Dreams Related To Snowstorm

A crush saving someone during a snowstorm

I had a dream about someone I really like (crush) risking their life to save someone in danger. The danger was that people were 99% sure a little boy was stuck in a snow storm. If he was there you could try to save him and yourself but it would be hard, but if he wasn't there then you would die. In the dream I cried as I watched my crush walk into the storm to save the person. I thought he would die. When I woke up I was crying.

The snow storm refers to your personal distress and depression. This is stopping you from making a meaningful connection with your crush in reality. The imagery of him walking into a snow storm depicts your own fears about revealing your vulnerabilities to him. You are afraid that opening yourself up to him or welcoming him into your life will result in rejection. He could be overwhelmed and unprepared for your issues. Fortunately, the little boy he goes on to save symbolizes your innocence and hope. Instead of focusing on your fears, the challenge for you is to be optimistic about how things would progress. This hopeful perspective will allow you to hold on to positive aspects of yourself instead of projecting your insecurities on to others.