Dreams Related To Satin

Selecting satin fabric at the store

Selecting satin fabric at the store is a symbol of success in business or career. You will soon gain victory in your career or business ventures and this will bring you much happiness and added wealth.

Wearing satin clothes

Dreaming that you are wearing satin clothes tells you that you will soon find stability in your life. In whatever way this can happen, you will find the balance that you are longing for in your life.

White satin clothes

Dreaming that you are wearing white satin clothes tells you that you are excessively self-conscious. You take a lot of effort and energy controlling your actions, to the point of being overly conscientious, because you fear making a mistake which may potentially affect your reputation.

Sewing satin clothes

Dreaming that you are sewing satin clothes foretells of going on a romantic date. You will soon go out on a romantic date with your partner or someone you just met.

An item made of satin

Seeing an item made of satin is a prediction of self-improvement, particularly in your appearance. You will change the way you look and this will be to your advantage, because you will gain more self-esteem and in effect, more respect from others.

Glittering satin

Seeing glittering satin in your dream signifies major changes. Your life is about to change in the near future, whether for good or bad.

Satin fabric in a roll

Seeing satin fabric in a roll is a sign of a bright future ahead. The decisions you made about your life and the way you live your life, have placed you in a very good position and you will be able to have a very fulfilling future ahead.

Ironing satin fabric

Dreaming that you are ironing satin fabric is a premonition of distress and hardship. You will experience some difficulties in the near future, for whatever reason.

Satin undergarments

Dreaming of wearing satin undergarments foretells of having a successful, meaningful meeting or encounter whether in your professional, personal or romantic life. It will be a meeting that you will not forget.

Selling satin fabric

Dreaming of selling satin fabric is a warning of loss. You will experience sudden loss, whether materially or a person you know or a loved one due to yet unknown to you events or circumstances.

Buying satin fabric

Buying satin fabric in your dream is a promising sign. This foretells of a profitable transaction that will bring you added wealth. It will happen much sooner than you were hoping for.