Dreams Related To Self-portrait

Handing your self-portrait to someone

Giving your self-portrait to another person symbolizes your plans or intentions will be an enchanting surprise to the people around you.

Self-portrait in a broken frame

Contemplating on a self-portrait in a broken frame is a sign of a high chance of being sick due to temporary illness or health issues.

Creating your own self-portrait

Seeing yourself crafting your own self portrait in a dream suggests that people in your close circle find it challenging to understand your intentions and ideas.

Trying to tear your self-portrait to pieces

Tearing your self-portrait apart and into pieces is a sign of an approaching intimate yet very comforting conversation with a close friend or lover, although this will be lengthy, the results gained will be very beneficial to both of you.

Looking at someone's self-portrait

To find yourself looking at a self-portrait of another person warns of a looming intense struggle with people in power regarding unresolved issues.