Dreams Related To Sore

Sores with raspberries instead of blood

I don't remember what happened before, but I was content and happy, maybe with friends, but then I looked down at my arm and there was a sore which was infected. I felt a bit scared and it looked horrible with puss. When I started to touch it and open it up to clean it, raspberries fell out instead of blood. I had to pick the last couple out but then my skin was fine with just a small mark. I was so relieved but a little bit creeped out. I found another one of these sores on my tummy and leg.

Body sores indicate negative feelings that are festering inside you. You could be holding a grudge against someone and your inability to express your resentment is causing mental and emotional strain. The raspberries where the blood should be illustrate the sensitive nature of your personal issues. It means you should handle this problem in a delicate manner or else it could escalate into something worse. The locations of the sores provide more specifics about your frustrations. The arm represents social connections and your ability to reach out to others. Your stomach refers to your ability to put up with others or deal with difficult situations. Finally, the leg symbolizes courage and being able to stand up for yourself. Altogether, having sores on these body parts means you are burdened and distressed by a close friend or a loved one. You are possibly just putting up with their toxic presence and constant negativity, so the only way for you to regain your sanity is to cut this person out of your life. However, as indicated by the raspberries, this needs to be handled carefully or else it could backfire and make you look like a bad person.