Dreams Related To Shower

Taking a shower outside

I am a female. I recently had a dream that I had to wake up to take a shower, but when I did I was taking a shower at my mother's house (I am 46 years old and haven't lived at home in over 20 years). But the shower was outside.

Being at your mother's house during a dream vision may reflect a desire to go back to simpler times. You are probably under stress in reality, most likely due to work or familial obligations. The shower you take represents meeting someone new who you hope would bring peace of mind or some sense of comfort, just like your mother. However, the outside location of the shower may mean the individual you befriend would eventually fall short of your expectations, reminding you of past happiness but turning out to be a shadow of what you remember.

A shower in general

Seeing a shower in general, such as one that is inside a house or in a public space, is often interpreted as an auspicious sign associated with increased agility and stamina. It predicts your energy and internal strength are growing, giving you the power to grow and improve various aspects of your life. In particular, emotional intimacy and the performance in your sex life may improve drastically, giving you and your partner great satisfaction and contentment. This is likely to improve your relationship and bring the two of you closer together.

A bird in the shower and having to die

I am a female. I have dreamt about me in the shower, and a small bird was in the bathroom chirping and singing to me. Then, I found myself and my family in the living room watching a movie. We all had to die one by one in another room, and we had to hear who went before us and pretend like we hear nothing.

Taking a shower often alludes to a fleeting encounter in reality that brings you some pleasure but ultimately adds little value to your life. For instance, you may become casual friends with someone who goes to the same gym or visits your local coffeehouse around the same time you do. The bird that sings to you while you shower may further reveal that you see this person as a puzzle. The air of mystery to their personality may make them seem more appealing when in reality they are not as interesting as you might expect. Thus, you should avoid getting too involved in their life. Watching the movie while your family members die one by one may sound rather morbid, but it is actually a symbol traditionally associated with wealth. Perhaps you will come into a small fortune soon.

Taking a shower

Taking a shower in a dream vision represents meeting or being introduced to someone in the near future. You may spend some time and effort trying to befriend this person, however they are unlikely to make any significant contributions to your life or leave a lasting impression due to their lack of personality or affinity toward things that interest you. While you may enjoy interacting with this person, the symbol of taking a shower suggests their presence can disappear as quickly as water washes soap down the drain. You may want to avoid giving too much to this relationship that is not destined to become anything special.

Showering within a dream can also represent being overly concerned with the wrong, inappropriate behavior of others, specifically people you are not particularly close to. While judging others for their actions is easy to do when you do not understand the circumstances, this vision means you should take time to reflect on your own thoughts and actions instead of paying so much attention to others. While you may believe others are selfishly acting for their own benefit, you may find that your impression of the situation is actually incorrect if looked at from another angle or perspective.

No drain in the shower

I have this reoccurring dream that I'm about to get in the shower but I realize there is no drain. What does this mean?

A shower generally refers to increased strength, energy and overall enthusiasm. Wanting to take a shower can also reveal a desire to cleanse yourself from negative emotions and destructive thoughts. If this is the case, then the missing drain is an indication of your inability to rid yourself of negative energy. You probably do not have an outlet to unburden yourself of these bad and self-destructive musings, so they tend to pile up inside you and give you a lot of stress. You need to be able to find a safe and supportive environment or surround yourself with friends who are willing to help you out when you are in distress.

Cold water instead of hot in the shower

Dreaming about taking a shower that has cold water instead of hot represents getting the cold shoulder in your romantic endeavors. Cold water in the shower in a dream vision is often associated with cooled feelings in terms of relationships, causing disappointment and frustration for the dreamer. This vision also implies that this has come about because of your own doing. Others may have already warned you that whatever relationship you are in or pursuing is unlikely to go anywhere or be beneficial to your future.

A nonworking shower

Seeing or trying to use a shower which does not turn on or is out of order symbolically represents difficulties in reaching a goal you are working on. Just as a broken shower prevents you from taking a shower, this dream indicates experiencing roadblocks and obstacles on the path to your dreams. While the exact cause is unclear, this vision suggests the reason for these troubles are due to your inability to effectively compete with others or your slow reaction time to changes in a situation which unfolds rapidly.

A pleasant shower

Having a pleasant experience in the shower, either because the water is the perfect temperature or because you enjoy feeling clean and refreshed, represents contentment and satisfaction with your current way of life. You may have a rewarding career, close bonds with your family and friends, or a hobby you enjoy greatly. Washing yourself in a particularly relaxing shower also means discarding negative attitudes and emotions you had in the past, allowing yourself to move on and find inner peace.

An urge to take a shower

Being in a dream where you suddenly get the strong, irresistible urge to take a shower, either because you have gotten dirty or just had an intense workout, represents some deep, unusual desires you wish to have fulfilled. Because you want something unusual or rare to find, you may be putting your financial situation on the line to fund these dreams. However, this vision warns that you may want to reconsider your actions lest they lead to financial ruin and destitution.

Unable to start a shower

Being unable to turn on or work a shower in a dream vision is an ominous sign suggestive of some changes to your working situation, business, or academic project which render it obsolete, impossible to complete, or a complete failure. These unwanted and unanticipated developments can be overcome, or at least have their effects limited, if you follow your intuition and act carefully. Taking the time to organize your thoughts and make a cohesive plan of attack may be the only thing available to turn this negative situation around.

A warm shower

Envisioning yourself showering in lukewarm water is considered a negative sign which predicts feeling of fatigue. This symbol in a dream vision represents a period of time in which you may begin feeling run down and out of energy, most likely due to some outside stress or difficulties. This situation may affect your overall health and well-being if not taken care of quickly.

Hot water instead of cold in the shower

Having a dream where you intend to take a cold shower but instead are scalded by water that is too hot is an ill omen which predicts being figuratively burned in real life. This vision means that you have recently placed too much trust in someone who does not deserve it, and this person is likely to use your gullibility to their benefit. This mistake may cost you dearly if you are not careful enough with whom you tend to associate.

Stuck in the shower with no water

Envisioning yourself naked in a shower that is not running, either because the water ran out or because it cannot be turned on, suggests you are about to find yourself in an uncontrollable situation which throws things around you into a tailspin. Due to your position, others may be looking to you for answers and guidance. If you heed the warning of this dream, you may be able to anticipate the problems before they manifest and offset the effects, if not completely resolve the situation, before things get completely out of hand.

A hot and cold shower

Envisioning yourself in a shower that switches from hot to cold water and back again represents an aspect of your personality which tends to oscillate between one extreme and another in wake life. Without consistent behavior or beliefs, others may find you difficult to be around because they cannot predict your words or actions. This situation may make it difficult to pursue goals and other endeavors which require help, input or support of others.

A new shower drain

A new drain in the shower.

Dreaming about having or installing a new drain in your shower signifies opening up a new path to achieve your immediate or long-term goals.

Having troubles while taking a shower

I dreamed that I was in the shower and about to take a shower but I didn't. I only washed my long curly hair, but the water being removed from my hair was black. Then I got out and went someplace, but then I came back and there was a line of about 3 people in front of me and I went in front to the lady and told her that I was not finished taking my shower. So she gave me a card with my name on it and told me to go and take my shower and that I have been there for the 3rd time. Then I woke up.

Showering in a dream represents cleansing, emotional intimacy as well as sensuality. Washing your hair, on the other hand, portends a period of great uncertainty. Perhaps showering and the conflict that took place are closely associated with each other. You could be trying to wash off certain problems and break off an undesirable bond with someone who is not good for you. Alternatively, you could be feeling unclean or ashamed of something, yet you are not fully ready to let go of this habit or possibly a guilty pleasure. This habit may be destructive, which is why the figure in the dream is adamant that you should follow through with this cleansing, which means maybe it is time to consider doing so in reality.

Unable to take a shower

I don't remember much from my dream except that I kept wanting to shower but something always stopped me.

Being in a dream where you suddenly feel the strong, irresistible urge to take a shower, either because you have gotten dirty or just had an intense workout, represents some deep, unusual desires you wish to have fulfilled. Because you want something unusual or rare to find, you may be putting your financial situation on the line to make these dreams come true. Fortunately, your pragmatic and levelheaded side may still be in control, as you delay making important decisions without being fully prepared.

A strange-looking shower room

In this dream I'm trying to get a shower, all the showers are open, like no walls, or they are just in a room, no drain, etc., or I can't find towels or shampoo, etc. I'm not able to get a shower, for one reason or another. Also in this dream there is a spiral staircase, it's open all around in a big room. As I'm nearing the bottom of the steps, I see what looks like a bunch of dog hair and dust, and when I pick it up it's a kind of woven little bag and inside is a tiny hummingbird flying around.

Being unable to take a shower due to hindrances in a dream is an ill omen predicting failure and doom for business or academic endeavors. Showering, and cleanliness in general, in dreams are associated with success and prosperity, so the opposite situation you have experienced has a very negative connotation. It may be possible to overcome this misfortune, but the spiral staircase suggests it would be extremely difficult, something that requires more effort and willpower than anything you have done in the past. This situation can, understandably, put doubt into your mind and heart as to your worthiness, skill or abilities. The hummingbird inside a woven bag at the end of the vision, then, can represent the uncertain future beginning to unfold for you starting with these trials.