Dreams Related To Spirit

An evil spirit

The presence of an evil spirit in your dream, like a demonic presence or a malevolent being, refers to disappointments and failures in your path. Unfortunately, even if things are going well in your personal life as well as at work, eventually things would take a turn in which your plans would fall through and projects would have unsatisfactory results. You have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally in order for you to survive this period of bad luck. Despite the gloomy outlook, you can turn this into a journey of learning.

Talking to a spirit

Talking to a spirit that you conjured, and learning about your future or being warned about an upcoming tragedy, unfortunately means you would be taken aback by an unexpected betrayal. Someone you least expect who would stab you in the back would be the mastermind behind a plot to ruin your reputation or tarnish your credibility. The spirit here serves as a warning that you are being duped so expertly that you would not even see it coming. The least you could do is pick up the pieces after your have been outwitted.

A spirit talking to you

Dreaming that a spirit is talking to you, while you are in a cemetery or inside an old spooky house, means someone would try to confuse you or orchestrate a misdirection to cover up their mistakes. So, to help you retain a sharp mind and give you focus, your own subconscious is giving you a hint about this upcoming plan to bewilder you. Fortunately, some part of you has heeded the signs and warnings. They have seeped into your mind and now it is looking out to protect you by urging you to take precautions.

Unknown spirit

The mystery behind an unknown spirit in dream is associated with your past history. Since the ghost is a stranger, it means you need to revisit an old issue that is interfering with your current life. This may be a repressed memory or something you deem as insignificant but actually has lasting effects on your life. Your nocturnal state may help you uncover this memory with the other symbols present in your dream.

Freeing a spirit that turns into a butterfly

I freed a a spirit that was scary, but all she wanted was to be free, and when I freed her she turned into a big butterfly.

Spirits usually refer to the dreamer's awareness of mortality and fear of death. Since the spirit was perceived to be scary or malicious, freeing a spirit could be an indication of your desire to purge yourself of your bad habits and negative thoughts. In doing so, you envision it turning into a butterfly which symbolizes happiness and transformation. Perhaps you think that changing who you are inside would reflect in your outward appearance. On the other hand, the scary nature of the spirit may be a misconception as you described. You may feel misunderstood in reality because you are afraid of expressing yourself and being true to who you are. In that sense, the act of freeing it could be an allusion to being honest and embracing your true self. Being free to show who you are would then allow everyone to see your true colors and consequently embrace you for your courage and integrity.

Seeing a spirit

Seeing a spirit, the ghost of someone you know or a holy being appearing in front of you, means you are being haunted by the memory of an incident. It could be a happy experience or a traumatic event that you keep reliving, so it is affecting your current existence in various ways. You need to confront this issue, so you can close this chapter of your life in peace. Alternatively, this could also predict an upcoming stressful situation which would sap you of your mental energies as well as your physical strength.

Spirit of one of the relatives

Seeing the spirit of a relative, for example an aunt or your cousin, is an indication of an unresolved issue or unanswered questions about your own family. There is a family secret that when discovered would have tremendous implications on your existence. This hidden issue may soon come to light as indicated by the appearance of this dream symbol. You could look at the context of your dream as well as other symbols included in the vision to get further clues about the nature or subject matter of this secret.

A good spirit

A good spirit, perhaps an innocent child or a ghost trying to help you escape a dangerous situation, symbolizes good luck and positive developments in your life. Specifically, the benign and harmless spirit in this dream vision refers to a helping hand or a generous personality who would help you out of a tough situation. This could be in the form of financial support from friends or relatives, or a mentor could decide to back you up and help you build your career in a highly competitive field. Just when you are about to give up on your dreams, a window of opportunity would open up.

An invisible spirit

Invisible spirits often refer to outside forces that can impact our lives, according to traditional and shamanistic teachings about dream interpretation. If the spirit was forcing you to do something or go somewhere, it could mean you are being controlled by someone more powerful than yourself in wake life. If the spirit was only looming nearby, it may be a sign that someone is paying attention to you in wake life, although whether it is to help or hurt you is unclear based on this symbol alone.

Spirit entering the body

I was staying in a hostel and continuously I got bad dreams like spirit entering in me and nowadays I am dreaming of waterfall, ocean and sea. I even see unknown persons misbehaving me or my friend.

Dreaming about a spirit entering the body reflects your concerns about people whom you know closely and being worried about their well-being or even the possibility of passing away. The symbol of a waterfall seen in your dream together with other water symbols (ocean and sea) means you are living in a constant fear of bad things or unexpected changes happening either to you or to other people whom you happen to know. We are assuming you are talking about "other people making you and your friend misbehave" in the last part, from this perspective and in relation to your previous dreams it could mean you are very prone and vulnerable to what others tell you about the way you act, position yourself in life or conduct yourself. You may want to reconsider the way you take criticism or blame from others to make it less damaging to your emotional well-being.

A spirit entering a woman's body

In my dream I was in a house where I saw something moving on the roof as I look up, I see this spirit moving and destroying my house, and I started praying and chasing it out of my house. It ran away into a nearby church and I went there also praying. It got inside this woman and I drove it out of her. It ran went away leaving for good. What does it mean?

Seeing a spirit indicates you are experiencing some internal turmoil at the moment, most likely over the passing of someone who has influenced or affected you in some way or someone exiting your life in a sudden, dramatic manner. Chasing after the ghost and praying for it to leave represents some conflict in your family which is preventing you from having a peaceful, satisfying home life. This is most likely connected to the passing or disappearance of the person mentioned above. In either situation, seeing the ghost leave for good predicts things settling down soon, especially if everyone takes the time to communicate honestly and respectfully with each other.

Expelling a spirit from the body

I was sitting on the floor of my living room and thought "I have a spirit in me that attracts riches, but I have never been happy", I was staying with my cousin and she was the one who took me to get that spirit. I was tired of the spirit, I told her to remove the spirit from my body, she did something and pinkish sweat and air started coming out through my pores all over my body and pink gas leaving my pores. After I looked at my hand and fingers, they had become wrinkled and scaled-like.

You may be sensing an imbalance in your current existence as revealed in this dream scenario. The spirit giving you success on the professional front alludes to your focus and career-driven attitude. Success and recognition may have been your main purpose in the years leading up to this dream. Yet perhaps recently you are becoming weary of prioritizing your career with no one to share your ambitions and achievements with. You could be on the brink of deciding to shift priorities in favor of finding a romantic partner for a change. And yet the final scene in the dream sequence also reveals your fear of losing yourself or being unable to take care of your needs once another person is in the picture.

Someone's spirit enterting a goat

I'm a 21-year old female and I dreamt about someone's spirit that had entered a goat and the goat could change from being huge to a small one, it had blocked me and grandma's way and told us we were to pass only if we repeated what it told us, so it was saying things while we were repeating the stuff and fleeing. It followed us and at last caught up with grandma and I'm not sure if it killed her because I only recall me saying it's the spirit of Njenga, then woke up scared.

Goats are symbolic of bad behavior in reality, so envisioning a goat that could transform itself by growing bigger and smaller may mean you tend to rub people the wrong way. It is possible that this only refers to those outside of your family, meaning what you find appropriate to do around your family members and close friends could be considered rude or too familiar by those outside of those circles. The repetition you had to speak and the idea that the goat followed you and your grandmother suggests you are starting to realize these issues are holding you back from advancing in certain areas in your life. Perhaps you even see a parallel between your life and hers. They say that those who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it, and this may very well be the case with you. It might be time to embrace the family history and find out how you can improve your life based on what you learn.

Spirit of dead people

Envisioning the spirits of the dead is often only seen by those in deep slumber. During this time, the connection to the spiritual plane is opened, and normal people can interact with the spirits of their deceased loved ones. Elderly people who are lucky enough to connect on this level may see relatives they have not been able to talk to in years, such as their grandparents or great-grandparents.

Being grabbed by a spirit

The images of getting attacked by ghosts in your sleep touch emotions you suppress in the real world. You always feel worried about trivial matters, yet you try to hide it for fear of disappointing people around you. This situation might mainly circle in your profession. Likewise, you tend to be haunted by past events in your personal life that always leave you feeling bad for some things you have done or wish you have done.

Being held down by a spirit

Dreaming of being held down by a spirit, or experiencing an attack or paralysis by a ghost, indicates unresolved emotional or spiritual struggles. It signifies the presence of negative energies or internal demons affecting your well-being. To address this, it is recommended to explore practices such as meditation, energy healing, or seeking guidance from a trusted advisor to create a safe and protected space for emotional and spiritual growth.