Dreams Related To Sky

Milky Way in the sky

If you dream of seeing the Milky Way or images of this galaxy at night, then this is an auspicious sign of upcoming happiness and satisfaction. This symbol in a vision portends positive outcomes in your waking life. You could finally achieve an elusive balance in all areas of your existence to bring you that sense of contentment.

Why I keep dreaming about objects in night sky

Night sky

Looking up at the night sky indicates a predisposition and ability to receive esoteric knowledge. You could be drawn to spiritual and supernatural phenomena. The magic and mysticism associated with the stars and the heavens evoke associations and depictions of prophecies and divinations. Your affinity towards philosophical and astrological ideas may be the reason for the manifestation of this symbol in the dream. The specific foretelling may vary depending on the mirage and formations depicted in the velvety sky.

Furthermore, a dream vision containing the image of the night sky portends upcoming radical changes in the spiritual aspect of your life. If the dream was particularly memorable and vivid, it can be an indication of spiritual enlightenment leading to an enriched, peaceful and enjoyable existence. Instead of dreading a future filled with loneliness and misery, growing old, for you, would be something to look forward to as part of the natural progression and accumulation of wisdom over the years.

Being pushed into the sky

My dream was I was being pushed out of my house and into the sky... I felt like I was awake but not still sleeping, I couldn't move at all trying to wake myself up.

Being forcibly removed from your house could signal that you are pressured into interacting with certain groups or a particular person in reality. Your words or actions towards them may be used against you, however, and turn you into a subject of ridicule in your social circles. But being pushed from inside the house to the sky could also reveal that your connections to these people also bring some benefits, perhaps in the form of networking or social currency. Your inability to move reveals this internal conflict between the negative and positive aspects of your relationships. Perhaps you need to spend more time reflecting on what you want and need from your interactions with others.

Clear and cloudless sky

A bright and clear sky in a dream represents prevailing fairness and integrity in your social circle. Things are going smoothly in your life. Likewise, this symbol represents an upcoming opportunity to travel to an interesting and exciting location. The optimism presented by this dream vision could also mean meeting fun, new people during this upcoming journey.

A cloudless, blue sky is often associated with satisfaction and contentment in your personal life. This auspicious symbol is an assurance of the continuing peace that you will experience. Should you undergo certain challenges in your sex life, do not despair because they are going away on their own. With all the blessings about to come your way, do not forget to savor the moment for it could just as easily slip away without you fully enjoying and reaping its benefits.

People falling out of the sky

I'm a female and I had a dream I was somewhere in a beautiful sunny open field with unfamiliar faces, but suddenly I heard someone saying a fat black man falling out of the sky and suddenly a lot of people falls out of the sky in my dream. I feel hopeless and confused as well as distant and sad. I have a lot going on in my life right now and just want to know what this means.

Although you felt hopeless and sad during this dream vision, the overall interpretation of the symbols present in it is quite positive. The notion that the people started falling from the sky during daytime is a prediction of soon having positive, beneficial encounters which could help you overcome your current issues or predicaments with the help of others. The fat black man from the dream most likely represents the leader of such a group of people you are about to come into contact with, or it could be a reference to someone more powerful or capable than you who will be willing to extend a helping hand without asking much in return.

Dark and cloudy sky

To see dark, cloudy skies in your dream is indicative of hiccups in your plans. Your projects may end up failing, shelved or not take off at all. These setbacks could result in a gloomy disposition. On the other hand, this is also a sign of hurt feelings, disappointments and frustrations tied to a female figure in your immediate circle. You could be pursuing this person or put your faith in her and she lets you down causing the dark clouds of depression to set in.

The manifestation of dark, cloudy skies in dreams touches on intimacy issues. Perhaps you feel as if sex and intimate actions are not important factors of a healthy and happy relationship. Instead, you blame other aspects of the relationship for the failure and dissatisfaction in your romantic relations and life in general. Hence, this dream vision suggests taking action and validating the needs of your partner, including satisfying their sexual needs. For single people, this symbol likewise points to issues regarding making romantic connections and pursuing prospects. The subconscious reflects a fear of getting too close for comfort.

Bouncing into the sky and falling on land

I dreamt of jumping from land to sky, bouncing higher and higher. I was a little nervous, somewhat a mixed feeling. I was coming down due to the gravitational pull and fell, but it was a soft fall... I fell on my face, but it didn't hurt.

Despite your lack of outright fear, this vision is a very ominous sign predicting misfortune and disgrace. Specifically, envisioning yourself going higher and higher into the sky is similar to the story of Icarus, meaning you may see some success in your work, but overconfidence and happiness at these small successes may blind you to areas of your work that require care and concentration. The results of your folly are likely to be disastrous, with your current projects doomed to failure or reassignment to other, more cautious individuals.

The sun in the sky

Dreaming about looking up and seeing the sun in the sky signifies a period of irrationality. There may come a point where you would be overcome by emotions jeopardizing your ability to make sound decisions. Getting overly sensitive can cloud your judgments, hence this dream serves as a word of caution to let reason be your guide in making major decisions in your life.

Looking for something in the sky

Searching for an item or an object somewhere in the sky refers to the journey towards advancement. It is likely that you will get promoted to a very high and reputable position in your industry or acquire a higher social status which would give you ample power and authority over your subordinates.

Being pulled into the sky

Envisioning yourself getting yanked into the sky by some unknown force alludes to your self-motivated and ambitious nature. Your drive to pursue seemingly lofty ideals will open doors or opportunities which may not necessarily be readily available to other people. To get pulled into the atmosphere may appear as a metaphor for fate or factors outside of your control, but in fact you have created this momentum and forged the connections necessary to make your dreams a reality.

Illuminated skies

Illuminated skies in dreams speaks of enlightenment and spiritual growth. Observing the celestial bodies in all their grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty indicates personal development associated with an appreciation for the simpler things in life. You may be encouraged to pursue a more modest way of living, getting you closer to mother nature. This lifestyle change or shift in your perspective is what you have been searching for in order to achieve serenity and attain wisdom.

Sky clearing up

A dream where the sky is clearing up after a storm portends positive times ahead. Just as the sun burns away the rain, so will your problems in real life. This dream vision indicates that all your worries, concerns or hardships you had to contend with may soon disappear or find resolution.

Flowers in the sky

Lots of flowers in the sky.

When you dream about the sky above covered with flowers, it could mean you are about to receive some eye-opening news. This information can be the result of discoveries or revelations which can change your current perspective and shake up your deepest beliefs. Even though this situation may sound unsettling, it could actually allow you to see the world around with fresh eyes and possibly start perceiving things in a more positive and complex way.

Blue sky with a shining light

The vivid sight of the blue sky in the dreamscape mirrors people's willingness to help you in any situation. You feel at ease knowing that you can always rely on someone or your friends whenever you face an affliction of some sort. Likewise, having this dream also points to the possibility of meeting people with unique qualities.

Ascending into the sky

Ascending into the sky reflects your lofty ambitions. Your single-minded pursuit of your dreams and vain efforts to get to the next level is embodied in this vision. It shows your motivations, and possibly ruthless determination, in grabbing every opportunity that comes your way and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

A sky before a storm

To dream of looking at the sky before a storm signifies looming unpleasant events. An upcoming negative encounter could cause a serious negative impact on your life. This dream is a warning of brewing disputes that could lead to altercations. Remain level-headed and calm during unsettling times to avoid unnecessary spats.

Sky opening

Dreaming that the sky opened up, revealing a lifeless black space, indicates major losses especially when it comes to finances. One suggestive interpretation of this dream vision points to a robbery or scam which could strip you of your hard-earned money, valuables and investments. If the sky opened to reveal an amazing or unusual view, then it means you will find happiness and peace. It could also mean upcoming new opportunities such as traveling, meeting new acquaintances or working on new projects.

Frightened by a spinning sky

I was looking through a window and I saw a cloudy blue sky spinning, I felt dizzy and I noticed that only me was frightened, suddenly from the spinning sky a bright light flashed. I went outside of this house because I felt that the world was ending, I started running, trying to find shelter... Then I was in a big city with big buildings and people working around.

Looking out of a window and observing a cloudy, spinning sky could represent your desires for the future which you are too scared to admit out loud. You may have big dreams, but are afraid to tell anyone lest you be mocked for their grandeur. This is followed by your feeling that the apocalypse is coming, a symbol associated with disasters and misfortune. In this case, you do not actually seem to witness anything bad happening which could predict that your worries about the future are all in your head. Finding yourself in a big city surrounded by others, then, represents how you are trying to do all this alone and take on too much all by yourself. It would be better to rely on others to share the burden, that way you can help each other reach your common goals together.

What does a dream about Milky Way or galaxies mean

Crimson skies

Crimson skies in dreams predict social unrest and upheavals. The peace and quiet you have been enjoying may soon be disturbed by mass turbulence in your area of residence. The twilight hours or the time before sunset is also associated with hardships and tumultuous times. These challenges may be related to trials in your professional life or emotional and physical ailments. Problems may even snowball into other areas of your life and start affecting other people around you.

A starry sky

To marvel at a starry sky in your dream reflects your desire to delve deeper into yourself and find your true purpose. You may be starting a path which will lead you to actively search for fulfillment and meaning in your work. This symbol portends the likelihood of success in your quest for enlightenment. However, if the starry skies get clouded and hazy, the result is a lot more uncertain. Your journey could be hounded by humps on the road or obstacles you must overcome first.

A sky bejeweled by billions of sparkling stars could likewise indicate a fulfillment of a romantic encounter. The magical moment of meeting your ideal partner may soon come true for you. The outcome of this fateful meeting heavily relies on how you behave during the encounter. If you are relaxed and cheerful, it could end on a positive note. However, if you let insecurities and pessimism ruin the mood, then things could end unfavorably.

Climbing stairs into the sky

To see yourself climbing stairs leading up to the sky portends progress in your social status. Your position in the social ladder may soon gain a much-needed boost. Alongside this rise in your station comes increased power and authority over your social circle. However, due to the circumstances of your ascent to this privileged position, you may find that your new social standing is not quite what you expected. The ease of your advancement may not bring you the satisfaction akin to your other hard-earned achievements.

Blue sky

To dream that you look up to see bright, blue skies symbolizes kindness and sincerity bestowed upon you. Should you be needing any help or assistance, you are certain to find generous helping hands ready to support you with whatever you need. Alternatively, this could also be an indication that you may soon be acquainted with fascinating and extraordinary individuals, possibly during one of your travels.

Fiery sky

Seeing a fiery sky or fiery clouds above you bears an auspicious message. A flaming red sky portends delightful discoveries that will bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment. Red is the color of passion, hence you may soon find satisfaction in your deepest desires and ambitions. Or perhaps you may soon discover something you are passionate about.

A sky in general

Looking up at the sky or observing it reflects the state of the inner works of your mind. The appearance of the sky symbolizes the way you process and receive information from your waking life. If the sky in the dream was clear and cloudless, this alludes to your optimism or a positive way of thinking. On the other hand, a dark and cloudy sky, pregnant with rain, pertains to an accumulation of negative thoughts and emotions. You could be harboring too many bitter thoughts and opinions and they are making you miserable and pessimistic.

A sky with flowers

If you dream of looking at a sky filled with flowers or outlines of flowers, then expect to receive some eye-opening news. This symbol points to a possible prediction or discovery of a great revelation that has the potential of changing your perspective. Your long-held beliefs and strong opinions may be shaken, however, this shift in outlook may help you see the world with fresh eyes.

A cloud floating in the sky

Seeing a lone cloud drifting across the sky in your dream is a sign of an idea waiting in the wings. The single cloud symbolizes an out-of-the-box concept or unconventional thoughts brewing in your mind which could lead to something more. If properly nurtured and transformed, this nascent idea could propel you to aspire for greater things and achieve bigger goals.

A lightning in the sky

Dreaming of seeing a lightning striking and splitting the sky in half indicates a helping hand when you least expect it. If you are going through something and seeking out assistance for one reason or the other, then this is a good sign as any that you will not be neglected. A kind-hearted soul will reach out and provide the support you need.

Flying through clouds in the sky

To dream of flying across the sky and through the clouds depicts your inner frustrations. The sense you get from the freedom of flying reflects your yearning for your plans to take off in real life. Some of your personal ideas and aspirations may be stuck at a standstill and you are fantasizing about the sense of achievement you could get if your plans come to fruition. If you are currently working on your projects and ventures, this dream may be telling you to step back and evaluate your strategies and priorities. This vision is akin to dreams about flying in the sky and crashing to the ground. With lofty ambitions come the threat of crushing failure, so take precautions as needed.

Looking at the sky while lying

If you dream that you are lying on the ground and looking up at a clear sky, then there are good fortunes ahead of you. Watch out for a slew of opportunities and chances for advancement about to come your way. Making the right choices and maximizing prospects are the key to finding success in your field and profession. There is money to be gained or perhaps a promotion. This meaning can likewise be associated with dreams involving tilting your head back and looking up at the sky.

A sunless sky

A sky without a sun portends uncertainties. Without the guiding light of the sun, this dream reflects a period of being adrift or set off course. A string of events on your horizon would require you to maintain control and follow your inner compass to weather any trials and tribulations. This period could be marked by challenges that will test your mettle amidst doubt and insecurity.

A skyline

Dreaming of drifting clouds or other objects blocking the sun on the skyline is an auspicious sign for validation. You may soon get the approval you have been waiting for or acceptance of a proposal you have submitted. Whatever you have been working to close, including deals and agreements, this dream suggests that you could finally hear back from the people involved with some positive response.

A dusky sky

Dreaming about looking at the sky during twilight hours, before evening sets in, portends ephemeral moments. Fun and pleasurable encounters loom in your future. However, these gratifying experiences may be fleeting and merely hedonistic pursuits without productive results or significant impact on your existence.

A rainy sky

Although rain is oftentimes associated with sadness and melancholy, dreaming about rainy skies and rainy weather coupled with the images of skies merely alludes to minor setbacks. This symbol points to certain obstacles and roadblocks that you need to overcome in order to accomplish your goals. Note, however, that these upcoming challenges can easily be overcome and are only meant to strengthen your resolve and focus.

Light coming from the sky

To dream that your body is being illuminated by light coming down from the sky suggests healing and restoration. If you are currently battling an illness, then this symbol in the dream means that you may soon be recovering and your overall well-being will markedly improve. The light from the sky is likewise a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Thus, a similar dream involving light from the sky shining on your wife portends the possibility of her giving birth to a son.

Naked before the gate in the sky

A dream where you find yourself standing naked in front of the pearly gates of heaven in the sky portends promising prospects. There is a chance that you could embark on new and encouraging projects or ventures. Executing these activities could prove to be lucrative for you. As such, you may find yourself reaping the rewards of your labor.

Riding on the dragon in the sky

To dream that you are riding a dragon and flying high up in the sky could refer to the realization of your lofty aspirations. This is a positive foretelling of accomplishing your goals and reaching new heights in your personal and professional life as a result of sheer hard work, determination and the courage to face your fears for the sake of your ambition.

Looking for your spouse in the sky

If you find yourself dreaming of searching for your current spouse or life partner in the sky, it alludes to a bright future awaiting your offspring. Your children or future children with the person you were searching for in the dream may become prominent personalities, respected professionals, or achieve excellence in their fields.

The sky and land coming together

An image of the land and the sky morphing or coming together signifies completion. This symbol portends the accomplishment of long-held ambitions and personal goals. The meeting of the sky with the earth seems like an impossible occurrence, hence this manifestation heralds the attainment of what you thought was an impossible dream.

Chaos in the sky and objects falling from above

I dreamt of seeing a fighter jet flying in loops and waywardly in the sky as if to warn people below that something was about to happen. Suddenly, I see the pilot eject himself from the plane, and then all sorts of planes, cars, tanks and other objects begin falling on the earth below. People wanted to hide inside buildings from the objects, but I didn't because I needed to see the direction the objects were falling to best avoid getting injured. I wasn't afraid because I kept a lot of people safe from harm.

The image of the sky is a reflection of your mentality and inner works of the mind. Seeing chaos and objects falling from the sky could therefore be a reflection of some strong mechanistic influences in your everyday life, feeling uncomfortable around certain environments or settings, even inside your own home, or floundering about in extraordinary situations forced upon you. The anticipation of jet crash in this dream means that you need to keep a good eye and a good grasp on your current situation to overcome it successfully or simply live through it when you cannot do much else about it.

Being pulled up towards the skies

I dreamt once of being pulled towards the sky or precisely towards which I perceived was a powerful force or it what I thought was God, with such a strong grip but not all at once. It was gradual until I reached high and I was looking up all the time. This dream felt very real to me and was short and it was all about that segment and then I woke up. Before that I was generally praying and then fell asleep, but the dream felt real and I could feel some fear because it felt so real, but still safe and accepting as if I was trusting that force (God) pulling me up to the sky towards him. Thank you.

This vision is full of positive imagery and portends blessings and success. Feeling yourself being lifted into the sky predicts being supported in your endeavors, leading you to success and riches that were unknown to you before. Additionally, believing that it was God who was pulling you toward Him can be interpreted to mean that you are about to receive some unexpected, but positive news. These blessings may come with some test of faith, however, so while good things are in store for you, you should not become discouraged if they take the time or if you have to go through some challenges first.

Ember rain igniting someone's heart

Ember rains from the sky. Landing on her. Burning her clothes. Flame ignites in her bosom, but does not burn her skin or white night gown.

The angry, red sky alight with flame could predict some major disaster befalling this woman (if she is not someone you know personally, she may be a stand-in for someone you are close to, such as a friend or family member). Fire in the sky is often associated with great misfortune and terrible news. However, in your vision the flames do not actually damage her, so it seems your subconscious does not know the extent to which she could suffer. This vision can be interpreted as a warning, then, to prepare yourself for what is to come and to be there for her when she needs to be supported.

Being taken up into the sky and afraid of dying

Female. I can't remember everything, but I'm with someone on the ground, and then we soar up into the air as we can fly, but we come back down, almost like bouncing, but really high. I'm happy. Then when I go up, I keep going and I realize something is sucking me into the sky. I look down and see the ground and feel fear and panic. I start struggling to breathe. I realize something bad is taking me up and I am going to die or it will release me and I will still fall and die. I'm doomed. I feel sad. I wake up in tears.

Jumping high into the air, similar to dreams of flying, alludes to your present goals and ambitions. You are working hard to reach your aspirations, whether it is a promotion or your dream career. Being unable to come back down points to a risk of losing sight of your purpose in your quest to achieve a certain level of success. Too much focus on status and achievements can lead to arrogance and a loss of identity. It may also alienate the individuals who love you and are keeping you grounded. Perhaps this vision is a message for you to keep your priorities and motivations clear and balanced.

Watching night sky with a boy

It was a bright night, clear sky and the moon was bright, I was watching this with a young boy, he seemed like a son to me, but was not, I felt really happy inside and content. Then there were a few white clouds that didn't interfere with the bright night and the boy and I watched shapes out of these clouds. Then we walked on and I passed by a place and saw my ex and his wife, they seemed miserable, but I was the least bothered. Then I woke up. I don't know if it will help that I am expectant.

Your dream reflects your optimistic view on life. Marveling at the beauty of the moon on a bright and clear sky is a positive sign of being lucky in love. The love here is in a more general sense, perhaps romantic, but could also point to your love for your unborn child. If you are currently romantically involved with someone, you should expect the relationship to grow even more deeply, making you believe this is for keeps. Since you are expecting, the young boy in your dream is a positive pregnancy-related sign. His presence foretells a pleasant and uncomplicated childbirth experience. Finally, your reaction towards your ex and his wife reveals your contentment and eagerness to face your future unencumbered by past issues.

A tear in the sky and loud noise

Standing in the streets, looking skyward. The sky was purplish-red, but it had an enormous 'tear' in it. The tear was emitting a ripple effect that appeared to make everything move in a wave, getting stronger, and closer to the tear. There was a loud noise too that sounded like a head-throbbing rising and lowering frequency.

Looking up at a reddish or purple-colored sky in a dream typically bears an auspicious message. The bright, flaming hue of the sky portends delightful discoveries that could bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment. Red is the color of passion, hence you may soon find satisfaction in your deepest desires and ambitions, or you may also discover something you are passionate about. Unfortunately, the tear in the sky depicts danger. There is a chance that in chasing after your aspirations you could find yourself in a risky situation. The consequences of doing whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams may have lasting psychological effects on you. Perhaps a part of you would be gone, and you would become almost like a different person.

Ten moons and writing in the sky

I had a dream seeing many moons in the sky, I was excited and started counting them, there were about 10 moons of the same size. While I was still looking up in wonder, I saw a hand all of a sudden writing on the sky. I tried to read those words but I couldn't because they were in the language that I don't understand. Then I started praying to God asking him to tell me what he was trying to speak to me. I bowed down and continued to pray singing in total surrender, then I woke up.

Seeing multiple moons in a dream usually reflects chaos and clutter in your psyche. The significance of the number 10 depends on your associations with this number in the waking world. Because you mentioned praying in the dream, the 10 moons could hold religious connotations, for example, representing the ten commandments. In that case, the root of your confusion and the dilemma you face may have something to do with an ethical or moral question. As such, the message in the sky means that you need to revisit your beliefs and values in order to know how to handle this predicament.

Puncturing the sky when playing football

I dreamt me and my friends playing football and one of my friends kicked the ball high and hard to an extent that it hit the sky. Then it banged the sky and made a hole in the sky. All of a sudden in that hole alive fish started falling and then two alive birds standing on a rock fell and alive. I took three biggish fish with me and put them in a container to fill in some water for them, but I could only find brown water and the fish started breathing again.

Playing football in the dream world means you are going to face challenging times ahead. You may be put in charge of a project or an event which would require the cooperation of a lot of individuals with varying personalities. It may become difficult to get everyone to work together to achieve the expected results as a team. As such, kicking the ball and puncturing the sky may be an allusion to your ambitious nature. You are willing to do whatever it takes and to push yourself, as well as others, in order to reach your goals. In addition, the fish falling from the sky points to big ideas and grand plans. You could be planning something extraordinary, but you need to carefully think it over because some details may be overly ambitious or you need to be more prudent with the execution.

The sky splitting

Seeing the sky split an seeing the stars and four earths in the rip while it's daylight?

Seeing a rip in the sky in dreams is an allusion to growing depression. Something could occur which would cast a shadow over your positive worldview. The stars coming through the rip of the daytime sky point to the darkness you have been trying to suppress for a while now. Perhaps you are doing your best to stay optimistic and cheerful despite all the negative energy around you. Unfortunately, some of the troubling news and occurrences in your surroundings may be affecting your upbeat mindset. Then again, it is just a rip, so for the most part you are still in control of your emotions.

Walking down from the sky and falling in love

My dream started with me up in the sky, I don't know where I was and I was walking down a huge flight of stairs that went to the ground and I was walking down the stairs and next thing I know I'm in a bar with random people and a waitress comes over to me and I ask for a beer and we locked eyes and it felt so real. Usually I know when I'm dreaming but it felt too damn real the dream and I've never felt this way for a girl. We fell in love right away did I find my soulmate in my dream? I'm a 18 y.o. male.

Walking down the stairs in a dream vision is generally considered a fairly ill omen. It symbolically represents moving further away from your goals and aspirations. Your starting location in the sky suggests your dreams are quite lofty, even perhaps a bit unreasonable. However, you are young, and walking downstairs at this point may be your realistic side trying to compromise with your great ambitions, making this more of a neutral symbol than a negative one. This is connected to the image of you in the bar interacting with the waitress. This particularly imagery is associated with needing to unburden yourself from some weight you are carrying. It is possible your subconscious can see the war between childlike hope and adult cynicism, and it is trying to remind you that you can still have big dreams that are grounded in the reality in terms of what you can achieve.

Things falling down from the sky

I am a female and had an apocalyptic-type dream. My dream was about things falling from the sky, anything that flies like airplanes, satellites and even the space station came crashing down to earth. People were dying everywhere and anyone who survived was forced to start life over again.

Dreaming about the apocalypse suggests hopelessness in the face of a tragic loss. You have probably lost someone near and dear to you, making it hard to find some lightness and levity in your current existence. Similarly, things crashing or falling to the earth vividly illustrate all the toxic energy and bad decisions contributing to the overall sense of impending doom. Fortunately, your dream ends on a positive note that signifies your optimism amid adversity. You view this period of struggle as a moment of reckoning and that we will emerge more enlightened as we face the challenges ahead of us.