Dreams Related To Snail

Swallowing a snail

I dreamt my friend and I were cleaning out the slime from a bowl of snails with alum (what we use to clean snails in Nigeria). I then tried to chew off something from the snail, before I knew it I swallowed the snail whole with the alum in it. I immediately woke up with a feeling in my throat.

Cleaning up the slime from the snails represents your concerted efforts in keeping an untrustworthy individual at bay. Someone could be exhibiting suspicious or objectionable behavior around you and you are trying to push away any unwanted advances. On the other hand, snails can represent your slow and steady progress towards your dreams. In that case, getting rid of the slime may reflect your desire to speed up your progress. However, the haste and urgency could set you up for failure, possibly even putting your health at risk. Some things take time and consistent effort to be achieved.

Swallowing snails or worms in dreams meaning

Surrounded by snails

Envisioning yourself surrounded by snails in a dreamscape is an ill omen related to your associations and friendships in reality. In folklore, the image of snails represents the presence of individuals who are a drain on your life force. Traditionally this may refer to those who lead you from the path of light by involving you in the seven deadly sins. For instance, you may be tempted by your so-called "friends" to give in to lust and visit a strip club. Alternatively, it may be normal for some of your acquaintances to fall victim to their own vanity and pride, leading them to stubbornly cling to certain beliefs that are either not true or vastly misconstrued. The vivid imagery in this dream can only serve to conclude that you are in danger of falling victim to these immoral acts yourself unless you are extremely cautious or can remove yourself from tempting situations.

A snail in water

Snail in water.

Seeing a snail in the water is a fairly positive sign indicating success in the face of obstacles, especially those obstacles created by other people. This includes rivals who try to sabotage your efforts to get ahead in the workplace or higher-ups who dismiss your ideas without considering them. At the same time, this vision warns you not to proceed in a hurry and carefully consider the options available to you so to avoid potential pitfalls and errors on your part.

Disgusted by a snail

Being disgusted by the sight of a snail is often associated with biblical imagery and interpretations. As snails are often associated with the poor, sinful behavior of those around you, being thoroughly disgusted by such creatures in your dream reveals some self-awareness on your part. In essence, you are an individual with a strong moral compass who either subscribes to Christian teachings and is very familiar with them through study of different religions, such as Judaism or Islam, or is in close proximity to those who hold such tenets in their life.

Snails and cats

I am seeing snails in my dreams off n on since march 2014. Now I saw snails stuck to my feet, which is annoying for me although I removed them later and then I saw centipede that transform into a black cat. And I am seeing cats off and on too in my dreams.

Dreaming about snails is usually considered a bad sign, it portends that you will be annoyed and bothered by people who may have evil or selfish intentions and might want to take advantage of you to fulfill their own plans. You must exercise caution and be watchful of people who are currently trying to get your attention or initiate a contact with you. Seeing a cat or having it try to follow you in your dreams is a sign of misfortune entering your life soon. However, if you got rid of the cat by scaring it off or killing it in your dream, then this means the misfortune can be decreased or even managed by you.

Snails on my body

Dreaming of snails crawling all over your body means you need to cut ties with people who are bad for you. Although you are drawn to their energy and enthusiasm, they may also be the reason for your bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. People who are enabling your vices, whether it is materialism or gambling, will derail you from your path to personal growth and productivity. To avoid getting tempted to fall back to your old ways, it is best to find new friends who are following the path which you want to pursue for yourself.

A snail with a mirror in its shell

I reach home and was going to buy mineral water for my niece when I touch my pocket I find a big snail in its shell that had little mucus. I hold it and remove it from its shell and throw it down in fear, then my baby niece about 9 months old tells me not to fear it. She picks it and returns it to me, but in its shell then I see inside its shell it had a very clear mirror.

Dreaming about coming across a snail, especially if you found it in your pocket, is a warning to be careful and postpone any major financial decisions or purchases requiring large amounts of money. Even if you are going to share the expenses with someone else, like a member of your household or your spouse, the dream suggests evaluating all pros and cons and taking into account factors you may have left out of consideration. The mirror in the end of the dream is another hint for you to take a closer look at your current financial standing and assess your needs in a careful and thoughtful way.

Chased and bitten by a snail

I am a female and last year 2020 I was always chased by a snail, even sometimes I was bitten by it?

Being chased and bitten by a snail while in REM sleep could be a sign that someone in wake life is nipping at your heels, trying to trip you up and get in your way. So far you have stayed ahead of them, as the chase has continued for some time. However, in order to be free of this vision, you must get rid of this individual who is draining your energy and causing you trouble. This might include directly confronting them or lodging a complaint with someone of authority.