Dreams Related To Rival

Rival dressed unusually

A rival dressed in a strange way.

This dream vision suggests that you can expect he or she might come up with new, more clever ways to win at something you both compete for.

Walking behind a rival

Walking with my rival slightly in front. She is wearing a pinkish floral blouse holding purple flowers.

Walking behind your rival does not necessarily mean you are lagging behind them in reality, although it does suggest you see yourself as possibly one step behind. Perhaps they always seem to get what they want on the first try, or they often seem to know everything before you. The floral blouse she was wearing and the purple flowers she was holding are opposing symbols that can be interpreted as a sign of two possible future outcomes for your relationship. On one hand, the purple flowers could mean a reconciliation of sorts, as rivals tend to have a lot in common with us to begin with. Alternatively, the floral blouse may predict a major conflict that drives you even further apart and may even alienate some of the friends or acquaintances in your overlapping spheres of influence.