Dreams Related To Puma

In the boat with a puma

I was on a small boat and I saw an island to the right and to the left. I saw this puma on a barge and he offered to help me. When we arrived, there was a forest but then this train and railroad showed up. I asked the puma to take me back, so he did after he drank from the solid wooden backside of the boat. He put me on the small boat and said goodbye. I then sailed away from him and the island.

Being on a small boat is normally related to problem solving or conflict resolution in the dream world. It means you are currently or soon to be on a journey of self-improvement or on a quest to right a wrong. The islands that lie on either side of you represent tranquility, but a peace that has yet to be attained because of some troubles currently affecting your life. The source of your troubles is seen in the image of the puma, as large, wild cats are closely associated with interpersonal relations and possible disagreements between you and others. It is possible that you have not let your best qualities shine through during an argument or that you revealed a bit more of your bad side than you initially intended. No matter the case, your adventure with the puma and his swallowing of the boat before sending you off could be interpreted as a sign that your troubles would take care of themselves with little effort or inconvenience on your part.