Dreams Related To Sidewalk

Someone drawing pictures on a sidewalk

I'm a male and I have pondered over this dream for a while. It started with me walking down a sidewalk. My surrounding was covered in fog. There was no one there from what I could see until I saw her on the sidewalk drawing a butterfly with white chalk. I walked up behind her and whispered something in her ear. It was in Latin and I don't know what it means. Then she turned her head and stared at me, nodding her head. She leans to the butterfly, kisses it and stands to walk away.

The fog in this dream represents your state of mind. It seems as if you are plagued with confusion, worry and uncertainty. Your troubles may be related to the woman in the dream and what she represents. Oftentimes, women in dreams signify love and caring. Perhaps you are looking for someone to love and you are having a hard time finding the object of your affection because of your hesitations or interpersonal barriers. Fog can also signify acts of hiding, possibly a secret or while trying to protect a loved one. You have likely been holding back your affection, but you may soon gather enough courage to confess your feelings. In this respect, the image of a butterfly symbolizes the search for the other half, hence the woman kissing the butterfly is a sign of future mutual affection.

A group of women on a sidewalk

I am a woman who was standing on the sidewalk watching several beautiful women dressed as goddesses walking down the road together waving their arms in sync with each other.

Seeing beautiful, goddess-like women near you in the dream world represents the good in your relationships with female acquaintances, friends and relatives. The bond of womanhood is strong and prevailing, and your desire to help each other is powerful and mutually-beneficial. Your caring, nurturing nature is one of the reasons these connections are so successful. As long as you care and support each other, you would find happiness and contentment with your female companions.