Dreams Related To Roaches

Roaches of a reddish color

Seeing roaches with a reddish-brown color, like household-type of roaches or Madagascar roaches, is actually an auspicious dream symbol. Most likely you would receive financial aid or money either from your clients, boss or from somewhere more unexpected such as a rich donor or relative. Maybe you have been performing more than usual and your bosses decide to reward your industry or a rich relative decides to put you in his will. In addition, the number of roaches also predicts how much money or wealth you are going to get. The more roaches, the more money you would acquire.

Trying to catch roaches

Trying to catch roaches in your dream, whether by using your bare hands or utilizing traps and similar contraptions, reveals your ongoing concern about the familial matters. Specifically, you may be particularly preoccupied about keeping or maintaining the peace and harmony among family members. Perhaps you sense something is troubling your household which could potentially cause rifts and conflicts within your family, so your subconscious is essentially keeping you on your toes so you would be prepared to diffuse tension when you spot it.

Swarms of roaches

Swarms of roaches in dreams, like being overwhelmed and attacked by a horde of roaches or finding the breeding ground of roaches, carry a negative dream meaning. It means you are prone to unfounded fears and baseless worries especially when it comes to finances. You may be in constant fear that you will lose your money and possessions, leaving you in a life of poverty. Perhaps your mind is trying to tell you to stop worrying and enjoy whatever piece of happiness you can find instead of constantly thinking about what could go wrong.

In addition, if you find yourself attempting to kill or exterminate the swarm of roaches, this could reveal your desire to get rid of your unfounded fears and worries. You know your fears are holding you back, so perhaps you are taking concrete steps to be braver. Alternatively, the roaches may represent threats to your finances from unscrupulous individuals or even criminals. You may have made enemies or caught the eye of swindlers, so you are extra guarded when it comes to your property.

Roaches on your body

Dreaming that roaches are on your body, crawling on your arms and legs or just being covered by several roaches, usually indicates threats or possible danger lurking in your surroundings. For example, there may be construction happening somewhere near your home or office which could potentially cause a minor accident. So this is likely your subconscious reminding you to be extra observant and careful when outdoors to avoid possible injuries or accidents. Even minor cuts or bruises can be a nuisance especially if you need to be in your best physical condition for work.

Mutant roaches

Mutant roaches, such as abnormally huge roaches or extra strong and powerful roaches in your vicinity, suggest a toxic environment in reality. Your household may be exposed to radioactive substances or toxic chemicals unbeknownst to you. You may need to get a full physical exam to know whether you are suffering from illnesses due to the toxins and poisonous substances around you. Toxicity can also be metaphorical, such as people spreading negative energies and emotions, which may affect not only your emotions but also your overall health.

Black roaches

A black roach or black roaches in dreams, like Oriental roaches or black beetles, can either be a bad message or a good sign. Generally, these types of roaches refer to a promotion or finding better opportunities that would elevate your way of life. However, enormous black roaches can carry a negative dream meaning. Big, black roaches refer to a powerful individual in your industry or social circle who may hold a grudge and would try to sabotage your career or plan to smear your reputation, so you need to be careful about revealing your weaknesses in case it reaches this influential rival.

Flying roaches

Flying roaches, perhaps when you are dodging the roaches flying towards your face or attempting to spray insecticide to kill the roaches, refer to high-flying rivals or competitors. These enemies are much more challenging contenders at work because of their connections, influence or overall authority. They may derail your track or career path because of their maneuverings. Perhaps they would try to steal a promotion from you or resort to dirtier tactics in an attempt to tarnish your reputation and credibility. You may need more powerful individuals on your side to counter their plans.

Roaches attacking

Being attacked by roaches usually means you have tough rivals and enemies in reality. The roaches could be biting you in the dream or moving like a single entity while trying to injure you. This threatening presence of roaches likely mirrors the kind of intimidation and unfair treatment you are experiencing at work or in your social group. Some people may inherently dislike you so they are working together to oppress you or make you feel insignificant. This could force you to find new friends or perhaps find a job with a more supportive environment.

Trying to exterminate roaches

Trying but failing to exterminate roaches in your dream, perhaps with the help of insecticides and other professional-grade poisons for bugs, means you would soon be managing a lot of tasks and responsibilities at work. Maybe your superiors or supervisors are impressed with your output so they are adding new workload. Fortunately, it would not be totally unmanageable or utterly stressful for you since the added workload is likely not that complicated. You may also find a good strategy to complete the tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

Roaches in general

In general, dreaming about roaches, whether you find them creeping in the dark and damp corners of your house or on dirty alleyways, portends an encounter with a wealthy and influential person in reality. Initially, you may feel intimidated or out of place, but eventually you would come to realize that you have skills and capabilities which would be beneficial to both of you. Alternatively, this could point to the possibility of acquiring significant wealth soon, perhaps from winning lottery, getting a salary increase or bonus for your exemplary work.

Roaches could also reveal your tendency to get preoccupied with inconsequential matters. You could be spending a lot of time and effort on hedonistic interests and activities that do not contribute to your personal or professional growth. It is also possible that you often get entangled in issues or problems that have nothing to do with you. In some cases, they may even be detrimental to your reputation or well-being. So perhaps this is your mind telling you to keep your nose out of trivial matters or unproductive pursuits.

Roaches in your food

Finding roaches in your food, perhaps while you are eating a meal such as discovering dead roaches in your soup, means there are people around you who are envious of your achievements, wealth or social status. They could be your friends or peers and they cannot help but covet certain things or your level of success because they have not quite reached your heights. There could also be colleagues who are eyeing your position at work thinking they can do a better job than you so they are plotting a way to discredit you and take away your job.

Nuisance due to roaches

Experiencing nuisance due to the presence of too many roaches, such as inside your home, a restaurant or seeing roaches in the city, is a projection of the clutter or mess in your daily life. Maybe it is a literal illustration of the presence of roaches in your personal space, like your room or apartment, and you are feeling annoyed by the filth in your environment. It could also mean that you have a lot of useless stuff lying around the house and your subconscious is telling you to clean up or de-clutter. Finally, it could also be metaphorical, pointing to a cluttered mind.

Roaches scattering in all directions

Dreaming of roaches scattering in all directions, such as when you enter a dark room and then turning on the light switch only to see a swarm of roaches dispersing in different directions, reveals your desire to live a cleaner and more straightforward lifestyle. You could be making concerted efforts to get rid of bad habits, risky behavior or questionable activities so as not to go down a path of self-destruction. You may also be concerned about your reputation as well as your future so you are focused on personal growth and development.

Infestation with roaches

Dealing with an infestation of roaches in your dreams, such as having swarms of roaches congregating in your house or pipes and pathways blocked by lots of roaches, signals upcoming conflicts and disagreements that would be difficult to resolve. In addition, an initial clash or argument with a colleague or a close friend would likely cause more complications which would make it harder for the both of you to patch things up and clear the air. As such, you may have to deal with the root of the problem in order to find a lasting solution to your issue.

Roaches falling on you

Envisioning a bunch of roaches falling on you, perhaps from the sky or the ceiling of the room you find yourself in, carries a positive and negative dream interpretation depending on the situation. On the one hand, this could mean the realization of your dreams and aspirations, meaning that the falling roaches actually represent less struggle to reach your goals. On the other hand, this could also be an indication of approaching disappointments and bad news. A barrage of obstacles and discouraging news. Other symbols in the dream may help you decipher whether it is a good or bad omen.

White roaches

White roaches in dreams, such as finding albino roaches in your home, workplace or the neighborhood, suggest betrayal. The white color of the roaches symbolizes a trusted person's deceptive appearance. These types of people may look sincere so you end up spilling your deepest, darkest secrets only to find out that they are dirty and rotten to the core. Unfortunately, once you find out their true colors, it may be too late as the damage has been done to your reputation. For now, your mind may be trying to help you be a little more guarded to avoid being hurt.

Killing roaches

Killing roaches, perhaps by squashing them with your slipper or through insecticides and fumigation, is an auspicious dream symbol usually associated with favorable circumstances. You may be at the receiving end of good news or developments which would steer your life into a better future. As such, the death of the roaches is you basically crushing competition or overcoming obstacles. It may not be what you had planned, but what is coming is likely far better than what you imagined your life to be. You could be given once-in-a-lifetime opportunites and it is up to you to make the most of the situation.

Dead roaches

Seeing dead roaches, such as recently exterminated roaches or a bunch of dead roaches when you open cupboards and closets, means your current plans are likely going to fall through due to factors that are out of your control. You may have hopes of getting a promotion, closing a deal or getting a project, unfortunately this dream symbol points to inevitable failure. This may not be the right time or place for your goals. Or perhaps something better is waiting for you so long as you use this as a learning experience instead of getting discouraged.

Monstrous roaches

Huge and monstrously sized roaches suggest self-deception on the part of the dreamer. For instance, the dream may feature monstrous roaches crawling in front of your eyes or maybe preying on weaker insects or animals. This kind of symbolism in dreams means you may be reluctant to accept certain truths about yourself, probably for self-preservation or out of fear of finding something you do not like about yourself. Unfortunately, if you do not confront the darker aspects of your personality, that dark side may start to take over and transform you irreversibly.

Roaches devouring everything around

It started to rain reddish rain that turned ground into a mud that was uncomfortable to walk in. Weird greenish blue lightning that could strike me but didn't. Had to get food and drink from fridge outside. Then realized roaches were taking food, like whole roasts, ribs, even covered a cat. I started spraying a roach spray.

There are a lot of negative signs in this vision. In particular, red rain predicts being the victim of gossip and rumors started by people who are jealous of your accomplishments or status. The roaches that suddenly appear represent worries about how these horrible and untrue tales will affect you and everything you have worked for. Seeing lightning flash is a sign that you may need to separate yourself from someone you once relied on, possibly the person behind the rumors, in order to begin putting things right. However, attacking the roaches with bug spray at the end of the dream predicts that, when all is said and done, you will find a way to deal with the situation and recover what was once yours.

Dead husband and giant roaches

I am a widow of nearly two years and since my husband died I dream about him a lot and in this dream he and I and our kids and grand kids were there and I was getting ready for bed, so I went into our bedroom and as I was changing I could see a lot of giant roaches crawling all over the wall and over everything. So I just stood there and never got around to changing.

Dreaming of your deceased husband denotes unfinished business or unresolved issues. He could have left a lot issues or questions behind which you grapple with to this day. Meanwhile, the giant or monstrously sized roaches refer to self-deception and self-preservation. Something you discovered about your late husband could have huge and negative implications to your marriage and your family in general. So, to shield your children as well as yourself from all the pain that these uncovered secrets would cause, you have actively avoided confronting these issues or your mind has repressed them. Unfortunately, keeping this locked up inside you is such a burden, so your subconscious is manifesting your anxieties in dreams.

Roaches at friend's house

I thought I was at my parent's house trying to lie down and sleep, a stuffed animal kept moving and fell to the ground, all these German roaches were everywhere, only to realize I was at a friend's house with their daughter and my daughter put my shoes in the washer to be washed and I picked up bug spray and sprayed the house from top to bottom. After that we didn't see the roaches again, we all lied down to try and sleep but I was worried that my friends would be mad we were at their home.

While there seems to be a lot going on in this vision, the main symbol we should pay attention to is that of the roaches. Despite the grossness associated with roaches in reality, seeing roaches in a dream can often point toward a sudden increase in wealth. Perhaps you would get a raise at your current job or get hired at another company that is willing to pay you more for your hard work. However, trying to spray the roaches and get rid of them reveals that this increase in cash would also come with an increase in responsibilities and duties. You could soon find yourself much busier due to the extra tasks you would have to complete. While extra money is certainly a blessing, make sure not to allow work to take up too much space in your personal and family life.