Dreams Related To Santa Claus

Being chased by Santa Claus

I am female. I had a dream where I woke up in a mansion and Santa was trying to kill me. I had to run around the mansion without being seen by Santa and occasionally I would find a black and purple butterfly and if I ate it, it would make me invisible for a short period of time.

Santa Claus is associated with self-reflection, generosity and forgiveness. So, dreaming that Santa is trying to kill you reveals your fear of examining your shortcomings and failures. This can also refer to your selfish ways and a tendency to hold grudges. The mansion is also an important dream symbol here because it means someone wants to be part of your life and you are not willing or ready to open up to them. Together with the first symbol, it seems a person from your past is trying to reach out and make amendments, yet you are refusing to accept their apology. Eating a butterfly could be an allusion to flings and affairs distracting you from facing unresolved issues from this former relationship.