Dreams Related To Shooter

Escaping a shooter

Escaping a shooter means you are going to outsmart your rivals. While they are busy plotting to steal your promotion or seduce your partner, you are in fact playing a very different game. Perhaps you are being scouted by a headhunter from a more prestigious organization or you are actually planning on dumping your current partner anyway. Keep your cards close to your chest and watch their jaws drop when your plan is unveiled.

Noticing a shooter

Noticing a shooter, whether they are standing in a crowd or up high on a roof, could predict meeting a quality individual whose conduct and behavior is unimpeachable. This person would likely have high moral standards and be honest and trustworthy in the highest. You would be able to look up to this individual for inspiration and ideas about how to live an ethical life.

Teasing a shooter in the classroom

I've had this dream multiple times. I'm in class, and a shooter bursts in. But while everyone is freaking out, I start laughing hard. Everyone around me is looking at me with confused expressions, and the shooter is looking at me with a confusion and anger. I either challenge the shooter to a fistfight, talk him into putting the gun down, or start flirting with him which eventually confuses him so much he leaves. I am female.

The location of your school classroom in this vision points towards the presence of stress in reality. This may indeed be related to homework, projects or tasks connected to education and schooling, but it could also be work-related stress or pressure from another individual in your life. In fact, the shooter who bursts into your classroom could indicate that a man or woman from your reality is actively trying to cause you trouble, getting in the way of your progress or trying to prevent you from getting any further ahead of them. Confusing the shooter by various means until he gives up and leaves suggests you would eventually overcome the problems that have appeared, although this solution might lead to some unexpected consequences that catch you off guard. If you do happen to resolve the issues threatening your current happiness, be on the lookout for other possible changes to your daily existence.

A shooter at the mall

Female. I dreamed this morning then I woke up... I was in a mall in my area, walking alone. Suddenly I heard a gunshot near me and it hit someone. I went down to the floor to shield myself, near grass. I saw a security camera was focused on me. Then I saw a dead body.

An attack that occurs in a mall symbolizes your disdain for people who get blindsided by their greed and insecurity. Even when you advice them and warn them against their own failings, they have a tendency to ignore anything that does not validate their actions. Unfortunately, the sound of gunfire forewarns about an even worse outcome. This usually means the demise of a loved one. Because of their greed, they could get themselves in trouble which will place their life in danger. You need to make them more responsible and self-aware, otherwise the outcome is grim.

Yourself as a shooter

Envisioning yourself as a shooter in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of upcoming conflict and disagreement, usually due to your own stubbornness or unreasonable expectations. You may soon find yourself embroiled in a bitter argument or physical fight against someone in reality, most likely someone close to you. A friend may get on your nerves, or a family member may set you off suddenly. If you fail to control yourself during this period, the results of your passionate confrontations may be long lasting.

A shooter attacking

My dream was about a shooter, as in a person that had a gun. I was at a park with my siblings and then the youngest pulled on my shirt, prompting me to look over the hill, and sure enough there was a man with a sniper. I yelled "Make sure you run in a zigzag back to the house!" We got back to the house safely, then the man went into our back yard. My brother looked through the window and the shooter saw him, and opened our back door and came inside. He shot at us, but someone saved us by shooting back.

The shooter in your dream symbolizes individuals with malicious plots against you, possibly due to their jealousy of your recent accomplishments. This may be related to your new duties or important progress you have made in the recent past. The park bears similar connotations, as it can point to an adjustment period, maybe after moving to a new residence, getting promoted at work or handling a new task. If this is the case, then the sniper shooting you and your siblings could indicate looming confrontations in your waking life. You may end up feeling victimized under certain circumstances. While you are adopting and learning the ropes of a new responsibility, others may try to take advantage of your distraction and start painting you in a negative light.