Dreams Related To Religion

Following a religion

Adopting or becoming a follower of some religion experienced in a dream, even when you have no particular religious affiliation in real life, indicates that you could be attempting to go through an out-of-body experience. You would want to see your present situation from another person's point of view or from a different vantage point, so you could discern and resolve some problems or issues that are currently nagging you.

Deep religious beliefs

Showing deep religious beliefs or even assuming the role of an over-zealous preacher in your dream, could mean quite the opposite in your conscious state. It could symbolize your great disenchantment with your current religious affiliation or even your current aspirations and goals in life. Consequently, you might be seriously considering jumping ships in terms of religion, ideology and way of life as a whole.

Discussing religion with someone

Dreaming about being in the thick of conversation about religion with another person is a symbol of your doubts and questions about your own faith. You may have come to some kind of spiritual awakening or realization, and want to choose and follow the right path for you.

Discussing religion with someone in a dream could also indicate that your spouse or significant other might be put off by the discovery that you are leading a life of or at least trying to take the path to chastity, innocence and righteousness as a result of your fanatical devotion to a certain religion. This could also mean losing your best friends because you no longer want to associate with people you think might damage the clean image you want to project or tarnish your self-imposed reputation.

Religion for believers

If you dream about being overly fanatical and devoted to your religion, to the point of diligently studying its teachings, dogmas, doctrines and practices to the letter even when you do not really know much about these things in real life, it is a sign that you might have some doubts and questions about your beliefs. However, this might prove to be just a phase or merely a dream, because as soon as you wake up, you would be as devoted to the same religion as ever.

Turning away from religion

If you dream that you are in the process of turning your back on your religion, the one you are affiliated with in real life, it indicates that you are on the brink of embracing a different set of spiritual values or outlook on life in general, which in your state of wakefulness could prompt you to explore other lifestyles you might consider or find just as interesting and engaging.