Dreams Related To Pug

Family members turning into dead pugs

We moved into a house, I go downstairs and see the floor covered in dead pugs, I go upstairs tell my mom, she followed me downstairs, she doesn't see the dead pugs but I do. The next day she dies and there is a new dead pug on the floor downstairs. I tell my dad, he says the same, he says he doesn't see them while I do. Next day he dies, and downstairs there is another dead pug. I tell my brother. He repeats the same, "I don"t see any pugs" while I do. Next day he dies and I am left all alone.

In dreams, a dead dog represents the end of a chapter or phase in the dreamer's life. In addition, since a dog is often referred to as man's best friend for their fierce loyalty, it can symbolize a close friend or family member. In this context, the dead pugs in your dream could allude to the loss of family members. This is why whenever a family member dies in your dream, another dead pug appears on the floor. Based on the dream scenario, the loss may be more figurative than literal. Since they could not see the dead pugs, it suggests a gap between you and your family. They likely do not understand your decisions, actions or beliefs and this may be causing a rift within your household. In the process, you would feel isolated, misunderstood and alone. You could decide to leave home and strike out on your own. So their death can be interpreted as your decision to sever your ties with them and treating them like they are dead to you because they cannot or would not support you in your choices.