Dreams Related To Skin

Your own skin

Looking at your own skin can be a good or bad thing depending on its appearance. In general, it means the opposite in reality, so if you have scarred and acne-ridden skin in your vision, then you likely have healthy skin in real life. It could also reveal a bit of vanity and focus on hygiene. On the other hand, if you have smooth skin in the dream, then you are likely dealing with skin issues in your day to day that is why you are dreaming about something you desire or the resolution of your frustration with your skin.

Shedding your skin

Shedding your skin, peeling off patches of skin or maybe seeing large swaths of dry dermis falling off, points to transformation and change. You could enter a new chapter in your professional or personal life, like a promotion, a career change or getting married. This could also mean that you would meet new people who would become essential to your life. These people are likely going to play significant roles in your existence going forward. You may even find a life-long partner in one of those fresh faces and social encounters.

Tiny insects irritating skin

I had a dream about being attacked by a swarm of tiny insects that kept crawling on me. When I brushed them off they then turned into a green tube and burst making my skin blister and itch really bad. No one could seem to stop them from attacking me. Then I woke up.

Dreaming of insects crawling all over your body means you are going to be the target of nasty and malicious rumors. For example, the content of your online presence through social media could be misinterpreted and twisted into negative narratives by people who do not know you personally. Those itchy blisters also mean this rumor-mongering is just a minor annoyance, yet it will rattle you and cause adverse effects to your relationships. All the backstabbing will make you feel paranoid and distrustful even towards your closest friends.

Your skin damaged

Damaged skin, especially if it is your own skin that is wounded, bruised or burnt, denotes a tough time ahead of you. Things are going to change for you, unfortunately, it is going to be for the worse. The damaged skin refers to broken defenses. It could also mean that you are going to take a beating during this time which has the potential of either breaking you or leaving infinitely wiser and stronger. It all comes down to your attitude and inner strength. So maybe your subconscious is preparing you for this trying time so you would at least be in the right mindset for the coming storm.

Things growing out skin

The general image of something or multiple things growing out of your skin is considered fairly ominous and should be cause for concern. In a general sense, this symbol is linked with the internal becoming external. For example, some bugs or pests crawling out from your skin could reveal repressed emotions coming out under pressure. This vision's interpretation depends highly on what exactly was coming through your skin. Using a mnemonic device or some other method to help keep the image clear in your mind would lead to a clearer, more accurate interpretation.

Skin peeling off

The image of your skin peeling in the dream realm, whether it was due to a particularly terrible sunburn or other reasons, represents a period of awakening or enlightenment in your future. In a very literal sense, shedding skin to reveal the new skin underneath suggests growing into a new understanding of yourself. Perhaps you have had some time to reflect on yourself, or maybe you have learned something recently that shed light on some mystery about yourself. In either case, this is a true opportunity for you to take what you learn and use it to make yourself better.

Skin with pimples

Having pimples on your skin, whether they are on your face or other parts of the body like on your back, denotes significant disappointments ahead. The pimples in the dream generally symbolize the negative effects of stress caused by those disappointments. Apart from psychological effects, physiological problems may also manifest. It could be a setback in your project or ventures that would trigger the stress. It is also possible that you would be betrayed by someone you trust or love and this would affect your worldview in a negative way.

Skinning someone

Envisioning yourself skinning someone, with a knife or an equally sharp tool, is a bad omen. Though not as gruesome or brutal as the imagery of skinning a person, this dream symbol also points to an equally brutal experience that is about to happen to you on a more psychological and emotional level. Just like peeling away the layers of skin, someone in your life may break down your defenses by betraying you and sharing sensitive information about you to people who should not be privy to your private affairs.

Wrinkled skin

The image of wrinkled, sagging skin, especially if it is your own aged skin, denotes ongoing problems in your life as well as more issues you have to deal with in your future. These are usually responsibilities that you are reluctant to take on so they give you so much more stress than you typically deal with. Just like the state of the skin, you may feel as though you are rapidly aging because of the burden of the responsibilities. Fortunately, with age also comes knowledge and experience, so this period of struggle would inevitably give you a lot of lessons.

Skinning people after killing them

I have this recurring dream that I'm killing faceless people and skinning them and then stretching the skin with hooks, I promise I'm not a psychopath.

While this vivid, horrifying imagery is likely very disturbing, it neither means you are a psychopath nor that you have such tendencies. Rather, the gruesome symbolism behind peeling layers of skin from the body and stretching them out suggests a gradual break down in reality. A friend may betray you, or a reliable job may suddenly become unprofitable. But with the knowledge this premonition holds perhaps you can mitigate some of the damage by protecting your interests and, as a result, protecting your heart.

Skin with scratches and bruises

Bruised and scratched skin, perhaps after you fall down or hit something by accident and getting scratches in the process, means you could acquire some money or property through questionable means. Perhaps you would be tempted to accept a bribe or use fraudulent means to earn a living. While you may enjoy the advantages of having more money that you envisioned, however in time you are going to have to face the consequences of your actions and be accountable for your wrongdoings. Perhaps this is your conscience confronting you about your upcoming dilemma.

Pale skin

Having pale skin, especially if it is paler than your usual complexion or fixating on the pale skin of someone else in the dream, portends possible betrayal by someone close to you. You could be seriously hurt by a close friend or family member who would break your trust by spilling your secrets or maybe even insulting you after seemingly being friendly and supportive all these years. This could even allude to your spouse's betrayal after they commit adultery or a exhibit a complete lack of sensitivity or consideration towards you.

Burnt skin

Badly burnt skin, whether it is freshly burnt after a horrible fire accident or it has already healed with extensive scarring, portends tremendous distress on your part due to a personal conflict with a close friend. You would be greatly disappointed by this person's actions, either towards you or someone else, which could contradict your impression about this individual. You may hold him in high esteem so this unfortunate circumstance would forever tarnish your opinion about them. Maybe they would betray your trust or act in a manner that is against your principles.

Skin of an animal

Seeing the skin of an animal, like the discarded skin of a snake, animal hide or even just training your eyes and focusing on the texture and appearance of animal skin is a bad omen in dreams. Usually this vision foreshadows an illness or health issues. You could come down with a flu, get injured or suffer some ailment due to your unhealthy diet and lifestyle. As such, this is typically about your subconscious admonishing you for your poor lifestyle choices so you can turn it around and take care of yourself better.

Warts on your skin

Having warts on your skin, whether all over your face, arms or legs, is an allusion to character assassination by your enemies. You are likely going to enter a very trying period in your life in which an individual or even a group of people would try to tarnish your good name and reputation. At the same time, you would also be struggling to counter all the allegations and deal with a lot of obstacles in trying to clear your name and image. Ultimately, this would allow you to become mentally stronger and more resilient.

Having no skin

Envisioning yourself with no skin, just the red muscles underneath the layers of skin or the part just beneath the epidermis, reveals a high level of sensitivity. You may have thin skin in reality and you cannot take criticism well, even if they are constructive. This elevated sensitivity and vulnerability may also affect your ability to make friends and maintain social connections. This is probably your mind telling you that your tendency to get hurt easily is keeping you from making new and lasting connections since people tend to walk eggshells when they are around you.

Bleeding skin

Bleeding skin, like blood flowing from a fresh wound or bleeding as a result of a medical condition, could be a good or bad sign depending on your perspective. It means you may meet a wealthy individual from a social event or encounter in reality with whom you would form a romantic bond. You could start dating and then eventually making your relationship official. You may even marry this person, thus elevating your social status as a result. This may make your life more comfortable and give you enough financial freedom to pursue your passions.

Treating skin diseases

Dreaming that you are treating a skin disease in the dream, maybe with ointments or undergoing medical procedures for better skin, is actually a sign of your good health condition and wellness in reality. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also be an indication of getting wealthier. You may have a little luck soon which would enable you to earn more off your work or get good returns from your investments. It is also possible that this portends your own skin's recovery especially if you have been experiencing rashes and other breakouts.

Ulcerated skin

Ulcerated skin or suffering from skin ulcers, with lots of open wounds and sores, actually carries a positive dream meaning. Specifically, this dream symbol relates to wealth accumulation and a financial boost from unexpected sources or circumstances. You could win the lottery which would make you afford luxuries and allow you to pursue ventures with the capital you have. You may also inherit a significant amount from a wealthy relative or benefactor. If you manage your finances well, you would be able to lead a more comfortable future.

A boil on your skin

Discovering a boil or boils on your skin, possibly while showering or just generally while inspecting your bare skin, portends the possibility of spending a fun or even crazy night out at a party or social event. Some alcohol could be involved which would lower your guards and inhibitions. This would result in some actions and behavior that seem very uncharacteristic of you. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also allude to being betrayed and lied to by someone close to you, perhaps even a trusted friend and confidante.

Skin affected by leprosy

Dreaming that you are suffering from leprosy, characterized by all the classic symptoms especially the lesions on your skin, depicts uncertainties in your future. You may be planning on taking on a new project or starting a business venture with some of your friends. Unfortunately, this dream symbol means that you would be disappointed with the outcomes of your current undertaking. Since other people would be involved in this undertaking, they would inevitably also suffer through the obstacles and challenges along the way.

Ringworm on your skin

Finding a ringworm on your skin, perhaps as you were trying to find the source of itchiness and eventually spotting the scaly patch, denotes disappointments and disillusionment in reality. Someone you deeply respect and admire could tumble down the pedestal after you discover something unsavory about their character. Perhaps it is someone you are infatuated with or attracted to and getting to know this person better would reveal characteristics that would turn you off. This may be a good thing because it would make it easier for you to find someone more deserving of your affection.

Skin affected by chickenpox

Being afflicted with chickenpox, with all the red and itchy blisters all over your body, presents a possibility that you would transmit a rare and contagious disease to someone in your close circle. A dormant strain of the virus could pass on to someone with a weak or compromised immune system. It may even be a sexually transmitted disease. Whatever the circumstances, it would greatly interfere with your plans and goals in life since you are directly responsible for the negative consequences to yourself and other affected parties.

Freckled skin

Freckled skin, perhaps making the freckles on the arms or face more pronounced after a day under the sun, means a fun adventure is on your horizon. The freckled skin represents the happiness and leisure you perhaps deserve after all your hard work. Maybe you have also been feeling stressed and overwhelmed so you have been craving some down time and an opportunity to relax. Fortunately, this dream symbol very much strengthens the possibility of you getting exactly what you wish for. It could be a break somewhere nearby or an exotic place you have never yet visited.

Skin in general

Generally, the skin as a dream symbol symbolizes patience and resilience. The skin could be your own skin or you may be seeing medical images of skin and similar imagery in your vision. Typically, this points to upcoming difficulties and challenges that would require you to have thick skin if you hope to survive the storm. Similarly, you may have to endure tough criticisms and complicated problems in relation to your career before you can rise to the ranks of your superiors or the people you aspire to become.

Grass growing from under the skin

Skin on my body sprouted grass. Tried removing them one by one, but they grew so fast I started pulling them out by handfuls, which ripped tufts of my flesh along with it. Male.

Grass sprouting on your skin reveals your tendency to compare yourself with others. The state of your skin in dreams reveals how you present yourself to the world as well as issues which tend to get under your skin. So in this context, you are prone to feeling envious about the achievements of others and the only way you would feel better about yourself is to acquire the same worldly belongings or accomplish the same feats which you see from your peers. Fortunately, your efforts at trying to rip off the grass signifies your self-awareness. You want to stop allowing social comparison to dictate the way you live your life, but in doing so, you would have to admit your own shortcomings and confront your frailties because that is the only way you can truly find your rightful place in this world.

A burn mark on your skin

Having a burn mark on your skin, from spilling boiling liquids like coffee on your skin or getting singed accidentally by fire, denotes unexpected developments in your personal life. This significant and unforeseen shift or change could either have a positive or negative impact on your life. Perhaps you would have a falling out with a dear friend or even with your family members and this would change you psychologically and emotionally in ways you did not anticipate. This could make you stronger or it could make you doubt yourself.

Skin with leprosy for women

For women, skin with leprosy is indicative of an upcoming encounter with a wealthy man who may try to win your affection. Unfortunately, meeting this rich man may not be as comfortable as you would like especially since you would find him rather unattractive. This man could flaunt his wealth in the hopes of getting you interested in him romantically, but you would most likely not warm up to him. Perhaps more than the physical, you may find even more undesirable characteristics in him which would become a huge turn off for you.

Scratching inflamed skin

Scratching your already inflamed skin, from mosquito bites or certain allergic reactions, means you may get involved with a bad group of people. It could be a group of people at work or a social group you hang out with on your free time. You may have a good first impression of them though you would eventually uncover the more shady aspects of their group. By that time, you may be in too deep that they can easily coax you or manipulate you into doing things you previously would not even think you would be doing. They may even change your attitude and perspective on life.

Skin affected by scabies

Scab-ridden skin or skin plagued by scabies, maybe due to physiological or nutrition imbalance or as a result of compulsive ticks or bouts of scratching, reveals your escalating fears of failure. Usually, skin conditions as dream imagery denotes stress. In this particular scenario, you may be worrying about messing up a project or business venture due to your inexperience. Since this is likely the first time you are handling this type of undertaking, you are probably overanalyzing everything and fixating on ways which may make things could go awry.

Skin covered with moles

Seeing your own skin or someone else's skin covered in moles means you may be expecting an addition to your family or clan. A family member could be expecting and you are not yet aware of this. Alternatively, someone could become a part of the family through marriage, adoption or a friend informally being embraced by your household as family. In addition, a particularly large mole can point to a relative or your own nuclear family welcoming twins to your current brood. Ultimately, you would have to adjust routines to accommodate or adjust to this change.

Gory imagery on the phone and in bed

A lucid dream that I couldn't control. My laptop showed someone pulling off their own skin, a black and red bloody screen on my phone and and a dull scream or ring in the background. After light outage, I'm under my blankets and a really tall but skinny figure is next to my bed. Could only see outline of the figure and when their hand started to reach up, I woke up. I'm a 17 year old female.

The skin in dreams can symbolize barrier or protection. It can also refer to the dreamer's tendency to put on appearances. In your case, the graphic image of someone pulling off their skin could represent disclosures and admission of weakness. Perhaps you are afraid of showing everyone your insecurities and shortcomings, yet someone in your social circle may be reaching out and trying to get to know you on a deeper level. You may be engaging in activities which are slowly pushing you to be more open to others. However, your fear of being vulnerable and a penchant for self-preservation may be keeping you from making strong and lasting connections.

Skin sores

To find sores on your own skin or someone else in the dreamscape, alludes to negative emotions building up inside you. It could be a grudge, resentment or general dislike towards someone which you cannot express. In Biblical texts, the dream interpretation skin sores or other bodily pain from injury is associated with seemingly benign issues that could build up and have detrimental effects to your well-being. Instead of letting these emotions fester, your subconscious is telling you to address it.

Broken glass in skin

Broken glass embedded in your skin is an extremely unfortunate symbol to perceive during REM sleep. Modern scholars of dream psychology suggest that it reveals problems that appear to be superficial but are actually quite deep or damaging. In many cases, this refers to your public image or the way others perceive you in reality. For instance, you may think your drunken escapade was a fun night out, but others may comment on it and believe you have a problem with either responsibility or substance abuse.

Old and flabby skin

Flabby, old skin is a very good dream symbol, especially regarding your life span. The inclusion of flabby, old skin as a dream image, such as looking at a senior citizen's wrinkly skin, means you are going to live a long life. This can also mean that you are not afraid to grow old. In fact, perhaps a part of you looks forward to old age and having all the wisdom after going through a lot of experiences. This way, you can finally impart your knowledge to your kids or the younger generation in general.

Tanned skin

Having tanned skin in a dream, without a specific setup in your vision or in the context of a beach trip, means you are most likely going to a long-anticipated vacation. It can even be a spontaneous road trip, a camping trip or going to a relaxing place. Ultimately, the tan means you are not just going to enjoy the trip, you would also likely retain the blissful feeling for a while. Even years down the line, you may still look back on some of the experiences and encounters you would have during this vacation with nostalgia and fondness.

Skin looking younger than normal

Younger, firmer and healthier skin than your normal skin in reality can point to possible temptations. Specifically, you could be tempted to start an unhealthy habit or become addicted to something that would compromise your well-being. Alternatively, this could also refer to a new and intimate relationship with someone whom you would share a strong attraction and physical connection. Thus, the younger skin refers to a feeling of vitality and renewed enthusiasm for life as a result of this new romance in your life.

Putting tattoos on your skin

Tattooing your own skin or envisioning someone else putting tattoos on your skin, such as in a tattoo shop with ink and implements around, means you would be held accountable for your past mistakes or wrongdoings. The tattoo denotes permanence and that you would always carry a sense of guilt or shame for something bad that you did in the past. Perhaps the tattoo artist in your vision represents a recent encounter from someone in your past who would dredge up old issues and force you to confront buried secrets about previous misconducts.

Skin darker than normal

Envisioning your skin a few shades darker than usual reveals your tendency to put on a show for others or facade. While this outer projection may not be vastly different than who you are, the subtle differences, at least in your head, are put on in order for you to become more desirable, attractive or sympathetic to others. Ultimately, the motivation behind this mask that you are putting on likely varies. Also, you may be changing your actions and behavior to get the kind of reaction you want from others. Perhaps you are being more manipulative than usual which is why you dreamt this.

Black skin

When considering the black skin dream meaning, it is important to take into account the circumstances in the vision. Black skin, such as skin that has been covered in dark colored dirt or paint, could point toward either difficulty maintaining enthusiasm for something in reality or having to hide how you truly feel about someone or something in wake life. People with black skin, on the other hand, such as people from Africa, may simply represent meeting someone of African decent in reality or being exposed to Black culture such as through music or clothing.

Yellow skin

Yellow or sallow skin, like a person who has hepatitis or similar ailment resulting in skin's pallor, means you may be suffering from a health or medical condition which you are not aware of yet. This could be progressing which would soon manifest physically to the point in which you would have to get some medical help or go to the doctor for a full workup. Perhaps your body is trying to give you more concrete signals before you are faced with a medical emergency which would cost you a lot of money if you do not have health insurance.

A promise ring under the skin

A promise ring I was given a little over a year ago. I constantly touch it or twist it to make sure it's there. In my dream I went to feel for it and looked it was gone. But not really. It seemed to have gone under my skin. Like my skin grew a thin layer over it. I slowly pulled back the skin to reveal the ring again. And I woke up.

The promise ring, being the symbol of a major commitment and an important aspect of your persona, may be weighing heavily on your mind. Specifically, its appearance of being embedded into you skin could mean it has become second nature to you, hence it is starting to become a permanent part of you. Then again, it could also be a sign that it is losing its meaning or you are losing sight of what it stands for. Since you peeled off the layer of skin covering the ring, perhaps the vision conveys the latter interpretation. You may need to remind yourself of the significance of the ring in order to strengthen your resolve to follow through with your commitment or promise.

Shrunk skin

Shrunk and tight skin, as opposed to sagging skin or fatty skin, reveals your concerns about premature aging. This could also reveal your fixation on beauty and looking younger than your age. Perhaps you spend way too much on cosmetics, beauty products and even medical procedures that would keep you looking young and attractive. Maybe this is your mind cautioning you about being too concerned about superficiality when you should also be working on your character and overall personal development.

Sewing leather

Dreaming that you are sewing leather by hand or using a sewing machine, into a bag or a leather piece of clothing, means your thrifty nature would pay off really soon. Your strict adherence to your budget and being financially savvy means you would soon have enough funds and assets to afford things and leisure you previously denied yourself. Perhaps you would finally be comfortable enough to allow yourself to indulge in a fine piece of jewelry, a luxury item or even a vacation you have always wanted to experience but you thought would be a waste of money.

Skin changing color

Skin changing color can be a very distressing or sometimes a joyful experience in the dream, representing a desire for a different appearance or a shift in vitality. There might be something unsettling or irritating in your life that you want to remove. On the other hand, a change in complexion can also be a fortunate omen that represents a positive transformation in your life. These vivid signs in the dream are a reminder that you should keep searching for answers to understand and embrace the changes taking place.

Someone's skin

Focusing on someone's skin in your dream, maybe by caressing somebody or fixing your eyes on exposed skin of a person in your vision, means there is someone in your life who is being dishonest or deceptive. This person likely puts on a fake veneer that is friendly because you are useful to his selfish motives in one way or another. So perhaps your instincts have caught clues of this deception that is why your subconscious is alerting you to this in order for you to be more observant. Being too trusting has its downside.

Taking off and washing own skin

It is a recurring dream or at least that is what I feel when I wake up. I was taking out my skin like if it was a full body dress and after washing it up I put it back on my body!

Your skin in the dream signifies a layer of protection as well as your fa├žade. This is the part mostly visible to the world. As such, shedding or undressing your skin reveals your readiness to be a little more vulnerable. Perhaps you are contemplating sharing deeper and sensitive aspects of yourself to others in order to form a stronger bond with them. Washing the skin before putting it back on your body alludes to cleansing and healing. Maybe you want to be more honest, rid yourself of guilt or shame and be fully comfortable in your own skin. No more hiding who you really are.

Pulling feathers out of skin

A dream of pulling feathers out of your skin shows your level of conviction. You tend to show aggression when necessary, especially if it is going to benefit your life in the overall picture. You don't fall short in grabbing all the opportunities presented to you. Moreover, you always exhibit your sense of appreciation and gratification no matter what life throws at you. It is easy for you to look at the brighter side of things, which mirrors your positive outlook.

Holes in skin

Perceiving holes in your skin from piercings or for other reasons is a sure sign that you are trying to ignore someone or something that bugs you. These little holes, however, reveal that your aggression and frustrated feelings need an outlet. Expressing your emotions is that only way to get oneself out of a situation that could quickly spiral out of control. As such, putting your feelings into words, taking a walk outside to enjoy the season, or massaging your palms may go a long way toward relaxing yourself and helping yourself deal with this problem in as calm a matter as possible.

Skin infections

Envisioning skin diseases or infections can have multiple interpretations, depending on the condition and who had it. In general, however, it reflects what type of perception you have about others or yourself. It may also reveal an aspect of your personality that you may not find flattering upon closer examination.

Skin rashes

Skin rashes in a dream can reveal deeper insights into the state of your mind and body. The appearance of rashes indicates an allergy, infection, or disease that requires attention. However, this symbol can also be linked to emotional factors such as frustration and anger. Perhaps there is something in your waking life that is causing distress or discomfort. This dream could be a message from our subconscious to address those underlying issues. Additionally, skin rashes can also represent the need for attention and self-care. By paying attention to your physical and emotional needs, you can avoid future ailments and maintain overall well-being.