Dreams Related To Rejection

Being rejected by a pretty girl

Hello, l am a guy, last night I dreamt that I had multiple times eye contact with a very pretty girl, I've never seen her in real life. Then, at last, I proposed to her asking to be my girlfriend and she refused it. Eventually, there was this other stranger guy who proposed her just after me and she accepted him. He was better-looking than me, taller than me, had a better personality than me and was well groomed. I never did anything like this in real and I'm sure this means something. Please help. Thank you.

This vision is a highly ominous sign for someone close to you, most likely a family member or very close friend. Starting at the end, having a proposal rejected means that someone you know and care about has been ignoring an increasingly painful and dangerous health problem which may soon become undeniable. Your relation to this person could socially require you to provide some assistance and help in the form of care, emotional support or even money. While you obviously are willing to help this person, it may be a drain on your finances.