Dreams Related To Something

Searching for something

To go looking for lost things or something missing in the dream realm hints at something esoteric just within your reach. A mysterious force is troubling you, so you will embrace mysticism and the supernatural to uncover this enigmatic phenomena. The prickly feeling behind your neck after meeting someone or developing insomnia prior to a significant event likely have deeper meanings, so do not dismiss those signs. This journey could help you discover a new skill that will help not just yourself, but other people who need spiritual guidance.

Not being able to find something

Struggling to find specific items, perhaps a pen or your phone, reveals a chaotic mind. Too many things could be happening and you are feeling disoriented. This experience may seem like a wake dream and you are a mere observer, but you have to take charge. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the situation, channeling your inner peace by meditating could help you find your center in the midst of all the chaos.

Something you really want to happen

We should turn to Freudian philosophy when we are looking for answers to what does it mean when you dream about something you really want to happen taking place in a dream. In many cases, what you see in your mind's eye is a reflection of what is in your heart. It could also reveal that you are on the right path to make this vision a reality, whether you have already completed some of the work or are only in the planning stages. Keep fighting for what you want and do your best not to get sidetracked by haters and nay-sayers.