Dreams Related To Sleeping

Someone sleeping

Watching someone sleeping, such as your significant other or a person you encounter on a daily basis, is a warning about an impending accident due to technical malfunction or failure. It could be a place crash with a lot of casualties or a road accident. You would likely bear witness to this tragic incident or at least be one of the first ones to be informed about it. The sleeping figure is somewhat a reassurance that at the very least none of the closest people in your life would be affected by this horrible event.

Unfortunately, if you are also sleeping in the dream, then it means the accident or tragedy would have tremendous impact on you. You may know people who get killed in the incident, or connected to someone involved in the cause of the malfunction, whether directly or indirectly. If you were next to the sleeping person yet you are awake, then you would thankfully be able to avoid this negative circumstance.

A sleeping child

The appearance of a sleeping child in a dream vision, perhaps one of your children or an unfamiliar child, represents a dim future for your hopes and dreams. Your plans are not going to pan out due to a variety of reasons. External factors such as economic situation or sociopolitical issues would keep you from getting the right opportunities to further your career or to pursue your goals. Your lack of will and determination would also contribute to your stagnation. Being easily disheartened by disappointments would not make you thrive in the real world.

Sleeping in a dream

Envisioning yourself sleeping, watching yourself sleep or in the first person perspective while you are in bed, means you are feeling defenseless and vulnerable. You could be completely overwhelmed by your responsibilities or simply exhausted just thinking about all the things you still have to do. This can also apply to a loved one in need whom you cannot help for some reason and you just feel helpless about the situation. Whoever wakes you up within this type of a dream is probably aware of your dilemma and can help in reality.

Being bothered while trying to sleep

I was in my bed and I felt someone smack me on my butt. I woke up and I got scared to death, as I began to fall back to sleep I felt my covers moving and I woke up again. After I tried to dose off again and I could feel someone touch my hand and me remembering when I was a kid I saw grandparents. I felt ok until that drifted away and it was back to a feeling of terror.

Feeling terrified, especially while you are falling asleep, denotes a deep-seated personal issue. You are afraid of letting your guard down because someone could take advantage of you. The smack on your butt represents a power struggle. A domineering figure is forcing you to become submissive. This could be tied to an unresolved fear within you that you have been repressing. However, the more you repress it, the more it surfaces, especially during times when you are unguarded. If this is a recurring issue of night terrors or feeling that someone is harassing you, then you may have to consult a professional that would help you confront your inner demons.

Being awoken when sleeping

Being awoken while you were sleeping in a dream vision, whether by a loud sound or someone shaking you awake, depicts a possible traumatic incident that would occur in the waking world. Your adrenaline would go on overdrive during this shocking or frightening experience. Alternatively, this dream symbol may also refer to your gut instinct. You would soon be in a situation in which it would serve you well to use your intuition instead of over analyzing and delaying your decision.

Sleeping in church

Sleeping in church, during a mass or maybe even when it is empty and silent, points to a threat to your reputation. A malicious individual in your community would defame your character because of a rivalry or miscommunication. Unfortunately, you would have to endure a lot of name calling and rumor mongering that would tarnish your good name. You may have to carefully weigh your options and strategy for clearing your name because emotional outbursts on your part may serve to discredit you even more.

Sleeping children

To have sleeping children in a vision, like a nap time in a nursery or your own children fast asleep, is a bad omen predicting an outbreak of an infectious disease. Children would be most at risk during this outbreak, but your subconscious is likewise telling you to take precautions to maintain your health and well-being. You can get your entire family vaccinated or immunized. You can also keep your surroundings clean as well as remind everyone to have good hygiene to avoid contracting diseases.

Someone watching you sleep

A dream in which you are asleep but feel the presence of someone else watching you can have negative connotations in reality. Oftentimes, this esoteric symbol reflects feelings of insecurity or vulnerability in reality. Furthermore, you may feel that your friends and family are not supporting you in your time of need.

Sleeping for married couples

For married couples, dreams about sleeping or seeing your significant other sleeping points to a period of peace and harmony for the both of you. Things would start to stabilize and calm down in your household as you and your spouse slowly fall into rhythm with one another's habits. This is also true if you are only seeing yourself asleep in the vision. This means you are quite content and grateful for a stable and balanced family life. You know you can depend on your partner to weather any storm that may come.

Someone sleeping beside you

Noticing someone is asleep beside you while in the midst of a dream vision suggests something terrible is about to happen to you or someone close to you in reality. This would likely be the result of a major accident or natural disaster, something that would be newsworthy or attract a lot of attention. You should prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what is to come.

A group of people sleeping

Seeing a group of sleeping people, in random places like streets, cafes or even a classroom, implies indolence. You are slacking off at work or in your studies because you would rather pursue leisurely activities than work hard. Alternatively, you may just be laid-back by nature without the drive or ambition to go further. As a result, you are not utilizing your skills and capabilities to the fullest. Maybe you need to reevaluate your goals in life so you can focus your time and energy on pursuits that would unlock your full potential.

Sleeping outside

Sleeping outside in a dream vision, while you are out camping or on your lawn napping on a sunny day, means you would soon embark on a long journey to somewhere far. Maybe it would be a foreign country or on an exotic island for a vacation. If you have been feeling tired or experiencing burnout at work, then sleeping outdoors is actually an indication of your need for rest and relaxation. Fortunately, this dream means you would soon get your much-needed break in order to rejuvenate your senses.

Sleeping at your relatives house

Dreaming that you are sleeping over at a relative's house, such as at your cousin's place or grandmother's home while you are visiting, denotes contentment. You are perfectly at peace and satisfied with how things are going in your life. You are happy with the choices you have made up to this point in your existence. If you are currently unsatisfied, then you would be happy to know that things would start settling down and going your way as you head into a state of happiness and fulfillment.

Sleeping in your bed

To dream of sleeping in your bed, as if you are envisioning reality or your real-world bedroom into the dimension of dreams, suggests an upcoming illness. It could be something you would contract in the workplace. Stress would weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to contagious diseases. However, too much exercise could also take its toll on your body as your muscles get strained and you would have to recuperate by resting or taking time out to recover.

Sleeping in a car

Sleeping inside a car, as you are on a long road trip or because you have nowhere to stay for the night, reveals you strong commitment to your profession that you would be willing to be inconvenienced if it means being better at what you do. If you are in a sales or marketing related field, then this dream symbol suggests establishing new ventures, making valuable connections and opening more sales channels to boost your profit. You would have to do a lot of leg work, attend events among others, to get to a place of comfort.

Being aware that you are sleeping

An awareness of being asleep, or being in a state of lucid dreaming with the ability to use your will to navigate your dream, means you have the capability to heighten your experience in dreams by controlling the elements around you. You may have to educate yourself about lucid dreaming and practice this ability so you can get the most out of this experience. Being an active participant in dreams would open up possibilities of exploring your subconscious and healing your mind as you sleep.

Going for a sleep at workplace

I dreamt that I went to work somewhere other than my usual workplace, but I then shut myself off in a room and went to sleep. This is despite activity going on outside. I then experienced a mild sleep paralysis when someone came looking for me and I couldn't wake up or move. Also included is a particular male colleague I've been having conflict with in waking life. He said he can't or won't talk to me when I said hello. He had some particular marking all over his head which no one but me noticed.

Dreaming that you are asleep while others are working is an ominous sign for your business or work situation. It predicts that whatever project you are currently working on is destined to fail completely, most likely because you were not involved enough or did not fully invest yourself in what you were doing. Additionally, experiencing sleep paralysis suggests there are two opposing forces in your life and a decision you must make. It is difficult to decide, however, because the easy path may not feel morally right while the right path may bring some trouble into your life. Until you choose a side and are willing to dedicate all your time, effort, and resources to it, it is unlikely you can find true success.

Sleeping in a manor

To sleep inside a big and luxurious manor, filled with expensive furniture and opulent decor, points to the fulfillment of one of your goals in life. Fortunately, this is not a symbol referring to a time far off in the future. Instead, this achievement is going to happen in the short term, so whatever hard work you already invested into your goal would soon reap the reward you have been aiming for. You could win the project that would give you more lucrative projects in the future and provide you with even more opportunities.

Sleeping while going about your business

To envision yourself sleeping while attending to your usual business or activity, such as sleepwalking and washing the dishes or doing other work-related tasks, points to mishaps and unfortunate circumstances that would stem from a mishandling of an event or situation. Your behavior or lapse in judgment could be the source of the failure or hardship ahead of you. Although it is also possible that someone in your team would commit a mistake or error that would drag you into a messy situation.

Sleeping at your lover's place

Dreaming of sleeping at your lover's place, especially if you are not yet living together or the relationship is new, suggests someone in your social group is envious of your achievements and status. This individual may be keeping this feeling inside without acting out negatively. However, if you get into direct conflict or competition with one another, there is a likelihood that this person would use this grudge and envy to sabotage your chances at achieving another goal of yours.

Feeling sleepy

Feeling sleepy or having tired eyes while in a dream reveals a certain self-awareness that there are opportunities to be had. However, now may not be the right time or conditions for you to take advantage of them. This symbol is a warning to be aware of the true reality of your current situation. If you are already extremely busy or tackling multiple projects, it may be better to wait until you can give a new opportunity your full attention.