Dreams Related To Sofa

Sofa destroyed by rodents

Hello, I was lying on a sofa in a dark living room and when I woke I noticed that the other large sofa in the room had been chewed in arch at the bottom. I remember thinking in a matter of fact way "Oh, we have mice". I live by myself so the fact that I thought my 30 year old daughter was living there strange. The living room was nothing like the one I actually live in. Kind regards.

Resting on a sofa suggests you are in a comfortable place in your life, both because you are able to rely on those around you and you have a safe, comfortable place to rest each night. Your relationships are fulfilling, and you probably are not worried about much at present. However, the idea that mice destroyed your furniture in the dream world points towards going through a period of great loss and hardship. This could mean material loss, such as theft or decreasing value of investments, or it could point towards draining energy in your relationships, such as tense interactions with someone you are normally quite close to. This vision may even be directly referring to strain on your relationship with your daughter. Furthermore, your daughter living with you can be interpreted as a sign that drastic changes may soon take place, either physically or emotionally. Now may be a good time to focus on what matters most so you can protect, salvage or save that which is most important to you in wake life.