Dreams Related To Sports

A place to play sports

Playing sports at a place designed for games, such as a gymnasium, football field or basketball court, in a dream is an indication that you will take up a hobby, course, challenge or activity not for the purpose it serves but for the opportunity of socializing and meeting new people who might serve your vested interests. Unfortunately, your inexperience and insincerity would show, and people would eventually uncover your true motives and rat you out as a pretentious twit who would stop at nothing to get what you want. Instead of gaining friends, you might be shunned as an outcast and become your own worst enemy.

You participating in sports

A dream about participating in sports is a symbolic image of a social gathering. You would soon be a participant in or host of a party or celebration with all your friends, family members and acquaintances in attendance. Everyone would have a ball catching up with one another over good food and wine, and most probably with excellent musical accompaniment on the side.

A participant in a sport

Rubbing elbows with or talking to a participant in a sport in a dream is a forewarning that someone close to you may have been intentionally or inadvertently causing you harm. This person's actions could be adversely affecting your career, finances or relationships. You might have to make a difficult decision of closing the door on this person if it is the only way to save everything else.

Playing and winning in sports

To dream about playing and winning in a sport mirrors the fact that you are a born winner. You have a green thumb. Everything you touch turns to gold. You are the life of a party. You exude confidence and positivity. You could turn a bad or lifeless situation to one full of promise and energy. You choose to be happy and refuse to be angry. You would rather light a candle than curse the darkness. You could be transported to a place of heavenly comfort or confined to a hell hole, but your outlook would remain unwaveringly optimistic. Not surprisingly, your whole life is the epitome of success.

Two people competing in a sport

To dream about watching two people competing in a sport, such as tennis, boxing or jujitsu, is an indication that you are blessed with gambler's luck. You have very good chances at winning in legal numbers games. You could hit the jackpot in a lottery or earn a ton of money in a horse race. However, your whole life should not revolve around games of chance. You can consider it a pastime, but you should do something more personally rewarding for a living.

Sports at a gym

To dream about playing a sport at a gym is a sign of your body image obsession. Falling victim to beauty stereotypes, you could be spending so much time lifting weights and doing push-ups at a gym in an attempt to achieve an ideal physique often portrayed in Hollywood movies. You could be so conscious about your outward appearance that you might have forgotten to nurture your inner beauty, that is, an invisible part of you which brings out your kindness, generosity and spirituality. You could learn from a famous quote from the book, The Little Princess, which says that anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

Playing sports in a closed space

A dream about playing a sport in an enclosed space or stadium indicates that you are a firm believer in the power of domesticity. That is, everything you need to know in life you already learned in the confines of your own home, with your parents, guardians and loved ones as your best teachers. You may have gone on to acquire complex knowledge and sophisticated views, discover new truths and create cutting-edge technology, but you would always go back to your formative years at home during which the foundations of life as you know it were created and without which humanity would never have come this far.

Winning a sport

Winning at sports while dreaming at night is considered the reflection of your ability to turn anything into success in reality. You probably have a lot of charisma, ingenuity and grit, the tools necessary to guarantee that even the most challenging of tasks would have a favorable outcome. While others may call it luck, you would know it is positive energy and determination. Everything you touch turns to gold due to your outlook on life and personal qualities.