Dreams Related To Recliner

An empty recliner

An empty or unoccupied reclining chair is often seen as a negative symbol in the dream world. It is indicative of losses in reality, particularly those with a heavy emotional burden. For example, you may soon be separated from a good friend or a loved one may pass away. Even though other members of your family or friends would be present and physically near you in reality, you would feel lost and lonely without this special individual by your side.

Someone in a recliner

Seeing someone else in a recliner during a dream vision may point to an upcoming visitor or guest stopping by your residence. Most likely, this individual would not be invited, so you would feel torn between rudely rushing them on their way or wasting your own time catering to their needs. This situation would cause extra stress and anxiety in your daily life.

Sitting in a recliner

Sitting in a recliner is a fairly negative symbol in the realm of dreams. Just as sitting in such a chair in reality conjures up images of down time and resting, so does this symbol predict spending a lot of time off your feet. However, the cause of this situation would not be something good, rather it would be due to some sickness or injury that would require many months of recovery or rehabilitation.

A very soft recliner

Dreaming about an especially soft, plush recliner, particularly if it seems to envelope you in its warmth and comfort, predicts being able to rely on the protection, support or resources of someone more powerful than yourself. This capable, influential individual would use every amenity at their fingertips to have your back. If you are currently in need of assistance or help, do not hesitate to call on those who could aid you.

A fancy recliner

A recliner that appears to be fancy or expensive may represent being able to afford the best life has to offer. You may soon find yourself in a financial position to afford the comforts of life. Alternatively, instead of spending that money, you may decide to invest and save it, leading to peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing you are secure. If you are currently struggling to make ends meet, this symbol suggests you would find relief soon.

A recliner with torn or dirty upholstery

A recliner that seems to be falling apart due to rips, tears and dirty material may be a reflection of change and upheaval in reality. Similar to how construction and renovation projects would cause dust to settle throughout the space, so does this symbol indicate an upcoming period of modifications. You may soon move house, get a new job, relocate cities, enter or leave a relationship or learn something extremely surprising.

Rocking in a recliner

Rocking in a recliner may reveal the status of your health over the coming months. The forward motions represent upswings and periods of good health, while the backwards motions suggest there would be times when you feel sluggish, ill or hurt. In that sense, your health would fluctuate between these two extremes for some time to come.

Buying a new recliner

Buying a new reclining sofa in a dream vision, especially in the case that you were replacing one that had broken or was worn out, may reflect the need to update, replace or otherwise improve some aspects of your home. In a sense, the recliner is a stand in for whatever parts of your house are currently outdated, broken or unusable. For example, it could represent leaky pipes, a busted lamp, peeling wallpaper, burnt out light bulbs or inefficient appliances. Alternatively, instead of referring to your physical environment, this same symbol could reveal a need for introspection and internal renovation. In this case, you may need to reflect on aspects of your personality or habits and consider making improvements to future behavior.

A recliner in general

The image of a recliner as a general piece of furniture could represent peace and prosperity in reality. You may find yourself in a relatively uncomplicated and satisfying situation, not burdened with worries or excessive responsibilities. Additionally, this symbol can represent worry for older members of your family or friends, particularly grandparents. You may have been thinking about or recently interacted with them, leading to this dream symbol.

Lifting your legs while in a recliner

Lifting up your legs as your sit in a recliner, such as when someone is vacuuming, may reveal guilt or remorse prickling at the edges of your consciousness. Even though you try to justify your actions to yourself or ignore the uncomfortable sensations of these emotions, your subconscious cannot entirely let things go. You may need to address your feelings directly either by making an apology or providing compensation to whomever you have wronged.

Your loved one in a recliner

Seeing someone you love and care about reclining in a chair may be the manifestation of those warm fuzzy feelings you hold for them. Just as you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence, so does this vision project them in a happy and relaxing situation. This is especially true if you are far from them at this moment, as this vision is connected to the happiness and excitement you would feel when reunited once more in reality.