Dreams Related To Rodents

Dead rodents falling from the ceiling

I was in a large public building like a mall and millions of dead mice or rats fell down from the ceiling. It appeared as if water may have been the reason the ceiling collapsed (millions of rodents didn't help either, LOL!).

This vision seems to be a warning about the dangers of consumerism and materialistic tendencies in reality. This is because malls are symbols commonly associated with consumption and greed, particularly for material possessions. The multitudes of rodents that fall from the collapsed ceiling represent your failings to this vice and their negative effect on your social life. This does not necessarily mean you shop a lot. It does suggest, however, that you let money and possessions make decisions that you would not have chosen otherwise. For example, perhaps you treated someone poorly because they were not dressed well, or maybe you elected not to spend time with friends or family because you would rather hang out with a television or a video game. Perhaps you need to rethink some of your actions and make decisions that would be more fulfilling in the long run.