Dreams Related To Skunk

Sprayed by a skunk

I'm female. In my dream I was sprayed by a skunk but it didn't make me smell like anything.

Dreaming about encountering a skunk contains a prediction of meeting with a person from your past, someone you have not communicated with in a long time and may have forgotten about now. At the same time, being sprayed by the animal and not smelling the secretion means that this person does not have any special significance personally for you and upon their reappearance it would be the last time you meet up and communicate.

A skunk in a small room

In a small windowless empty room, a skunk is moving around. Then another skunks is being put up its butt.

A room with no windows usually refers to depression. Like the characteristics of the room in your dream vision, perhaps you feel like there is no way out of your situation. You may feel stuck, abandoned and empty inside. The skunk may provide insight on why you feel alone and hopeless. A skunk as a dream symbol often alludes to an abrasive personality, particularly short temper or a tendency to lash out with little provocation. Maybe you are not very attuned to other people's feelings or you have low self-awareness, so you tend to offend others with your behavior.

Dogs turning into skunks

I dreamed I was outside with my dog. I noticed there were several other dogs playing nearby. Then I noticed one of the dogs was really a skunk. It wasn't doing nothing, but was with the dogs. I picked up my dog, and walked away from the skunk. Then I dreamed of seeing 3 small skunks in a skillet. Like someone was going to cook them.

The presence of dogs in a dream vision, particularly your own, can be interpreted as a positive symbol. In this case, it seems to suggest that you are currently enjoying the direction your life is heading, or you would soon find that the outcomes of your plans would be beneficial to your overall quality of life. The presence of a skunk within the group of dogs represents the presence of someone from your past who could be helpful during this period of time. However, seeing the three small skunks in the skillet at the end of this vision may mean you would throw some friends under the bus or neglect your relationship with some other individuals in order to make this happen. You would have to choose what is more important to you, either the individuals who would be key to improving your future lifestyle or your loyalty to those who have supported you thus far.

A skunk being eaten by a lizard

Kept going back to a blue-tongue lizard eating a small skunk over and over again. I am female and live in Australia. Thank you.

The skunk in this vision represents someone from your past or an aspect of your earlier days reappearing once again. This by itself may not pose much trouble if you know how to deal with this individual or problem now, but the lizard that eats the skunk suggests an enemy or competitor may try to use this knowledge against you. For example, they may spread rumors that you are dating an undesirable friend you used to hang out with. The only way to deal with this type of man or woman would be to ignore their antics and let them eventually embarrass themselves.