Dreams Related To Scream

Not being able to scream for help

A dream can be an allegory of our struggles. In this case, the inability to scream represents pent up emotions. You could be feeling angry and frustrated about something or someone in the real world, yet you have found no recourse to express how you feel. Even in your nocturnal state, you are being restrained by your subconscious. This means you know that losing control would only cause more conflict. Perhaps you need to find a safer way to let off steam so you can handle this issue more calmly and with a clear mind.

Unable to move or scream

I just knew I was in my room, but everything was white and blank except my bed and a stool and chair, they were black. My ears were vibrating and ringing and my body was numb, and I couldn't dial a number on my phone, but a lady picked up and asked me to please hold. I quickly hung up and tried to scream, but it was silent and breathy. My dad walked in and said he had a fire call and left. When I woke up there were random numbers dialed and called with only 6 numbers. My dad actually had a fire call.

You may have been in a semi-conscious state when you dreamt this. When your body is asleep but your mind is still conscious, things happening around you could get interweaved in your dreams and vice versa. A white room generally indicates a new beginning or a blank canvas. This means that you were in the process of entering the dream world and this blank slate or tabula rasa that is your room is the beginning of your journey. The black bed and the chair are the things that have you tethered in the real world, mostly because these objects are your source of security and comfort in your state between waking and dreaming.

You can't talk or scream

A dream where you can't talk or scream is an allegory for a lack of sense of self. You either do not have a high level of self-confidence or do not have a clear vision of who you can or should be. In fact, this inability to truly express yourself could be making you physically ill, as in you may suffer from fatigue or stomach issues as a result of the depression this situation causes you.