Dreams Related To Schoolmate

A schoolmate from the past destroying things

I dreamt of a girl that I once went to school with in high school, she entered my room while I was sleeping and destroyed everything. I woke up and I saw her and noticed that everything in my flat is destroyed by her, I asked her why and she said she didn't know. I tried to look for help because she was scary and was about to harm me. I did not see anyone to help me, the room was dark because she destroyed all the lights and I noticed that there was a light on my window from outside.

Dreaming that your place of residence has been destroyed or turned upside down literally refers to great upheaval taking place in reality, usually in the negative sense. You may have to move due to job loss or a problem with your current rental unit. Alternatively, someone in your family may pass away or become unreachable, leading to tumultuous feelings and a great sense of loss. The darkness, then, reveals your mental state after this event takes place, although the light outside could mean that seeking help from some third party, like a friend or counselor, could provide some hope or peace of mind.

A school mate who is not close in reality

I had a dream of one of my schoolmates with whom I had no interaction during my school life and also have no communication after that. She is the top student in our class.

Dreaming about this seemingly random person from your past is a sign of depression or a lack of self-confidence in some aspect of your existence. Your subconscious is narrowing into the image of someone whom you do not have a strong feeling for emotionally, but who represents success and achievement at some point on your life's journey. In this case, your mind could be trying to emulate your memory of this person (because you do not know about their current situation). It may be better, however, to focus your energies on self-improvement without comparing yourself to others for you do not know what personal battles they may have fought themselves.

Oral sex with a former schoolmate

A girl I went to school with I never talked to giving me a blow job. This confused me because I am engaged to someone else and want to know if it means anything.

Getting a blow job or dreaming of oral sex has to do with issues of dominance as well as commitment. For males, this signifies their tendency to be flaky or indecisive when it comes to establishing relationships or dating women. The girl represents all the dating possibilities you think you would be missing out on as a result of being engaged. It is the dream world equivalent of having cold feet. This is normal and a way for your subconscious to hash out any lingering issues you may have about your commitment to your fiancé.