Dreams Related To Soursop

Gathering fruit from a tree

In my dream, I saw a big Soursop tree and I harvested and gathered many Soursop fruits I was so excited.

To dream that you are harvesting fruits from a tree symbolizes that you are being rewarded for all of the determination that you have shown in your daily work. It could mean finalizing a deal that would bring you a considerable monetary incentive, or increasing profits from applying unconventional strategies and approaches which will help you improve your personal life situation.

Spilling the seeds of Soursop on the floor

I'm male, I dreamt about receiving an unripe Soursop from a friend who was driving away. While eating it, the seeds fell on the floor. I left and came back to sweep the compound floor where I left the seeds and the Soursop on the floor. While cleaning I noticed kids were in the compound like a school, and I rushed to clean, so they don't see the mess and I woke up while doing it. Meanwhile this friend in this dream who gave me Soursop to eat had an accident with my Uber car and the car got burnt last week.

In most cases, fruits represent financial gains or success. The Soursop in your case symbolizes your trade or source of income. So when the seeds fell while you were eating the fruit, it means that you need to find other ways to earn. Each seed represents a new venture, idea or opportunity to take on in order to meet your day-to-day needs. Meanwhile, the children point to your apprehensions and uncertainties about the near future. You could be picking up the seeds and cleaning the mess because you do not want to involve or inconvenience anybody else from the negative repercussions of an incident that may have happened in the recent past.