enter your life and add more stress to your already stressful life. If you are not careful, thinking about "what ifs" too much could lead to insomnia. Fortunately, squirrels usually mean that an issue will just be a passing thing, so do not get too worked up about it. This is meant to provide you with enlightenment and remind you not to get distracted. Focus on your priorities.

Catching a squirrel

Catching a squirrel, either in your hands or in a special cage, suggests you would soon put your own self in danger because you are not paying enough attention to what is truly important. You may be focusing on little details that do not matter or not paying particular attention to anything at all. You may find that you are in physical danger or that you have left yourself open to some sort of attack, for example, identity theft.

Dreams about killing a squirrel or many squirrels

Seeing a squirrel

Crossing paths with or running across a squirrel has neither a particularly positive nor negative meaning in dreams. It predicts soon coming into contact with an old flame or past lover whom you have not seen in awhile. While you may begin to spend considerable time with this individual, it is unlikely that a serious partnership would develop again.

Feeding a squirrel from your hands

Letting a squirrel eat out of your hands is a positive symbol to behold while you are sleeping and dreaming. It means your household would be blessed with happiness, contentment and prosperity for many years to come.

A squirrel in general

The general image or perception of a squirrel in the dream world is a neutral symbol. It often reveals upcoming changes that would affect your everyday life, such as getting a promotion, buying a large-ticket items, taking your relationship to the next level, or moving somewhere new. Alternatively, this symbol can also be interpreted as a sign that you would enter into a new relationship that would be dizzying due to the speed and intensity that it inspires.

A squirrel during winter

The image of a squirrel in a winter scene, like when it is snowing or the ground is frozen, is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It predicts being duped or manipulated by someone in reality. You may soon find yourself forced to do or say something you would rather not due to this person or this group of people's influence.

A squirrel jumping in tree branches

The picturesque image of a squirrel jumping from branch to branch in a tree is often considered a revelation about someone close to you in reality who tends to be superficial. This individual may be someone you work with or see on a regular basis through a class you take or a mutual group of friends. This man or woman is likely preventing you from making real progress towards your goals by distracting you with minor tasks or gossip. Cutting this individual out of your life would allow you to focus on improving yourself.

A squirrel in a cage

A squirrel in a cage, be it a bird cage or a zoo enclosure, sheds light on the isolation and wall that has been building between you and others. Your family members, friends and even co-works have all noticed your withdrawal from their company, although the true reason that you have stepped back is known only to you.

A squirrel up on a tree

Seeing a squirrel in a tree, whether it is perched on a branch or inside a hole in the trunk, means your current goals or projects would take longer than you have anticipated or planned for. You would need to have patience and believe in the process rather than getting frustrated and giving up.

Shooting a squirrel

Shooting a squirrel with a gun or a rifle is a harbinger of ill fortune in the dream world. It means your current lifestyle would be overshadowed by a threat or danger that would be difficult to pinpoint and address. The unknown aspect of this hazard would likely cause some anxiety or paranoia.

A dog chasing a squirrel

Watching a dog chase a squirrel, in the context of a dream vision, suggests you would soon find yourself isolated from others, likely your close friends or colleagues. The reason for this separation is probably a fight or disagreement that led to the sharing of unkind words. Your situation would cause you great heartache and sadness, both due to your pain over the conflict and your inability to share that pain with your regular companions.

A squirrel on the hand for single people

Allowing a squirrel to perch on your hand can reveal that your would soon meet someone new. This individual would become a companion for a short time, although whether you would part on friendly or strained terms is unclear. The behavior and actions of the squirrel may reflect some of the qualities of this man or woman. For example, a lounging squirrel may point toward meeting a calm or lazy person, while a more energetic or curious squirrel could mean you would meet someone who leads a very active lifestyle.

A coat made of squirrel fur

A coat that appears to be made from the fur of a squirrel is a happy, fortuitous symbol for business people or those in the business world. It predicts soon achieving excellent results on a project you have been working on or getting ahead of your competition and enemies through hard work and perseverance.

A squirrel for men

For men, the image of a squirrel carries a particularly unfortunate interpretation. It often reveals that he would get involved with a sneaky, sly or otherwise deceitful female who would cause him great disappointment and heartache. She may steal a particularly large sum of money from him or use him to take care of some difficult, unpleasant tasks.

A squirrel eating nuts

Watching a squirrel eating nuts in the realm of dream visions carries an especially positive message for those who are married or contemplating marriage. It means their family life would be uneventful and stress-free, allowing you to relax from the burdens of life outside the home. For those who are single, it represents having an orderly, stable life. They probably maintain a fairly rigid schedule due to work or college class timetable.

Playing with a squirrel

Playing with a squirrel, in the context of a dream vision, sheds light on the current or upcoming peace that your household would be blessed with. You would truly be able to relax and let go of the day's stress when you are at home and among your own family.

Chasing a squirrel with a gun

When you chase a squirrel with a gun in the dream world, it means you are at risk for losing money on a gamble or filing for bankruptcy due to poor investment yields. Your liquid capital would be all but lost, leaving you disappointed, stressed and worried.

A squirrel crossing your path

Envisioning that a squirrel has crossed your path, be it across a trail you are hiking or a sidewalk you are walking upon, means minor trouble is on the horizon. You would be slightly inconvenienced by unimportant tasks and busywork, or you may suddenly have your regular duties increased without warning. While this may be annoying, it is likely to be only a temporary situation.

A squirrel jumping into someone's hands

In the context of a dream, seeing a squirrel jump into the hands of another person is synonymous with being inconvenienced, annoyed or hurt by the inconsiderate behavior of someone of the female gender. This woman is likely someone you are fairly close to in reality, like your co-worker, friend, girlfriend or wife.