Dreams Related To Ram

A ram in general

Having a dream about a ram symbolizes personification of your current sexual partner. Your partner may be very down-to-earth, sensible and sober. However, he or she could be impulsive, driven by needs for self-satisfaction and sexual pleasure. For this person, your existence is merely a means for satisfaction of his or her immediate desires while the other aspects of your character and personality are of no relevance.

A ram trying to attack

Dreaming about seeing a ram heading towards you and trying to attack you signals a warning to you about possible risk of threats likely to be initiated by your adversaries, people hostile to you or by your potential rivals.

Slaughtering a ram

Dreaming about slaughtering a ram forecasts a big boost to the growth in your professional career. Besides, you could also receive unanticipated monetary support or inducement for the endeavor in which you are striving for success. Another interpretation to this dream could be that you will surpass your adversaries, gaining the possession of part or all of their assets.

Meat of a ram

Dreaming about yourself handling or cooking meat of a ram proclaims the emergence of a favorable period ahead. During this period you are likely see yourself receiving considerable profits, inherit a large fortune or a property of any kind.

A butting ram

Having a dream about observing a ram or rams butting signifies your unfounded apprehensions about something present in your life. You tend to avoid these concerns, rather than grappling with them or trying to find out about their roots and causes to eliminate them. It could also indicate the presence of an ignorant friend or acquaintance existing in your life.

Shearing a ram

Dreaming about shearing a ram indicates prospects of having a steady and stable source of continuous profit. It also denotes the soundness of your current financial health owing to your ongoing practice of making provisions for you and your family. Furthermore, if you saw the wool being sheared off to be your own, it indicates that you have a potential to become a leader capable of shouldering immense responsibilities and manage your business activities while having a lot of subordinates.

Trying to catch a ram

Dreaming about being successful while trying to hold on to or catch a ram indicates an ensuing legal trouble. You may be drawn into an unavoidable court litigation leading to prolonged court proceedings. You may be defending yourself against charges based upon your past actions and behavior. This dream could also signify that you will achieve your goals and overcome challenges but by means not justifiable to society or unacceptable by others.

A ram for a single man

In the case of a single and bachelor male, seeing a ram in a dream could be a prediction about his bachelorhood ending shortly, with the possibilities of him finally tying the knot. It also indicates that in all probabilities, this is likely to be a content and happy marriage full of joy.

As further suggested by this dream, seeing a black ram contains a warning that you must carefully weigh the prospects of marrying the woman whom you are currently considering for the marriage. This is because the prospective marriage partner under consideration may not be the appropriate person to commit the rest of your life to. This is a warning as symbolized by a black colored ram in the dream.

Petting a ram

Dreaming about petting a ram indicates the possibilities of dealing with a well-placed but an arrogant and high-headed person. He may be enjoying a higher social status than what you currently have. The interaction and communication with such a person might provide you with some entertainment, but would not bring any personal benefit to you.

A ram gaining on you

Dreaming about a ram chasing and gaining on you while you try to escape represents a bleak sign. You may face a bad time encountering some unfortunate events or circumstances which may go on to become permanent. A feeling of fear, if experienced during this dream, would further suggest getting involved with people who have aversion towards you, resulting in an ugly and nasty encounter when you might feel threatened.

A grazing ram

Dreaming about a peacefully grazing ram which was easily approachable without causing you any fear, predicts getting to know some people. Being influential and highly-placed in the society, they would be capable of helping you in achieving success in life and climbing higher up the social hierarchy, as you might have visualized for yourself since long.

Buying a ram

Dreaming about selecting and buying a ram signals ringing of wedding bells, suggesting possibilities of a matrimonial alliance soon getting materialized for you. This relationship with a person of your choice as a spouse, will result in a very happy, mutually-beneficial and flourishing union.

An unhealthy-looking ram

If you are single, a dream in which you see a ram looking unhealthy or sick predicts that your wealth will increase and you would be able to find a very compatible and compassionate partner as your spouse in the future. If you are already married, this dream predicts that those who are envious of or averse to you could go a long way to overthrow you or undermine and damage your relationships with others. Guarding against these individuals while socializing could prevent these problems from materializing.

Eating ram's head

Dreaming about consuming a ram's head denotes a possibility of being remunerated with some financial profits or incentives or other kinds of rewards. These may come from sources which may be known to you or from strangers.

Bringing a ram home

Having a dream about bringing home a dead or alive ram indicates the emergence of a favorable period. This upcoming period will shortly shower blessings upon you and other members of your household, in the form of unanticipated happiness and joy.

Riding on a ram

Having a dream in which you find yourself riding a ram on its back reflects your current or potential capability to resolve a complex and problematic affair, owing to your tenacity, perseverance and resolve. If the ram seen in the dream was calm and relaxed, It could also indicate that you will conquer your rivals and come out of a complex situation triumphantly.

A ram with long and thick wool

Having a dream about seeing a ram having thick and very long wool predicts a happy life ahead for you. Year after year, your life would be full of pleasures and satisfaction. It will be free of any worries or anxieties for a long period of time.

Herding a ram

Dreaming about herding a ram or a group of several rams indicates your capability to ascend to greater heights within a short period of time in your professional career or achieve remarkable success in your work.

Receiving a ram as a gift

Dreaming about receiving a ram, whether dead or alive, as a gift suggests that you could soon come across an opportunity allowing you to get to know someone powerful and influential who will facilitate ways of getting a promotion or taking your success to greater heights.