Dreams Related To Shop

Lost in shop

Finding yourself lost in a shop in the dream realm is synonymous with financial troubles in wake life. Your household may suffer due to monetary short-comes, and you would have difficulty buying even the most basic necessities. This could put a lot of stress on already frayed relations, particularly if downsizing, relocating or sacrificing is on the horizon.

Shops locked down

Many shops are locked for a long time and have a lot of dust on shutters.

This vision is an ominous sign in regards to your financial situation. Multiple shops in the same place, such as a mall or downtown area, represent commerce and financial growth. However, the shops in your dream are closed and the windows are shuttered meaning you are likely to go through a period of financial hardship. This could bring on feelings of sadness and depression, especially if it lasts for many months.

Owning an ice cream shop

A place of business I had originally worked at reconverted to an idea I suggested, to be an ice cream shop. I was a waitress in the new shop doing great with customers, many of them men, when one of the managers or owners, a dark-haired good-looking man, asked (proud of me) what I thought of shop that came from my idea. I told him it was more beautiful then I ever imagined and he said it was all because of me. I started to cry happily, then sadness and then pulled him over to the side. I told him I want part ownership, but in my mind I thought it was impossible. I told him it was always about the money as to why I couldn't invest in like I wanted. He never answered. I walked away to return the closed out bill to a table with men. When I was there, that table pointed to the table next to them and said, "I got their check". They all were multicultural and in their 30s. I said, "I won't ask what happened!" jokingly as I slid the bill from one table to another. They didn't laugh, paid the bill and left. As I was wiping the tables, a very good-looking man with blonde hair walked up to me said hi, and took my hands and started slow dancing with me. My eyes were big because I was thinking about something else. He asked me why was I crying. I didn't answer, but saw a man who was his doppelganger with short hair walk up to talk to a friend not far from us. He didn't see us. Then I woke up.

The wealth of dream symbols and the multitude of interactions in this scenario imply one overarching issue you are grappling with in reality. Your articulation of your money problems is particularly telling because money as a dream symbol represents self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth which can translate into success and prosperity. So, saying you do not have the money to invest in your idea actually means you do not believe in your skills and capability to be successful, be it romantically or professionally. You have the potential to thrive, and you believe this to be true, yet you are your own worst enemy and critic because you fear failure. The ice cream shop with a lot of men as customers further reveals your insecurity when it comes to relationships. More than your career, your fear is actually more pronounced in terms of romance. An ice cream shop is commonly perceived as a place for dating, so envisioning yourself as the waitress means you see yourself as a matchmaker rather than someone who is actively seeking a partner for yourself. As a waitress you also tend to serve others or cater to the needs of your friends of loved ones while putting your own dreams and desires aside. The whole exchange with the men about the bill illustrates your envy of others, especially those who seem to easily find partners without exerting too much effort. Instead of focusing on loving yourself and working on personal growth, you find comfort and reassurance by way of criticizing and judging others. As such, the handsome manager's validation of your business idea means someone out there appreciates you, but you need to believe in yourself so others will gravitate to this more positive and self-confident person. If that does not happen, the final scene would play out in reality. Slow dancing with the blond man means you are going to have intimate relations with someone, but the doppelganger walking to a friend means he is going to cheat on you. If you have low self-worth, then you are going to attract people who do not value you and would easily betray your trust.

Auto repair shop

Finding yourself in, near or around an auto repair shop, such as talking with a mechanic or observing the restoration of an old car, often refers to achieving advancement through careful study and problem solving. Taking a break to find balance would be key in your search for the knowledge and skills you need to make great gains in various areas of your life. Good fortune is sure to follow, as it is well known that God helps those who help themselves.