Dreams Related To Skeleton

A skeleton of a whale

It's my son's dream. He and his ex girlfriend were standing at the end of a pier and a skeleton of a whale jumped out of the water and swallowed them both up. The bones broke apart and he escaped. I don't know what happened to her.

Envisioning a whale in a dream usually points to a big responsibility weighing down on the dreamer. It is possible that your son has been undertaking a massive project that he is not strong enough to handle at the moment, and it leads to second thoughts. Alternatively, it can mean that he has been suffering from relationship problems that generate an enormous burden for him. Considering that your son was with his ex-girlfriend, the second explanation may be more appropriate. The symbol of a skeleton of a whale has implications of possible cheating, barriers while achieving goals or a desperate need for recognition. So, the successful escape is a hint for him to be more careful with his life choices and a little more realistic and humble.