Dreams Related To Puppy

Puppies all around

I dreamed of seeing a lot of puppies, they were near or under a car. They were being saved from getting hurt.

Puppies are often considered a metaphor for young people, either children, teenagers or young adults, in wake life. Therefore, this vision is probably related to either your relationship with someone younger than you or a message about how you could find meaning in your day to day existence, particularly because cars generally refer to events and situations closely related to our own life paths. For example, perhaps you have experienced a calling to become a teacher or volunteer with youths in your area. It is also possible that there is one particular young person whom you could act as a mentor to. In either case, spending your time and energy improving the lives of those less experienced than yourself may prove to be extremely fulfilling for you, bringing you great satisfaction and happiness.

Puppies licking feet

Two friendly dogs were licking my feet. I wanted them to stop after awhile, but they were playful and would not stop. They were licking and wagging their tails. I believe they were puppies.

Being licked on the feet means you are in a position of power. Meanwhile, dogs oftentimes symbolize family members and close friends. So, in the context of your dream, there is a likelihood that your loved ones or friends would seek your advice regarding a problem or an important decision they are currently or soon would be facing. These personalities are fiercely loyal to you and value your opinions. Your subconscious may be reminding you to be responsible with whatever advice you give because of these people who depend on you.

A puppy turning into a kitten

I'm a female. In my dream my husband gave me a black puppy and later in the dream it turned into a kitten. The kitten was still basically black with very faint tiger striping.

The image of a black dog is a fairly ominous sign to perceive in a dream vision, as it is associated with being disappointed in or hurt by someone you love. Furthermore, envisioning that dog turning into a cat suggests that whoever hurt you could become a combatant in an even bigger issue. The idea that these were both a puppy and a kitten, however, could mean one of two things. Either the problems created by this situation would be very minor, or you would not be really surprised by this sudden revelation, perhaps because you have suspected this individual to be harboring negative feelings against you for some time.

A white owl and white puppy

I saw a white owl in my dream sitting on my head and then I suddenly saw a white puppy with many bites on it, but not sure if it was attacked by the owl.

A white owl in the dream world usually represents a well-respected or wise individual. The white puppy, on the other hand, could be a metaphor for friendship. Thus, the notion that the owl could have attacked the puppy probably means that you would encounter some social injustice in the waking world. Perhaps influential and powerful personalities would use their authority to smear your and your friend's credibility. Alternatively, the puppy could symbolize your naive and carefree nature. In that case, the white owl's aggression towards the puppy represents growing maturity and personal development you may have been experiencing lately.

Giving bread to puppies

I was giving chapati (flat bread) to two puppies.

Feeding puppies in the dream world often means people consider you to be very reliable, self-sufficient and goal-focused in waking life. Your friends, family and peers probably have much respect and admiration for you because of these personal character traits. You are also likely a good role model for those younger than yourself as feeding puppies in a dream is usually symbolic of outstanding mentorship abilities.

What does it mean to dream of puppies

Playing with a puppy

Dreams in which you play with a puppy foreshadow the procuration of a gift, whether on your own accord or from a friend or relative. Although not necessarily a pet or anything living for that matter, the puppy heralds that your gift will be a tender, meaningful one. Another interpretation of this dream may be your subconscious desire to have a baby. Playing with a puppy involves care, attention and patience, all the virtues required to raise a child.

A puppy in general

Puppies in general represent the procuration of an emotional or materialistic gift. Dreaming of such a scenario has multiple meanings. For some, it may represent crossing paths with a new or old friend. For recently married couples, the puppy may adopt a cherubic connotation. Your dream may be a subconscious desire to conceive or adopt a child with your partner. For older people, similarly, this dream may herald the arrival of their first grandchild, or at the very least the desire for their loved ones to have one.

Many puppies

A plethora of puppies oftentimes may represent the possibility that you will interact with individuals younger than yourself. This dream may be the result of a didactic lifestyle that you live. If you are the role model to at least one younger person, the puppies in your dream may be the manifestation of your care for that person. A dream full of puppies may also represent the many facets of a young person's personality, most likely these belong to those you are mentoring.

Picking a puppy to adopt

Selecting a puppy in a dream, contrary to orthodox perception, is negatively connotated. The act of picking one dog over others in a dream is symbolic of separation, condescension and manipulation. This dream may be your subconscious alerting you that someone in your life is attempting to stifle your morale by preferring other people over you maliciously. Moreover, this dream may foreshadow that you are a viable target for persecution, and that you should inhabit a state of hyperawareness.

A puppy wanting attention

A puppy that craves attention or care is usually symbolic of a current or past love. This may be because administering love and care may cause you also to reminisce about doing the same currently or in the past with your partner. Moreover, this dream may also foreshadow future, younger partners you may cross paths with. Puppies are often correlated with youthful love when present in dreams.

Puppies with their mother

Puppies alongside their mother often signify a sexual attraction to a woman who is clingy and may oftentimes greatly resemble your mother. This dream may be you subconsciously acknowledging that this woman may be the providing member of your partnership, or at the very least that you rely on her greatly. For women, this same dream represents the possibility of meeting a young suitor or lover that piques your interest. It may foreshadow that the suitor or lover will need a great deal of attention.

Finding a puppy

Coming across a displaced puppy in your dream is a clear manifestation of your worry and care for someone in your waking life you know is in need of help and support. According to the specific nuances of your dream, your vision can have further meanings to it. If you assist the puppy in your dream, the dream is more focused on your worry for your friend’s state of living. If you ignore the puppy, your subconscious is most likely expressing the guilt you feel for not assisting or reaching out to the friend in need. You may have or are afraid to abandon someone in their time of need. Finding a puppy in reality also serves as a chance to care and love a living creature. Your dream in this case may also be a call to improve the religious aspects of your life and reinvigorate your faith.

A puppy barking at you

Barking in a dream almost always has a negative connotation attributed to it. When present in a dream, the barking puppy may be your subconscious analyzing current or predicting future small quarrels, minor conflicts or misunderstandings. Although this dream may foreshadow potential conflict, do not fret as these disruptions will not pose any significant threats or problems to you.

Getting a puppy for a pet

Puppies, in reality, represent a drastic life change. Individuals are forced to not only provide for themselves, but for another living creature. This said, buying a puppy in a dream may represent the procuration of new, demanding tasks or issues. These issues may run the gamut from complications with your job to strifes in your relationship. Regardless, your subconscious may be warning you that these issues are detracting from the ability to allocate your time and effort to critical objectives.

Yourself as a puppy

Envisioning yourself as a puppy in a dream is a sign that you may subconsciously be feeling fatigued, whether emotionally, psychologically or physically. Puppies represent vulnerability, and accordingly, in your dream, may represent a need to ponder over your life's hierarchy of needs. You may need to reevaluate the importance of your life's facets and reorder the way in which you prioritize them. This dream may be suggesting that you let go of all and any negativity stunting your ability to remain happy in your life.

A sleeping puppy

A sleeping puppy is at the discretion of the individual that comes across it. This in mind, your dream may symbolize your didactic personality. You enjoy teaching and mentoring those subservient and younger than you. This relationship with other people makes you feel wise and powerful. This dream may be the manifestation of your reputable persona. People, both in casual and professional capacities, are attracted to your character.

Puppies getting out of the cageand biting

I had a dream where I was in a room. There were two black dogs in a cage in the room. I'm scared of dogs physically, so my first reaction in the dream was fear. I was scared of them coming out. They barked like I was a stranger and then one made it out of the cage and the other followed. They came up to me and I discovered they were puppies. I could feel familiar people around and heard myself calling out to them to call their dogs to order, but no one answered. I then reached out to pick one and it bit my fingers and trapped them in its mouth. Then someone came and took the dog from my hand.

This is rather a surprising dream in the sense that it starts fairly positive but quickly becomes bad. The big dogs you see in the cage represent your ability to overcome the challenges and obstacles life places in your path. When the dogs get out, it shows the success coming toward you and entering your life, making you feel happy and confident in your abilities. However, this is juxtaposed by the sound of barking, which predicts receiving bad news. Within the context of this dream, it may seem like you have successfully moved forward, but someone is telling you that you have not won or that your quest remains incomplete. This situation is likely to leave you feeling confused and irritated, which is symbolized by the dog bite you had to endure.

A puppy in the floor hole

A hole in a wooden floor. In the hole a puppy happily in a harness swinging.

The floor in this dream represents your foundation for and source of emotional support, usually associated with your family or close friends. A wooden floor suggests that you may be suppressing your emotions while dealing with a new or existing situation in your life, whether a professional development or a blossoming relationship as depicted by the puppy hanging inside the floor opening. The hole means that while you may feel unsettled by this new circumstance, you will eventually be able to open yourself up to it.

Husky puppies needing attention

My husband and I were sitting talking, he was on one bed, I was on another. The room door was open. Suddenly, three husky wolf pups come in, none of the pups goes to my husband, they came straight to me... They were almost playful but they had to have all of my attention. They were all over me licking and pawing at me.

This dream has two symbols with almost exact meanings. Imagining yourself in one bed and your husband in another suggests you may be feeling some stress or strain in your relationship with him. Perhaps you have had a disagreement that has pushed you to the edge or there may be outside pressures, such as financial obligations, which have put a wedge between you. This sign is opposed to the image of the husky pups, which symbolize loyalty and devotion. While you may have differences of opinions or varying ways of tackling problems, your husband has your back as much as you have his.

Puppies multiplying

One thing becoming two. In my dream one fluffy tiny white puppy becomes two fluffy tiny white puppies.

Seeing double of an object in a dream vision or watching an object multiply is symbolic of thoughts and desires becoming reality. In this case, the white puppy predicts positive circumstances for your love life, meaning you are likely to meet a highly suitable partner or that your relationship with your current partner may be strengthened in some way. While you may have only hoped for such a situation until this point in your life, you can probably experience a major improvement in your romantic life.