Dreams Related To Romance

Getting romantic with a female friend

Myself (female) and my friends get mugged. We end up in a fight and I distinctly remember being in a fight with one girl. She was very attractive and I later found out she was an undercover cop. We end up seeing each other and through it I remember mentioning my current partner as if I'd left her for this other girl. I remember doing this with her and friends and having the best time. One night she falls back with the bad people and I force her to make a decision between me and them and she choose me.

Getting mugged, assaulted or robbed in a dream reveals your inability to take responsibility for your actions. You have recently hurt someone or committed a mistake which you did not own up to or maybe even blamed others for it. This girl you were fighting is a part of your character which you want to get rid of. Combined with the first symbol, it means you are trying to be a better person by learning to take accountability. This will not be an easy task, especially if you have been used to denying your faults, but this dream at least tells you that you are willing to change for the better.

Romance during an assembly

I was walking down the hall with my friends to an assembly. There were red carpets and wooden walls. There was a girl there. She had glasses and dark brown hair. We blushed at each other as we walked. When we were at the assembly, she put one hand under my bosom and another over my waist, and started kissing my neck passionately. I groaned in ecstasy as a warm sensation passed through my body. Finally, she picked me up and twirled me around in the air, both of us laughing.

Dreaming of seeing or walking on a red carpet means that you want to be noticed or desired in the waking world. Perhaps the time has finally come for you to shine. Your peers and contemporaries would give you the credit you deserve for your hard work and achievements. Similarly, kissing the girl reveals your growing self-awareness about what you want in life. You are getting comfortable in your own skin and this renewed self-confidence would also inspire you to uncover your true passions. Maybe you have grown tired of hiding who you are or working behind the scenes all the time, so this vision portends breaking free from this dull and restricted existence.