Dreams Related To Spinning

Spinning in circles

Finding yourself having fun on a boat and then all of a sudden feeling dizzy and spinning in circles in a dream and then ultimately waking up drenched in sweat is a sign that you are in an utter state of confusion. Perhaps, it would be another of those lucid dreams, where you are half asleep and half awake. However, you are not only lost in pointless thoughts but you no longer feel your value or are unable to ascertain your purpose of life in the real world, leading to experiencing a state of existential crisis.

Spinning uncontrollably

Seeing yourself running around a circular track, losing control and ultimately spinning uncontrollably is a sign that your emotional wounds are being scratched in waking life. Your psychic pain along with your day to day problems is making the situation even worse. Perhaps, your introvert nature does not allow you to share your problems with others. Thus, you have not established any medium to communicate your worries to others, including the people who care about you. According to the teachings of Carl Jung, for people undergoing these kind of circumstances it is imperative to attain a healthier state of mind to feel and embrace positivity in life.