Dreams Related To Rock

Throwing up rocks

Throwing up rocks.

Rocks, by themselves, are a negative sign that points to disappointment and loss in your life. The exact area depends on the context of the vision. In this case, vomiting often represents physical ailments and declining health, which may point to a disease that causes you to lose out on opportunities or prevents you from doing the things you love. The vision of throwing rocks up in the air, if this is the case, also represents something leaving you or missing out on a good chance. Therefore, you might want to take precautions with your bodily health by getting a physical exam and regularly seeing the doctor. Additionally, making plans for a "worst-case scenario" would probably not go amiss.

Rocks, people in hell and candleholder

I dreamed of three heart-shaped rocks. After that, I saw people falling to hell and a lot of souls trying to escape out from hell. Suddenly, the picture of hell becomes candle holders which was like that of the church but instead of candles, toys are being held by the candle holders and in its corner stood a long black candle but not placed in the holder. Please help interpret this dream. Thank you in advance.

This dream contains some interconnected visions which most likely pertain to your spiritual well-being and inner balance. Heart-shaped objects in a dream can mean that you have recently been subjected to or starting to sense acts of betrayal or deceit by someone close to you and whom you used to trust immensely. You could be acting on it by knowingly or inadvertently hurting other people around you whom you deal with on a regular basis. Even though you may feel regretful for your actions toward these people, you seem to be gradually distancing yourself from them. Dreaming about a candle holder with unusual objects held by it instead of candles is your realization or discovery related to your propensity toward magic, occult knowledge and everything supernatural. You could be accumulating information from these spheres in order to solve some personal issues or help yourself understand your life situation better, but perhaps focusing on these topics in excess. Finally, the image of a black tall candle on the side and apart from the candle holder speaks of the memories related to someone who passed away, either recently or some time ago, which are etched in your subconscious mind, but do not connect to you in any personal or significant way.

Rocks that can talk

Last night I got to paddle down the Colorado river... Numerous times the rocks spoke to me.

Dreaming of seeing yourself paddling down the river represents your lack of concern and indifference towards your current lover or partner. There could be other people in your life who excite you more, making you more interested in them as opposed to someone you have at the moment. The rocks speaking to you represent the reaction you get from these people you communicate with regularly, whether they approve or condemn your acts.

A rock and a flower

A stone sphere rolling downhill and a lonely daisy standing at the bottom.

A stone that is rolling downhill represents the destruction of your beliefs as well as a moment of weakness. You may experience a difficult period ahead of you which would test your strength, faith and personal character. You may discover your dark side which others, as well as yourself, may have not seen yet. Fortunately, despite the hardships and bad luck, the daisy represents hope and salvation. A kind friend or an innocent soul may save you from total self-destruction or a downward spiral. Their positive energy and sincerity could get you out of your predicament.

Rocks falling from the sky

Envisioning rocks falling from the sky, such as after a rockslide on a mountain, suggests you have rushed into something without thinking about the ramifications. This sign is attempting to point out that you need to find a safe place to review what has happened and take your next steps more carefully. In the future, it would be better to do this from the beginning rather than waiting until it has already happened.

Falling rocks

In general, the image of falling rocks or boulders is associated with big feelings rocking your inner peace. Just as a stone picks up speed as it tumbles down a steep mountain, so does this symbol portend feelings like a large weight is continually pushing you further and further down. If this comes as a surprise, perhaps you have time to change course and avoid some upcoming troubles.