Dreams Related To Raid

Losing boyfriend in a raid

My boyfriend and I were at a fancy hotel on a date. We had a good time and started making love sort of in public, a lady kept staring at me so I went to hug her like I knew her, but I didn't. She said my boyfriend was her boyfriend too when I introduced them. I got mad and left. Policemen raided the hotel as I left to arrest everyone in it. I panicked and tried to help my boyfriend but couldn't reach him and my phone got broken by someone standing close by. I woke up wondering if he was okay.

The fancy hotel you were at with your boyfriend predicts an upcoming period filled with prosperity and opportunity. You would have many options available to you, as sex in public and public displays of affection often represent the dreamer's willingness or readiness to try new things. The policemen who enter later in the vision, however, suggest you may have some lingering doubts. The broken phone may allude to communication issues. You might feel better about setting off on a new course if you clearly state your expectations or thoroughly research the path you are considering. Being able to ask questions and get answers should alleviate any worries you have and bring you a lot of peace when the time comes to make your way forward.