Dreams Related To Racoon

Seeing a racoon

I dreamed of seeing an old ironing board, I think it was being folded up and put away. Also, a racoon came to me in my dreams, not sure of anything else, except there was a racoon, don't think anything happened, he was just there.

The ironing board represents your yearning for excitement. You want less routine and more spontaneous moments at this point in your life. You could also be looking for a partner to share an adventure. Unfortunately, a dishonest and malicious person could take advantage of your desires. This untrustworthy person is represented by the presence of the raccoon which is a symbol of trickery and deviousness. Do not allow your emotions to cloud your judgment because this could easily be abused by an opportunistic individual.

An albino racoon

I dreamed about finding an albino female raccoon. She startled me at first but quickly became friendly and I loved her and took her home. She was young, about 6-7 months old.

Your dream of an albino raccoon alludes to shifting dynamics in the relationship with an unmarried female acquaintance in the waking world. An albino animal typically symbolizes unusual behavior marked by purity of intentions. This female figure could be showing generosity and goodwill towards you, which could exist in the form of monetary or other types of favors. These favors may trigger suspicions regarding her motive, especially since raccoons are known to be deceptive creatures. However, let your instincts and gut feeling guide you in your dealings with her. Try to find out the truth behind her motivations.

Trying to kill a racoon

In real life, I'm a 17 year old bi girl from the bay, I dreamed I was a 17 yr old blonde gay boy who lived in the shitty suburbs in the south. His grandma (or my grandma from his perspective) is telling me I need to kill her raccoon. She's yelling at me to kill it, but I don't want to. It jumps at me, hissing and scratching, it's terrifying but I can't bring myself to kill it. I hold it off long enough to look out the window and watch myself from the past coming home to find out my dad is dead.

Perceiving that you are someone different in a dream generally suggests that you are experiencing remorse. When you changed your gender in the vision, it implies you have made a choice you are unhappy about. You would like to go back in the past to have another chance to make a decision again. The other predominant symbol in your dream is the raccoon. It means you have someone in your life who does not share a piece of essential information with you. The vision of your grandmother wanting you to kill the raccoon refers to a dilemma you are struggling with recently. All these symbols combined indicate your difficulties in overcoming challenges related to your identity and your constant thinking about how to improve this situation.