Dreams Related To Rickshaw

Licked by a dog while in a rickshaw

I dreamed that when I was sitting in a rickshaw, suddenly a black huge dog came and started to lick me. I was trying to avoid it, but it kept licking me and I felt he wanted to lick my upper body by undressing me.

Being pulled in a rickshaw can be interpreted positively, as it often refers to gaining the admiration and respect of those around you. In some cases, this can refer to prestige earned in a particular field, such as what you are currently studying or your career, however, it can also mean you would become famous or popular in the wider community. In either case, the black dog is an ominous symbol which represents losing your respect for someone you were once close to, like a long-time friend or companion. You may learn that someone you thought cared for you is actually using you. Perhaps this would become more apparent with your rise in prestige, as this person may try to take advantage of your popularity for their own gains.