Dreams Related To River

Flooded river obstructing the way

Dreaming about a river which is inundated, overflowing or flooded so that you are incapable of crossing it is symbolic of bad vibes coming your way. It signifies that you might have to encounter certain potential tribulations or issues which are work related. Additionally it may also mean that you are about to perpetrate some risky, impudent or audacious act or display appalling behavior which will have a negative impact on your persona and might spoil your reputation.

Peaceful river

Dreaming about a serene and tranquil river is an indication of the good aura which will be surrounding your existence. Your life will be filled with bliss and contentment. You will find new prospects for escalating your wealth, even though you could be completely satisfied with your current circumstances.

Getting across the river

Dreaming about traversing a river either by swimming or with the aid of a ferry or boat or any floating device portends that there is ominous news in store for you. This message might leave you feeling gloomy and disgruntled.

Drinking water from the river

Seeing yourself ingesting water from a river in a dream for example by ladling it in your hands is symbolic of the inner peace which you will feel. It signifies that you are in complete synchronization with your inner self. With the passage of time you have acquired the necessary acumen and judiciousness to make your life full of bliss and contentment.

Swimming up the river

A dream in which you see yourself able to work against the tide of a rapid river and being able to swim in it is symbolic of the assistance or facilitation which you will receive from unforeseen sources or a stranger. In fact, you might even receive help from a person who used to abhor you at one time.

Swimming in the river

A dream in which you see yourself drifting or swimming in a river indicates that you are head over heels in love with someone and adore them completely to the point of distraction. Your obsession and fervor for this person has clouded your judgment and made you disregard your duties and reliabilities. This dream must be taken as a forewarning to get your life back on track and the fact that you need reconsider your priorities and obligations towards things or life in general.

Suffering from a river flood

A dream in which you see yourself as a casualty of a river flood or deluge is a sign of the negativity which is about to enter your life. It portends that you might become a victim of prejudice, discrimination or unscrupulous behavior from people in your vicinity or society. This un-just treatment would leave you desolate and from which you might have difficulty recovering for a prolonged period.

Building a dam across the river

A dream in which you see yourself erecting a dam which extends over the river is a portentous sign. It signifies that there are solemn trials and tribulations in store for you. You might have to deal with these troubles in order to alter the path your life is taking.

Muddy or murky river

Dreaming about grimy, shadowy or murky river or a river in deluge is symbolic of the negativity which is about to enter your life. This destructive aura will create misapprehensions and disagreements leading to appalling and reprehensible situations. It could also portend that you might get in to verbal brawls with people who are close to you.

Drowned bodies in the river

Dreaming about swimming, drifting or floating in a river which has corpses of people discernible through its lucid water at its base has negative connotations. It could be symbolic of the deprivation of happiness and joy in your life. Additionally it could also mean that you might have a great deal of misfortune in your life.

Dried river

Dreaming about a desiccated river as a result of overuse or a drought is a serious sign of misfortune. It portends plenty of mishaps, adversity and sufferings which might cause you much distress and would cause plenty of devastation in your life.

Broad river

Standing in proximity or observing an expansive river in your dream is symbolic of the sexual fantasies which you possess but are too diffident or introverted to tell your sexual partner about. The mere idea of sharing these thoughts with your partner causes you much embarrassment and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Standing on the river shore

Dreaming about observing yourself positioned on the river shore, especially if its a shoreline elevated above the river surface is symbolic of the fact that you might be taking an expedition or a trip to a distant and remote land or country.

Swimming fast on the river

Dreaming about swimming rapidly and smoothly on the surface of the river is symbolic of good vibes coming your way. It could signify that you might inherit or attain additional wealth or affluence by investing your money prudently or the fact that you are about to gain or acquire a substantial amount of money.

Wading in the river

Dreaming about strolling on the surface of the river or wading in its waters to traverse from one place to another is symbolic of a few negative vibes about to enter your life. It could portend that you might stumble upon certain hindrances and impediments, which will result in adjournment of your existing projects or schemes.

Bathing in the river

A dream in which you see yourself bathing in tepid river waters during hot summer months is symbolic of the positive vibes which will enter your life. This indicates that you might acquire considerable and substantial wealth and become rich and prosperous.

Falling into the river

Dreaming about tumbling into the river and getting transported away by its currents must be considered a significant sign. This could indicate that you will become the recipient of some news or reports which might prove to be vital and essential for you.

Roaring mountain river

Dreaming about being in the middle of a roaring or snarling mountain river with rapid currents and white waters portends events or circumstances which will have distinctive influence on you and would in turn radically alter the direction your life would take.

Walking into the river

A dream in which you see yourself ambling into a river is symbolic of new embarkations. It could signify that your life is about to take an unusual turn due to some hard-to-predict circumstances or situations.

Bathing someone in the river

A dream in which you can perceive or observe yourself giving a bath to or washing someone in the river water is a sign that you are about to undertake the responsibilities of becoming a counselor or an administrator for a particular person or a troop of people.

Washing something in the river

A dream in which you perceive yourself rinsing or cleansing something in a river for example your garments, could be interpreted as a positive sign. It is an indication that you would be able to take complete charge of your life and organize it as you wish. It is also a sign of you becoming more methodical and orderly which will in turn let you accomplish plans you set for yourself.

River water overflowing its banks

A dream in which you see a deluge in the river because of a flood is a sort of a forewarning. It is symbolic of indeterminate circumstances and troubling times due to deficiency of power and guidance within your country or society. It can be taken as an indication of daunting times ahead of you.

Warmth of river water

A dream in which you see yourself positioned in the river and feeling its balmy and soothing caress of the waves is a sign of positivity in your life. It signifies that you will experience delightful treatment and compassion from people in your proximity or your surroundings.

Exposed river bottom

Dreaming about a desiccated and barren river bottom, especially with grooves and fissures in it is a forewarning. It's an indication that you are at the concluding stage of your life and soon to pass away and depart from it.

River with mirror-like surface

Dreaming about a river with crystal clear water which is like a mirror image especially if you can see the underwater flora and topography is symbolic of positivity entering your life. It signifies that you might have a rapturous love affair, a blissful marriage, prosperity and affluence. Your living conditions would be idyllic and you will have biddable and obedient children who will be happy as well.

Drowning in the river

A dream in which you see yourself engulfed by a river is symbolic of positivity in your life. It signifies that you have been or may be exposed to certain proceedings or situations which will yield positive and encouraging results. This in turn would make you feel rejuvenated and animated and bring about a blissful alteration in your life.

Dipping in the river with clothes on

Dreaming about plunging in a river fully clothed has positive connotations. It is a sign of prosperity and good luck. It signifies that your domestic life is about to flourish and you might receive income from unanticipated sources. This in turn would make you much more affluent then you ever were.

Surviving drowning in the river

Dreaming about being a survivor from being drowned in a river and discovering yourself to be back on land is a sign of prosperity. It signifies that you are about to strike it rich and would be able to accumulate great deal of wealth, riches and opulence. It could also indicate that you might become rich in a very short period of time.

Struggling with wild river current

Dreaming about thrashing against a wild river current and being incapable of freeing yourself is an ominous sign. It portends that you might become entangled in impending court proceedings or prolonged litigation.

Washing in river water

Dreaming about sluicing river water over your entire body or rinsing your body parts in the river is an ominous sign. It portends that there are severe losses in store for you, either in the form of serious financial losses or a possibility of undergoing an emotional turmoil.

Coming out of the river

A dream in which you see yourself emerging out of river water is an optimistic sign. It signifies that you would become a recipient of worthy and exhilarating news which may favorably change the course of your life.

Trying to catch something in the river

A dream in which you see yourself trying to ensnare or trap something in the river perhaps a fish or other creature portends negativity entering your life. It indicates that there will be gloomy and distressing events or circumstances taking place in your life. These dismal conditions might hover around for some time and you might have to deal with them accordingly.

Getting clay or sand out of the river

Dreaming about obtaining clay or gravel from the bottom of the river is symbolic of new changes. These modifications might be related to the construction of a new house for yourself. It could also signify that you might move into another house or might end up purchasing a new property for yourself to inhabit.

Diving into the river

A dream in which you see yourself plunging or submerging into the river is symbolic of the positive vibes in your life. It signifies that you would be triumphant in avoiding or averting certain episodes or a certain state of affairs, which could otherwise have had a negative impact on your life.

Washing in cold and wild river

A dream in which you see yourself bathing in freezing and rapid water in the river is a forewarning. It portends that you are about to come down with an awful cold. However it might be a fleeting illness and would have little or no negative influence or impact on your life.

Encountering obstructions in the river

A dream in which you see impediments or obstructions while swimming or boating in a river portends the negativity about to enter your life. It indicates that you are about to experience a great deal of complexities and obscurities while executing certain plans and projects which you want to reach culmination.

Litter floating on the river

Dreaming about loads of litter suspended on the surface of a river has ominous connotations. It portends certain financial problems which might lead to dearth of finances and scarcity of capital. You might have to go through a great deal of exertion and struggle to rectify this problem. It might unsettle you for quite some time and would only prove to cause you vexation.

Raging river

Dreaming about a ferocious and rampant river portends extended periods of misapprehensions and fracas between you and people who are in a close relationship with you.

Fish swimming in the river

Dreaming about gazing downwards or scrutinizing the fish swimming in the river water currents is symbolic of the sexual discontentment or frustration which you may have been experiencing for quite some time. It also signifies that you are not happy with your current lover or significant other.

Catching fish in the river

A dream in which you see yourself catching or entrapping fish in the river is a sign of positive elements about to enter your life. It signifies that you are about to encounter or get acquainted with a person who is an idyllic match for you. In fact this person could very well be your soul mate too.

Swimming against the river current

A dream in which you see yourself attempting to swim against the river current is symbolic of the defiance or confrontations which you face when attempting to endorse your point of view. However these resistances will be fleeting and your ideas will eventually be acknowledged by all.

Rafting on the river

A dream in which you see yourself spending time rafting down a river symbolizes the fact there are certain toils and struggles in store for you. Your ideas and points of view would be met with defiance and you would have to make a great deal of effort to let others know that your inspirations are just as accurate and worthy like anybody else's.

River mouth

Dreaming about swimming or boating in the river's mouth or far down from where it begins can be interpreted as a positive sign. It signifies that you are about to encounter or get acquainted with the love of your life who might even become your soul mate.

River meander

Dreaming about a bird's eye view of a meandering or curving river is an indication of an inner battle raging within your soul. Its significant of the struggle within you, whether to give in to your passions and obsession or the need to uphold and sustain yourself to pursue this intense yearning.

River waves

A dream in which you can see the river surge or ripples on the surface is an indication that you might experience recurrent and frequent mood swings. It would be because of this perplexing state of mind that your outlook and stance towards things or life in general would go through a drastic change.

River large in size

Dreaming about a gigantic or vast river is a sign of favorable times upon you. Your life is going to be filled with unbridled joys and exhilaration. It might also be indicative of the fact that you would become the recepient of positive scrutiny or regard for yourself from people around you.

Shallow river

Dreaming about yourself wading across a shallow river has negative connotations. It portends that you are about to encounter or be subjected to feeble or ill health. Its an indication of certain trials and tribulations in your life or alternatively it could also signify problems in your sexual health.

Slow flowing river

A dream in which you see yourself taking a swim or a dip in a slow or dawdling river is an indication of the sexual problems between you and your partner. It could signify that your significant other is very lethargic, slothful and aloof in bed. Intimate life with this person only tends to bring you much anguish and increases your yearning to look for an alternative.

Dropping and losing something in the river

A dream in which you see yourself dropping an item and losing it in the river has positive connotations. It is symbolic of the fact that you have invested prudently and sensibly or acquired something of immense worth. This would serve to bring profit to your assets, savings and acquisitions.

River in the middle of a desert

Dreaming about a river in the heart of a desert or infertile land is symbolic of negative vibes in your life. It portends that you would live a solitary and lonesome life which would be filled with confinements and restrictions. These qualms and uncertainties would be difficult to deal with and would cause you much distress.

Unable to cross a river

Failing to cross a river.

Dreaming about being unable to get across a river could symbolize undue resistance. You could presently be in a situation when you refuse to accept some of your everyday problems. Instead of admitting there is an issue, you might tend to ignore or deny its existence. This psychological defense mechanism sometimes is ineffective. It causes mental and physical strain and may endanger your emotional well-being. Ultimately, it also does not help solve your problem. You could perhaps benefit from changing your approach to solving these dilemmas, for example, by looking at them from a different perspective or dealing with them in a different way. Such strategy could minimize their magnitude and your distress. Nevertheless, you should be prepared. Resolving or rectifying these situations may take a long time and require a lot of dedication and effort, regardless of what the strategy is.

Piranhas while trying to cross a river

Trying to cross a river, but too many flesh eating fish, feeding them first to bring them all to surface and then using oil to burn them all.

Dreaming about trying to cross a river could portend that there is ominous news in store for you. This upcoming message might leave you feeling disgruntled and disappointed. However, being successful in killing the flesh-eating fish in the same dream could serve as a promising sign that you would be able to guard yourself from positive negative consequences or manage what's coming in a timely manner to prevent the worse from happening.

Throwing something into a river

Hi, I dreamed that I'm at this big river flowing strongly and that I tried to throw something in the river, but was to have someone help me to throw it in and rush off in a hurry back home. Before I left the river I saw it flowing downstream, it looked like a body covered in white, but I was happy at times in my dream. Can you please tell me what this means? Thank you.

A river with strong currents could either represent a period of emotional upheaval or single-minded focus on a particular subject. In your case, the fact that the river flows down stream may allude to your determination to overcome a difficulty in your life once and for all. Whatever you threw into the water symbolizes your firm resolve to let what troubles your mind drown in oblivion. Any worries or burdens you may have been carrying lately would soon slip away to the corners of your mind. However, suppressing problems now rather than facing them may allow them to pop up at an inopportune moment in the future.

Being carried through river waters

I'm a female, I was being carried through water for miles and miles by a man, the water was muddy at times but mostly just regular river water, the water was deep.

Dreaming that you or someone else is wading through the river alludes to negative vibes. You may have to deal with several obstacles to existing projects and ventures. In addition, being carried by someone through the waters of a river may symbolize your saving grace. Someone generous and dependable may help you overcome the upcoming challenges. Muddy or murky river also refers to negativity. You may have a tendency to be pessimistic, hence you have to rely on a more level-headed and optimistic personality to balance out your disposition.

Going into a river on a bike with father

Traveling into a river by bike with my dad. Female.

Dreaming of going into a river usually means that your life could be on the verge of a turning point, that some type of surprising circumstances or situations could be coming your way. Since you entered the river with your dad and on a bike, it could mean that if you are to face any hardships or obstacles brought about during this period, you can always rely on help and support coming from your loved ones, especially your parents.

A roadway blocked by a river

I was making some beautiful crafts, selling them to a lady. She was wealthy and wanted me to make her several more. I was ready to stop making them, as they took a lot of time. I was driving toward her house, a long road off by itself. I saw her beautiful house, with many cars in the circle driveway, also a big gas truck. As I went by, there was a truck blocking me, with a man and 2 dogs going to her house. I turned the car around, and both ways the river had overflowed blocking both ways out.

Dreaming about making beautiful handmade crafts usually depicts a desire to create or pursue a passion project. Art can also represent resourcefulness, which is why this dream symbol often appears in visions when the dreamer is experiencing a creative or mental block. This ties in with driving and the wealthy woman's beautiful house because it shows you are personally involved with this new venture rather than just being an observer or patron. However, the river that overflows and blocks your retreat is a two-fold symbol. On one hand, it represents a lack of guidance and a need, perhaps, to find a mentor to guide you on your creative endeavor. On the other hand, however, the water also prevents you from running away from your problems or avoiding your goal. In essence, this vision is the manifestation of your need for a creative outlet and a message from your subconscious that now is the time to let your creative juices flow.

People standing in the river

Standing on a boat deck or dock looking at people (black for some reason) standing in a river of blood! They were cutting something up causing the water to turn red.

The river of blood represents people's enormous desire to succeed. They are so focused and driven that they are willing to do anything to achieve their goal. Meanwhile, the people you were observing doing some sort of ritual represents marginalized individuals or underprivileged members of your community who have to fight harder and work smarter to gain stable footing in your community. Being a bystander in this dream represents your own ambivalence about this situation, or perhaps you are also struggling to find your place in society and what success means to you.

Fast flowing river

Dreaming of a fast-flowing river symbolizes the fast pace and a feeling of constant change in your life. The river indicates the flow of life and the passage of time, and the fast-flowing water is a sign that you are moving quickly and unexpectedly. The act of crossing the river represents that you need to navigate your life while going through difficult or uncertain times. In essence, the dream is a reminder to stay strong and be adaptable in the face of change, to seek answers and understanding in uncertain times, and to trust in the natural flow of life.