Dreams Related To Seeing

Can't see properly

Dreams where you can't see properly are often considered ill omens in the dream realm by both religious and secular sources. They are an allusion to blindness or naivety in wake life, usually leading to some disastrous outcomes for you and your family members. For instance, you may be unaware of a friend who is using you to get what they want or you may be on the verge of falling for a scheme that would steal your identity or money. It would be wise to be extremely cautious with whom you trust and what personal information you give out.

Unable to see clearly

I dreamt of having trouble seeing a small black cat walk beside a toilet, and then seeing was as though I would be looking through a hazy magnifying glass.

A black cat has often been associated with bad luck. However, a black cat can also represent the presence of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life. Hence, the hazy appearance of the cat in your dream could mean this adversary's presence is not apparent to you yet. Perhaps this person is already part of your life and you have not yet caught on to his or her deceptive and cunning ways. So keep your guards up because somebody could be taking advantage of you right at this moment.