Dreams Related To Pub

Fighting with strangers at a pub

In my dream I was in a locked pub as it got late, saw these blokes fighting and looking for one rich dude, they later confronted me thinking I was the one they were looking for. I told them boldly it wasn't me, and they left me... I got to out to go to the ATM to pay the bar owner as I didn't have enough, on my way back these two guys were trying to attack me. I was going to fight them with the beer bottle in my hand when I awoke from the dream?

Being in a pub means your rivals are plotting against you. Be careful because though you may feel safe and secure with your career and your relationships, your enemies are going to take advantage of your weak spots to foil your plans. In addition, not having enough money or cash to pay for your bill suggests complacency. It is in the moments when you have your guards down when they would seek to tarnish your reputation by spreading malicious and inaccurate rumors about you. Finally, the beer bottle in your hand represents your social connections, including friends and family, who have your back. Just in case your enemies attack, you know you have your loved ones willing to fight your battles with you.