Dreams Related To President

Talking with the president

In the context of a dream vision, having a conversation with the president is a fairly negative symbol. It usually portends being disappointed by someone or something after witnessing this imagery in the dream realm. If you had big expectations for some project or individual recently, it is possible you would be greatly let down by their lack of profitability or ability.

A friend being led by a former president

I saw my friend's hand being held and led by an ex president.

The appearance of a prominent figure or famous personality in a dream is oftentimes inspirational. In the context of your dream, your friend's hand being held and led by the ex-president alludes to your friend's possible dream of imbibing this leader's characteristics. Is your friend inclined to enter public service? Or there could be a desire to assume a leadership position. It can either be the characteristics of the ex-president or the position of power that is being coveted by your friend.

Accompanying the president

Accompanying the president during the course of a dream vision, for example, on an overseas trip or to a meeting, predicts major disappointment in someone close to you in the near future. A close friend or family member may soon act out in a way you consider extremely inappropriate or against your personal morals. In fact, you may even do something that seems opposed to your beliefs and goals, leading to feelings of regret and shame. In either case, you may need to consider forgiveness and learn to be more understanding in the future.

Your current president

Visions containing the image of your current president or government leader are often the manifestation of concerns about the politics, policies or political climate of recent times. You may be worried or preoccupied by the different laws and acts being passed by your representatives, leading to stress and anxiety. It may be wise to take a step away from the television, radio or social media and try to find something or someone else to occupy your time. Taking a break from the situation may help you in avoiding burning out on the topic altogether.

President smiling at you

Specifically envisioning the president smiling at you, whether it was a friendly grin or a heartfelt smile, could be an indication that someone near you is envious. A friend, co-worker or classmate could be extremely jealous of your accomplishments or relationship with others. While it would be difficult to determine who exactly harbors these feelings against you, you can mitigate the trouble that might occur by being a little more humble and sympathetic to the bad luck or inability of others.

Being with the president and mom in a room

I and the president of my country were upstairs and the people were downstairs. Our names were written on paper. It was crowded. Suddenly I saw my mum who was arrested by security agents and was sat down. The young soldier wanted to save her, but he could not do it because the agents attacked him with a bayonet and wounded him. Anyway, this was the last time I saw my mum.

Being with the president of your country and seeing his or her name written down alongside your own is the manifestation of feelings of inadequacy or a lack of confidence in your skills. Seeing your name next to an extremely successful person in wake life often brings up comparisons that may not be described as working in your favor or to your advantage. This is supported by seeing your mother restrained and the agents attacking a soldier who wanted to help her, which represents taking the blame for something that goes wrong, not necessarily because you caused it, but because you feel it would be your responsibility anyway.

Being told to kill people by the president

I am a male, I dreamt the president of my country met me and told me that there are soldiers and policemen already at the ministry of tourism and culture surrounding and that I should give them order by communicating with them to demolish and kill the bad people there. At the time I was met by the president I found myself holding on a cleaning bucket and mop and about to clean a shop, immediately after the president left I called the one in charge of the force at the surrounding of the ministry and gave the order as was instructed by the president. The assignment was not carried on until I finished cleaning the shop and move a little distance from there that is when I saw and heard an explosion as if it was a nuclear bomb that was released. As I was walking home I met few people on the road all in surprise trying to know what had happened and I told one of them that they deserved it. And I then woke up from my sleep. It was the same street where I was met by the president and the same street where the shop was that the explosion took place at the ministry, just that it was somehow far and the street was long.

The presence of your current head of state in your dream vision denotes a certain amount of concern or unease about the state of politics in your home country. Certain laws, policies or turns of phrase may be putting you on edge or stirring up unrest in your area. The task given to you by your president could reveal your desire to return things to a previous state of being, perhaps when things were calmer or more peaceful. This is likely because you are disappointed with how current officials, both local and national, are dealing with the situation. Giving orders to attack and kill the bad people in the area may also reflect your personal tendency to tackle things head on. While you may not have all the answers about how to handle certain circumstances, you certainly desire to get involved and affect change. The nuclear bomb that exploded is an allusion to your own concerns being at the boiling point. Your unconscious mind is urging you to get involved to give you a sense of control over your and your community's destiny. This is also seen in the image of the shop you were cleaning, a sign that may point to meeting other people with similar interests and concerns as you. Working together to help better the world is a surefire way to lift your spirits and bring you peace of mind.

Interviewing the president and stormy clouds

New home in Colorado Springs, aunt and uncle sleep upstairs, myself and others found out about a new project at 2:30pm. The project was to interview president Obama and his wife. They would show up at the house at 3pm. I'm scrambling around trying to get ready for them. They arrive at 3pm. We're all excited. Then we go out on the balcony that faces Pikes Peak, black and silver storm clouds spiraling around this mountain, myself and brother say clouds look evil, then we say we are ok since we have shelter. Female.

This dream has some positive connotations for your social life and career, but it also contains a small warning as well. Envisioning a special interview with the president and his wife suggests you would soon have a good opportunity to network within your field or community. The pleasant meeting in your dream foretells much good coming from your efforts, an indication that you could make some very important new additions to your contact list. However, the storm surrounding the mountain in the distance may represent the presence of individuals who wish to sabotage your new connections or steal them from you. You may have to juggle paying attention to your new acquaintances and avoiding those who want to get in your way.

Becoming a president

Becoming a president during the course of a dream can have two opposite interpretations in reality, depending on other symbols and the context of the dreamer's life. On one hand, becoming president could shed a light on unrecognized potential or a hidden ability in the dreamer's arsenal. Tapping into this talent could have amazing consequences or lead to a lucrative career path. However, this symbol has also been thought to reveal certain negative personality traits like an overinflated ego and selfishness. too much self importance could drive some people away. On some occasions, this symbol has also preceded a major accident or incident in reality.

Seeing the president

Seeing the president in a vision, whether you saw him on television or you were in the same room together, could predict trouble brewing on the horizon. Your future goals or ambitions may be riddled with challenges and pitfalls, making most tasks difficult if not impossible. You may want to focus your energy on self-improvement at this time rather than relying on outside events to line up in your favor.

A president you do not know

Meeting or talking to a president you do not recognize or noticing a stranger in the place of your commander in chief is a neutral symbol in the dream realm. It is often related to news and information. In particular, this symbol predicts you would soon learn or hear something that could be useful in accomplishing something else. However, this symbol does not shed any light on the possible repercussions of your actions.

Having lunch with the president

Having lunch with the president or his posse may be a subconscious message letting you know it is time to relax. You may be under too much pressure or have too much stress building up in reality. Ignoring your body's need to let go and chill out could have lasting implications of a negative nature, therefore, it would be wise to listen to your body and take a break or vacation before your body makes you do so.

Listening to president's speech

Listening to a speech being given by the president during the course of a dream vision may represent being deceived by someone in reality. Just as a political leader may try to gloss over some shortcomings by distracting you with other topics and information, so does this message from your subconscious reveal the deceit of a man or woman close to you in wake life. In many cases, this symbol refers to a significant other who is misleading you. Learning of their lies would hurt you deeply and lead to a possible separation in the future.

Meeting with the president

A meeting with the president in reality has good connotations, much like it does in reality. Getting some one-on-one time with the commander in chief in the dream realm predicts positive developments taking place in reality. For some time after seeing this vision, you would find your tasks are easier or yield more fruit than usual. However, if you spoke to the president at any point during the meeting in this dream, your happiness would soon turn to disappointment as your luck would run out quickly.

President with entourage

Seeing or walking past the president and his entourage has positive implications for both work and private business matters. Your profits or return on investments would be much better than expected or would gain you more admiration or recognition than you previously expected. As this symbol is closely connected with increases in profit and wealth, you may find your living situation and lifestyle more comfortable than it was previously.

Being a president

Greetings great team! My friend dreamt of being a president, for 7 times now.

Dreaming about being a president could contain ominous connotations of getting involved in an accident or unfortunate event or becoming a victim of it. This dream could also symbolize his unrealized ambitions or recurring inclinations to do something which he thinks might elevate him above people around him or in his social circle. However, once he performs these actions to satisfy his far-reaching desires, the outcomes could be damaging for the relationship with these people. It would be better to find a more sensible and wiser way for self-expression.

Socializing with the president

Dreaming about talking and socializing with the president.

Dreaming about socializing with the president of your own country reflects your great dissatisfaction and frustration with current political system which exists in your country. This could stem from your opposition to established policies or something that has recently been introduced causing this personal revolt. If you envisioned talking to a president of another country, this vision portends experiencing great disappointment with how things important to you are about to unfold in the nearest future.

Events after a presidential campaign

Firstly, I saw myself in America's presidential campaign. When coming back, I stop by my dead friend's house who lives across a river. After staying with him, I wanted to cross over to the main road, but I had to jump inside one big gutter before I could cross over, but after jumping inside I can't climb up, but I see school children jumping inside and climbing up with ease.

The amount of media attention spent on covering the presidential campaign might be why this situation seeped into your subconscious in an attempt to process all the information you collected during your waking hours. Although about the rest of the symbols in your dream, it seems like the aspect of dreams and aspirations connected to becoming prominent may be the reason for its inclusion in the vision. Perhaps your dead friend represents a part of yourself that aspires to be more successful. Maybe you feel like you are losing steam and you are not as motivated nor aggressive as your younger counterparts, hence the appearance of children climbing with ease as opposed to your cautious, measured approach. Overall, it is an enlightening dream advising you to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses to uncover your true purpose.

President Barack Obama

In my dream about a month ago I saw the president of America Barack Obama. I am a male that is sending this.

Dreaming about influential individuals and popular personalities may reveal your admiration for that person. On the one hand, you may be aspiring to gain the same kind of power and influence which is why his image appeared in your dream. This vision reflects your drive and high aspirations in wanting to make an impact in the world. On the other hand, it is also possible that it is not his position or power that you want but the image he projects or specific aspects of his personality that you want to emulate.

Talking with Donald Trump

I had a very friendly conversation with a very rich and successful millionaire who is at the same time the president of the USA - Donald Trump! I was wondering if the business I am going to start will be successful?

Dreaming of a popular personality such as Donald Trump could reveal your desire to emulate some of his traits or characteristics. Perhaps his position and power are pushing you to reach for your own aspirations. Depending on your views and opinions about Donald Trump, this could be your subconscious urging you to chase after your dreams in order to get to the next level. Alternatively, a dream about a millionaire can also expose your insecurities and fears about possible failure. In that case, talking to the president is a way of validating your own ability to succeed. After all, a big part of being successful is having an optimistic mindset.

The president during a war mission

I dreampt that I was again with my Marines, planning a mission. We were to attach ourselves to some chains (much like rigging to ropes that hung from helos). As we set off, there was the Commander in Chief - Donald J. Trump! He asked for a show of hands, for those to whom the chain mission was not crystal clear, and I raised my hand. He looked at me and the dream ended.

Dreaming of serving in the military usually reveals chaos or disorder in the dreamer's waking world. In your case, going back to the military life may be an allusion to your desire to put things back in order. The appearance of Donald Trump likewise points to your concern and interest in the current administration as well as national and global affairs. Perhaps the mission in your dream vision represents your plan to take action in an attempt to diffuse conflict and disagreements which you may have observed in your own social circle. Additionally, you may be growing tired of being a passive observer and wish to take a more active stance on issues that you are passionate about.

Being cursed by the president

I was receiving prayers from the man of God and behind me was a pregnant woman and he prophesies that president cursed us.

Receiving prayers suggests you have a lot of support from the people around you to do whatever you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. You can count on them to help you out when you find yourself in tough situations. Unfortunately, some things are just out of your control. The pregnant woman, for example, refers to emotional instability and depressions. Sometimes the dark cloud just hovers over you and you find it difficult to function normally, so even household chores become such enormous tasks and you start letting yourself go. In addition, being cursed by the president reveals your sense of hopelessness about the turn of events in your community and the country in general. You are feeding off negative energy and making yourself even more depressed. This dream suggests you need professional help to sort out your mental health and perhaps re-frame your thinking into focusing on things in which you can make a real difference.

Interacting with presidential candidates

I'm a woman. It all started in my high school. I dropped a container of dip down an escalator (my school didn't have escalators) and it landed in front of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Bernie got offended and left, but Joe stayed to tell me how horrible I am. He proceeded to mock me and tell me that I'm not cute. So, he got me out of school early and told me that he was taking me on a road trip where I would learn to be a well-behaved lady.

The presence of politicians in your dream reveals your preoccupation with the political issues within your country. In dream analysis, public figures represent your ideals. You either want to embody their characteristics or you refuse to grow up like them. Both Biden and Sanders' reaction to the container you dropped are projections of your own impressions of them. The container is a metaphor of your needs and their reactions depict their style of leadership from your point of view. Ultimately, your subconscious is telling you that whichever leader you choose, citizens such as yourself will likely adjust to their policies instead of them taking a more egalitarian approach.

President Donald Trump in prison

I was walking around in a prison setting, not sure why I was there, not really scared but concerned. Someone said I needed to go down and like the judges. So we went down an escalator, then stood in front of two people. One I knew was a tough businessman, the other was Donald Trump. They acknowledged me and seemed like they were a little surprised, I noticed Donald Trump had on these huge tap dancing shoes and he was in a conversation with the other guy about how he liked taking lessons. I felt a wanted out.

Seeing Donald Trump in your dream likely reveals your anxiety about the election. If a well-known personality manifests in dreams, it usually means the dreamer has been consuming a lot of content related to that person. Perhaps you have been watching a lot of news, so your subconscious conjured Trump into your dream to process the information you collected while you were awake. A person wearing tap dancing shoes symbolizes someone who is frantically trying to keep up or a person who likes to be the center of attention. Within this context, the judges are candidates. In reality, you will help elect one of them, but in the dream you are the prisoner awaiting their judgment. Perhaps this is an allusion to the importance of this election and that the person who wins will decide the trajectory the country takes for the next few years. Being in prison is usually an ill omen depicting disappointment or unsatisfactory results. However, your lack of fear in the dream scenario reveals your level-headed nature. Whether or not your candidate wins, you still have other obligations to prioritize. Wanting to get out of that prison probably means you have had enough of politics and freedom means focusing your energies on the outside world and reconnecting with people who matter to you.