Dreams Related To Shadow

Dark shadow figures

Shadowy figures in dreams are harbingers of impending problems. Fortunately, asking about a dream about dark shadow figures meaning suggests it is not yet too late to put a stop to it. The prominence of this dream symbol indicates how your subconscious is warning you about unresolved issues or things you are sweeping under the rug that could turn into a serious problem if you do not confront them head on. Alternatively, this could be a projection of your own darkness which you are trying to downplay instead of seeking out help.

Being a shadow with evil creatures around

Me standing in all white room and I'm just a shadow. Then myself then I start morphing really skinny and really fat over and over. Then it stops and I start getting surrounded by evil creatures and they close in on me. I wake up when they are on top of me.

Symbolically, a shadow represents a continuation or extension of the dreamer's self. Based on your description, it could be that you always rely solely and exclusively on your own abilities, aspects of personality and wits during problematic situations or when serious issues emerge. The evil creatures could be a subconscious projection of your unwillingness to accept help and support offered by other people because you feel there could be more damage than good if you allow them to step in or learn too much sensitive information about a particular issue you face.

Encountering a shadowy figure

I was driving my vehicle down a dark country road, all of a sudden my car stopped running, when I started the car and backed up there was a crouching shadow figure, then it stood up, it was a huge cloaked shadow man. I couldn't see his face, scared me so much, woke me straight up. I am a 50-yr old female.

Driving your own car in the dream world usually suggests that you have or "think" you have control over your own life and destiny. This sense of security about yourself and your decisions, however, could be shaken soon based on the other images in this dream. First, having your car suddenly stop points toward some sudden event or crisis that would require your attention, like the suffering of a child or a friend in need. Starting your car up again suggests you want to move past this situation as quickly as possible, but the cloaked, shadowy figure proves that you need to confront this situation more fully before moving on. For instance, you may need time to process your emotions if the result of your situation was not as good as you hoped. Alternatively, you may need to consider your next steps carefully to avoid potential mistakes or faux pas.

Being attacked by a shadow

The closet door of my bedroom opens and a shadow comes out and starts going on top of me and at this I am screaming, but nothing is coming out and I am also trying to rehearse a bible verse (psalm 91) and it doesn't let me. And then I start yelling at my aunt (who is close to me) and no voice is coming out until I finally say her name. If it wasn't for me being woken up by someone sleeping next to me in real life, cause when I was being shaken I felt the shake in the dream I finally woke up.

Closet doors in a dream tend to symbolically represent separation between two important aspects. In this case, your soul or faith seems to be what is experiencing this split. The shadow moving on top of you is often interpreted as the manifestation of dual realities within you, meaning you may ideologically think and believe one way, but these desires to be seen as "good" are perhaps distorted by selfish behavior or thoughtless actions. Until you can meld the two halves together, it may be difficult to find peace within yourself.

A dark shadow causing death

I dreamt of a dark shadow. Ugly, floating, and unrecognizable face. I had three dreams of dying because of it. The first, I was standing on a harbor and it came at me so fast and shoved me into the water. I kept screaming for help until there was no fight in me anymore, and my dead body floated on the water. I could see my body looking down at the water.

Seeing a shadowy entity that attacks you and even manages to kill you in multiple dreams is a powerful portent. The unrecognizable face cloaked in shadows that haunts your dreams could represent a rift in your beliefs. It is possible that some recent events in your life managed to shock you to the very core. While before you may have only seen life in terms of black and white, nowadays fear and uncertainty make you doubt what would have otherwise been a fact of life. Until you come to terms with the changes in your life, you may keep experiencing these nightmarish apparitions. Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek professional help.

Being chased by a shadow

Being attacked by black or dark figures in the dream state represent your spiritual and personal aspect. This vision suggests your tendency to do certain actions that would work to your advantage or your likelihood to do what you think is "good" with a hidden selfish intention. Your fear of being rejected or becoming an outcast leads you to please people around you. On the other hand, it could also imply your high self-regard and your inclination to ignore others people's opinions.