Dreams Related To Singer

Going to a wedding and being a singer

Being in the kitchen and mum telling me that on 28th of the month we'll go to a wedding in Nauplio. Being the singer in a concert.

In the first dream, talking to your mother foretells an auspicious event. You are going to receive some good news whether in relation to your work or your personal life. Since you were in the kitchen, the blessing will likely be related to your romantic relations because the kitchen represents your need to feel loved. The wedding, regardless if you are married or not, indicates positive developments for your love life. You could have petty fights which you will overcome pretty quickly before taking your relationship to the next level. The second dream represents your joyful mindset. Things could be going well for you or you are moving towards a happier and carefree life. Your good mood and optimism will likely influence other people to look at life from a positive perspective.

Listening to a singer at school

Being in a room like a classroom with school desks, sitting in front desk. Whitney Houston in front of me singing ''I have nothing''.

Dreaming of a classroom setting suggests you have a lot to learn in life. This particular dream symbol usually manifests when the dreamer is experiencing disappointments or rejection in the real world. If things are not working out in a project or a relationship, then your subconscious is telling you that you have an important lesson to learn. Meanwhile, the presence of a celebrity reveals your desire to be famous yourself or your immense admiration for this artist. In the context of the overall dream, the message could be that you are feeling torn between love and career and you are contemplating whether your relationship is worth the sacrifice.