Dreams Related To Seed

Seeds turning into spiders

I was picking out tiny bird seeds from a slit on the top of my head over and over. Each one turned into a glowing, colored spider after I got it out of my head.

Traditionally, symbolic images of seeds mean new ideas, discoveries or recently acquired knowledge. The notion of finding these seeds on top of your head could mean you have been preoccupied with sharing something you have recently learned or realized with other people. However, the vision of glowing spiders could indicate the presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or intellectual power and could use this knowledge or information you share with them to take advantage of you. If you suspect that there is an individual or people in your circle who tend to open up and accept anything you share, be careful not to reveal or give away too much because it could later on turn against you.

Planting tomato seeds

I dreamed of planting many tomato seeds, planting and sprouting them. There was a lot of seeds.

This vision could have two possible interpretations depending on your situation in life. The most common understanding of this dream symbol is that those who are sick, injured or otherwise infirm would see improvements in their health and well-being. You may see an increase in the quality of your life, or you may have an easier time getting around. For example, you may find that your joints ache less or that public transportation improves so that you can visit friends or shop easier. The other interpretation of this symbol associates tomato seeds with the sowing of the seeds of friendship. You may be on the cusp of meeting a new group of people who are destined to become true friends for life.

Carrying palm seeds in a container

I saw myself carrying a basin filled with palm kernels in the dream.

Dreaming that you are carrying a basin or bowl filled with seeds, palm kernels in this case portends a period of illness and health issues. If you see any suspicious symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor. Any affliction you may end up suffering would more than likely be a temporary one.