Dreams Related To Smoking

Quitting smoking for smokers

Smokers who dream about quitting are projecting their strong desire to kick this harmful habit once and for all. You have probably tried a lot of things in order to stop smoking, from nicotine patches to hypnosis. Unfortunately, you find yourself relapsing after only a short period. The good news is, you are determined to quit because it has seeped so deeply into your consciousness that this desire has manifested in your dream. In addition, quitting smoking can also symbolize the inevitable struggle you need to experience in order to achieve a goal. There is no shortcut to success, hence it is necessary for you to go through the difficulties so you can learn and become stronger in the process.

Smoking cigarettes

I was smoking cigarettes in my dream.

You do not mention if you are a smoker in real life or not. If you do smoke, this dream may point to concerns with your health and to struggles with addiction. However, if you are not a smoker, this dream may indicate becoming the victim of gossip and ridicule, especially from people near you. You should consider evaluating who your friends are before sharing any information that could be turned against you.