Dreams Related To Quarrel

Family quarrel

Experiencing a dream about family quarrels or health issues one of your family members is facing signifies possible disappointments and inability to accomplish things you currently have plans for.

Deceased mother quarreling with father

I saw my late mum quarreling with my dad.

Although you did not specify whether your dad is presently alive or deceased, this dream vision could be indicative of some existing issues related to inheritance, property, items of sentimental value or money left after your mother's passing away. That is, it is possible that material and sentimental possessions have not been given or shared fairly among the family members. It could equally reflect your concerns or even fears that the path or direction in life you have chosen for yourself after her death is not what she actually wanted you to take. The argument with your father could also translate differences in opinions between your mother and your dad to which you have been exposed while she was alive. This would suggest that you might feel divided between accepting one of these conflicting pieces of parental advice or life paths bearing resemblance to those of your parents'. It is important to think for yourself what is it that you want for yourself and for your life, rather than feeling juggled or smashed in-between such disputes and contradictions. This could be an important decision-making moment, and having a clear mind about the direction you, as an independent human being, want to take, is very important. Finally, you could simply have been exposed to arguments that reminded you of those of your parents and this awoke traumatic memories that you may be trying to avoid in your daily life.

A quarrel with a friend

Experiencing a quarrel with a friend of yours in your dream means that while pursuing some questionable projects or plans, you will forget about the relationship with your old friends, which could be disadvantageous both to you and people around you.

Quarrelling with your brother

In the context of a dream vision, having an argument, petty disagreement or physical brawl with your brother reveals that your future actions and behavior may cause disappointment and regret later. Basically, this symbol means your current direction is likely to have unfortunate consequences for you, leading to frustration and even shame. You may need to rethink your course of action or abandon your efforts entirely to avoid the negative effects.

Quarrelling with godmother

This vision is a sign of impending confrontation among family members. The family will be torn apart by their varying opinions about a certain issue. You should be on the lookout not to say something that you might regret later on. Family squabbles can be a huge source of strife among those involved.

Younger family members quarreling

Dreaming about your younger family members quarreling or children romping is a warning that you have to consider your plans or projects more carefully before making a final decision. This dream can also be warning you that rushed or quick solutions to your problems might not be what you need, try to analyze and assess your issues carefully before making an important decision.