Dreams Related To Pregnant

Someone being pregnant

Encountering a pregnant woman in the dream world means there will be a break in your routine. Unfortunately, the reason for this change of pace is unwelcome and unpleasant. A misbehaving relative or a troublemaker will disrupt your life by seeking your help. Since abandoning them is not an option, you will have to rearrange your life to accommodate their needs. This is a taxing endeavor, so make sure you also have people to turn to once the responsibility becomes too much. It is also necessary for you to set boundaries to avoid being abused and taken advantage of for your kindness.

Being pregnant and in pain

I dreamt I was pregnant with a baby cow and it was hurting. The doctor gave me meds for an abortion without me asking, and I was crying because I want a baby.

The size of the fetus in this dream only serves as a subconscious reflection of your desire to have children, but the presence of pain perhaps can be explained as being frightened to go through the process of giving birth. This could be because you either do not have a life partner or boyfriend yet or, if he is present in your life, he disapproves this decision or is indifferent to your feelings. Refusing to undergo abortion in a dream means that you should avoid making hasty decisions and take into consideration all the possibilities before pushing through your plans of marriage, engagement or starting a serious relationship with someone.

Pregnant cockroaches

Two pregnant roaches.

In this vision, the two cockroaches seem to represent both yourself and someone influential in your life, like a friend, teacher or mentor. Cockroaches are often symbolically connected with the idea of benefiting from relationships with those who are higher on the social ladder than yourself. In a sense, your friendship or partnership with this person would boost your own status. Continuing with this theme, the idea that the cockroaches were pregnant suggests your newfound status would allow you to support or lift up those lower than yourself, meaning the cycle would continue.

Being homeless and pregnant

Finding yourself homeless and pregnant could reveal upcoming disappointments related to your personal life or home situation. If you are looking to move or have recently changed residences, it is possible your money would not go as far as you want or that the property you invested in is hiding some serious issues. In regards to relationships, this same symbol may highlight some underlying issues preventing you and your significant other from being on the same page.

Mother pregnant and eating sweets

My mom getting pregnant and I am eating sweets.

This is a strange vision with two opposing symbols. On one hand, the image of your mother being pregnant predicts some serious misfortune in your life, likely related to your mother. This means she may become ill or have some terrible misfortune befall her. However, envisioning yourself eating sweets, whether as a result of her being pregnant or as a separate part of the dream, represents happiness, joy, and satisfaction in your life. This dream can be interpreted literally to mean that you should expect a series of major ups and downs in your life or that something good can come out of something bad, the proverbial silver lining.

A pregnant child

My 5-year old granddaughter is pregnant and about to give birth.

A pregnant child in dreams typically refers to growth and development. On the one hand, you may feel like your granddaughter is growing up too fast for you to get the most out of her childhood. On the other hand, it is also possible that her pregnancy is a metaphor for your stronger bond. Perhaps you have shared quite a lot of moments together which makes you feel like you are now closer that you have ever been. So much so that the dynamics of your relationship may have inspired you to reignite some of the interests and passion you may have lost over the years. In that sense, the baby your granddaughter is carrying in the dream vision could likely represent your own renewed drive for creativity and discovery.

Becoming pregnant for infertile

I'm a female that had my tubes clamped 12 years ago and had a dream where I was pregnant again by my husband.

For women who can no longer bear children, being pregnant can refer to the birth of a new idea. You could pursue a new business venture which would give you challenges and a renewed drive to succeed. An encounter with people and faces from the past would make you revisit goals and dreams you have set aside for the sake of your family. However, this vision could also depict an unhappy life with your husband, especially if you focus too much on your career and neglect to spend quality time with him.

Others being pregnant

Based on the dream interpretation literature by Edgar Cayce, seeing other women pregnant or another couple expecting a baby denotes your fears or anxieties of being defeated by your competitors. Perhaps you are following the same strategies doing business online or the object of your affection receives similar attention from someone else making your efforts look like you are not sincere or authentic enough. You may want to adjust the ways you act or find another niche or person to occupy yourself with.

Someone telling you are pregnant

Someone commenting, suggesting or informing you that you are pregnant during a dream vision when you are not actually pregnant in reality is a highly unlucky sign. It means you could have an unhappy relationship with someone close to you in wake life, likely a boyfriend or lover. Alternatively, you may find that you are slowly becoming less attractive, interesting or sexy than usual in the eyes of someone who matters to you or whom you are vying to impress after experiencing this vision.

Being pregnant with a girl

Being pregnant with a baby girl in the dream world is often connected to the idea of "maternal instinct" in reality. Those who see this image projected in their dreams should pay close attention to their gut instincts in the coming days. If something seems dangerous or too good to be true, it would be better to stay away and wait until you are sure of your safety, both mentally and physically.

Advice about boyfriend from a pregnant woman

In my dream I was in a school and I saw my boyfriend's ex class girl with the ex gf and also there was a pregnant woman sitting next to them. So I was walking up and the pregnant woman called out my name and as soon as I went to talk to her, she told me something about my boyfriend. She said "Jacky needs someone, he needs a girlfriend but don't give in easily". And I said thank you to her after she said that.

While this dream may have had some vivid imagery, the interpretation is actually rather straightforward. Being at school in a dream vision often is seen as the manifestation of stress in reality. You are likely going through some challenging times, especially if you are currently a student or employed. The pregnant woman sitting in class with the other people you recognized is actually a symbol of upcoming troubles that would bring sadness and despair to your daily life. You should consider this vision a warning to be on the lookout for things that could negatively impact your day to day life.

Being asked if I was pregnant

Dreaming about pregnancy commonly represents a new start in your waking life and can predict a surprising event that will come up in a short time. It can also illustrate that you are "birthing" a new idea that could determine your future pursuits. However, being asked of being pregnant usually suggests that you will receive an enlightenment about your new path from someone else, which may surprise you. Sometimes this symbol can be interpreted as coming across a negative outcome, but it can equally bear positive meanings depending on other symbols of your dream.

Pregnant with twins

I am pregnant and had a dream I was pregnant with twins. Then I was at an interview at an old job which I loved. I was chewing gum though.

You must be a very lucky person, for this vision is overwhelmingly positive in nature. Dreaming about being pregnant while being with a child in real life is an auspicious sign in regards to your delivery. It predicts a fast, safe delivery and the birth of a healthy baby. The image of the twins (whether you are having twins in real life or not) suggests that many friends and family want to celebrate with you, most likely in the form of a baby shower or a party upon your return from the hospital. All of this happiness is also supported by being at an interview for a previous job that you enjoyed, indicating peace and contentment with your life as it is. You should relax and enjoy the love of those around you as you prepare for the birth of your child.

Being pregnant and feeling the baby move

Depending on the other symbols in the vision, pregnancy could allude to some negative effect or outcome you are about to come face to face with in the real world. As such, feeling the baby move could mean you are being given a warning. You may have time to avoid such an unfortunate fate or go down a different path altogether.

Another woman impregnated by husband

A tall pregnant woman, 29 years old, comes to me and tells me "I'm pregnant with your husband. I don't want him to know." Then my husband walks in from the door sees her and only looks at her, acted like he doesn't know her, she goes out very quickly, he takes my jacket and goes after her in the rain.

Envisioning a situation in which your husband could be cheating on you, while not indicating the actual occurrence of such an affair, actually points toward your own feelings of being vulnerable or more trusting than you think you should be. Your husband is someone who you can and should be able to trust with everything, but leaving yourself completely vulnerable to someone else is still scary and can cause apprehension, even after years together. Being aware of this situation may inspire you to try and change this aspect of yourself though it is possible that someone is actually taking advantage of you now and should be stopped as soon as possible.

Being jealous that my friend was pregnant

Being jealous of a friend's pregnancy in a dream, whether or not she is pregnant in reality, could reflect your unhappiness at a recent choice or decision she has made in reality. In a sense, her pregnancy represents her free will and ability to assert herself, which you have perceived as a nuisance or even a threat. You may need to spend time and reflect on why you want her to do what you want her to do. If you are more interested in using her than understanding her motives, you may not be as good at being her friend as you think.

Being 1 month pregnant

A recently discovered pregnancy in the dream world is a negative symbol that represents growing dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life. Just as early pregnancy is associated with the discomfort of bloating and morning sickness, so does this vision suggest the beginning of your discontent and uneasy feelings. If you want to avoid feeling unhappy, you may need to shake up your schedule or try a different approach to handle the things you consider valuable and meaningful in your everyday existence.

Pregnancy in dream for bachelor girl

For bachelor or unmarried women, dreaming of being pregnant refers to the presence of an idea or an aspect of yourself that is developing. For example, you may be improving your social skills or you are becoming better at you job. This could also point to a business venture that is ready to be birthed, implemented or launched. You could get the capital to start the business or you could be struck by an idea for a lucrative venture.

Getting girlfriend pregnant

Dreaming that you have gotten your girlfriend pregnant in a dream may be your subconscious mind picking up on something she is hiding from you, usually negative in nature. In some cases, it may be innocuous, like a less than appealing birthday present or a surprise trip when you are very stressed or busy. However, the results of this secret may have more damaging effects, especially if you have made no effort to improve your relationship with her in recent months.

Best friend being pregnant

Sigmund Freud and his sources for dream interpretation would suggest that seeing your best friend pregnant in a dreamscape may reflect some feelings of jealousy you have towards her in wake life. Pregnancy envy is a major issue in friendships sometimes, so even if she is not really pregnant in reality, you may be channeling this image as a way of dealing with those emotions. Alternatively, you may be judging some choice she has made that displeases you in some way. Whether you are simply on your high horse or justified in your condemnation cannot be gleaned from this image alone.

Getting pregnant by ex husband

I'm female. In my dream my ex husband raped me. It wasn't necessarily violent but I was angry while he seemed passive and he came in me with the intention of getting me pregnant.

To be raped in a dream oftentimes refer to being powerless or dominated in reality. Your ex husband likely represents past mistakes, unresolved issues or your previous experiences in general that usually conjure negative emotions. In that context, being raped by your ex could be an indication that you are still hurting about your relationship or you are still affected whenever you hear news about your ex. Alternatively, perhaps you think he is still taking advantage of you and using your history together to manipulate you into getting what he wants. His attempt at making you pregnant represents a toxic dynamic between the two of you and it could mean he is trying to ingratiate himself into your life even though you have already parted ways.

Helping pregnant women in pain

I am a female. I was at a camp with my friends and they were playing with mud and I had a nice outfit on so I went inside. There I saw two women tied together screaming in pain on the floor. Their family rushed to help them and took their pulses. At first I was judgemental because I thought they were overreacting, but turns out they were actually pregnant and severely hurt. I rushed over to help one of them and put her on the couch and calmed her while their family was getting more help.

Camping in dreams is often associated with romantic endeavors, so seeing your friends playing in mud could reflect your feelings toward the dating game that all your friends are playing. Those around you may get into and out of relationships at the drop of a hat, but you take things more seriously and hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior, as indicated by your nicer clothing and desire not to get dirty. Your attitude towards others, however, may put you in a bad situation. The pregnant women who were in pain represent an upcoming period of unhappiness in your life. You may face many difficulties in regards to your interactions with others due to your inflexible ideals related to building new relationships.

Being told of being pregnant

Finding out that you are pregnant during the course of a dream vision, whether you are informed by a doctor or learn of your state from an at-home pregnancy test, could predict something surprising or shocking happening to you in the near future. This symbol usually suggests a negative or unfortunate surprise, but can take on a positive meaning depending on the combination of other symbols within the dream.

Pregnant with twin boys

Being pregnant with twin boys is actually thought to reflect the dreamer's romantic situation in reality. The two boys represent two potential lovers or suitors who are seeking the love of the dreamer. If the twins seemed to fight or move around aggressively inside the womb, it could represent some unfortunate developments taking place in reality. However, if the babies rested peacefully within the womb, it suggests that a solution would present itself without too much drama or conflict.

Being young and pregnant

Envisioning yourself as a young, pregnant woman reveals your own journey into maturity. One major decision will propel you into adulthood. This could mean moving out and living on your own, moving in with your significant other or even adopting a pet. On one hand, you may feel ill-prepared or unsure about taking this step, hence the youthful appearance. On the other had, you have actually made the decision and there is no turning back. Accept the challenge and be prepared to handle the responsibilities you are about to take on.

Pregnant and dying

Seeing a pregnant woman in a life or death situation depicts your personal struggles with your pet project. Your business venture or the app you are developing may not become a reality after all. No matter how hard you pitch this project to possible investors, no one is willing to take the risk. You have sunk a lot of time, effort and your own resources into this, so failure will be very hard for you to handle. Perhaps it is time to abandon ship and move on to a more viable idea or partner up with a more business savvy individual to help you get the proper funding.

Losing a baby while pregnant

To dream of a baby dying in the womb indicates wasted ideas or cancelled plans. Something you have been dreaming of or planning for so long will not come into fruition. It could be due to financial constraints, more pressing issues or you may simply lose your motivation. While there is no remedy to this situation, death does not always mean the end of something. Hinduism believes in the concept of reincarnation, so you may go back to pursuing this undertaking under more favorable circumstances.

Son's girlfriend pregnant

I dreamed that the girlfriend of my son is already four months pregnant.

Depending on your current circumstances and existing family relations, this dream vision could have two possible meanings which we can think of. One of them, which is more positive, could mean that you are subconsciously wanting this couple to have a child, so you can become a grandparent. This interpretation is especially true if you have not become a grandparent yet. The second interpretation could bear both positive and negative connotations, and could relate to your son, his girlfriend or both of them trying to hide something from you. The secret could be either a big disappointment or a great news for you. Perhaps you are sensing something that they could soon surprise you with and your subconscious mind translates it to visions of possible pregnancy of your son's girlfriend.

Pregnant and about to give birth

My dream was about me being pregnant and about to give birth that day or maybe the day after and when I went into labor I woke up.

Having a dream about giving birth in general is suggestive of some major changes underway or a possibility of some important issues being resolved. It may also be related to something you have been contemplating of eliminating from your life for a long period of time now, things such as vices, bad habits or addictions. For girls and young women, this vision could also be suggestive of possible arguments or disagreements based on some common issues or concerns with other people, from the description of your dream - something that has happened recently.

Co-worker's pregnant girlfriend

I had a dream that my co-worker's girlfriend was pregnant.

Dreaming about your co-worker's partner being pregnant can have one of two meanings. On one hand, it may indicate you have feelings for this co-worker and are projecting yourself onto the image of his girlfriend. This is especially true if you felt overly happy or affectionate toward her in the dream. On the other hand, knowing that your co-worker's girlfriend is pregnant and having an ambivalent or bad reaction to it predicts that he (or they) are possibly hiding something from you.

Being pregnant with quadruplets

In my dream I am pregnant with quadruplets, and either have an accident or miscarry all of them. The father is always different, but it always happens at my family reunion in the summer. I have had this dream a few times now. I am a single female, 24 years.

Quadruplets symbolize self-fulfillment and self-actualization. As such, the miscarriage of quadruplets in your dream suggests unrealized potential or being unable to achieve your goals. There could be certain plans or ventures that did not pan out. The recurring aspect of it reveals a pattern of behavior or way of thinking that is putting you in this cycle of disappointment when you do not quite meet your expectations. The reunion refers to your past. Perhaps you are clinging to something in your previous life experiences and it is holding you back. Maybe you could look at previous lessons you have learned and apply them in your present situation. Alternatively, the vision may be telling you to make peace with your past, accept it and realize that there is something better to look forward to.

Pregnant with a corpse of an adult person

I had a dream and in the dream, I felt a poking in my stomach and it was a hand trying to reach out of my stomach. When I felt my belly, I could feel the hand and I felt deeper and I could feel that it was a corpse in a sack in my belly, I could feel many bones. But the hand kept trying to push through the skin and get out. Somehow I knew it was the corpse of an adult. Can you shine any light on such a dream? Please help.

Dreaming about an adult being inside your abdomen as though you were pregnant, is a fairly positive sign. It predicts precious opportunities and auspicious circumstances being prepared for you which you can take advantage of only when the time is right (this is why the gestation period is so long, resulting in an adult rather than a baby). Until the appointed hour, you may experience some troubles or difficulties, but the rewards are very likely worth the wait.

Pregnant and seeing various things

I dreamt that this house was falling apart and some people appeared to be already dead in the house. Then I saw myself pregnant and announcing my marriage to a guy I know from church. Then I saw the giant millipede in a room crawling on a stick. I called someone else to remove it and they threw it out a window.

The crumbling house with the dead humans inside portends failure in something you have worked hard for. Due to this possibly disappointing outcome, you may end up feeling worthless and your self-esteem could take a serious hit. This ending or failure does not necessarily mean work or a career, it could also be a personal matter. Hence, the pregnancy and the marriage reveal a hunger for new opportunities, new beginnings and a sense of security. However, such symbols in dreams are not always positive. While pregnancy points to a potential romance in reality and marriage mean commitment, you could face disillusionment in the real world. To have a truly fulfilling and happy existence, the dream tells you to start with yourself and get rid of deep-seated fears and insecurities, which is symbolized by the millipede. Instead of pinning your happiness on a partner or a bigger salary, being more reassured about your strengths and abilities could get you to places you never even dreamed possible.

Getting pregnant after husband's death

A woman who was said to not be able to have kids, but when her husband died was found to be pregnant.

There is a bittersweet connotation to the scenario in your dream. A woman, believed to be barren, who gets pregnant after her husband dies refers to regaining personal freedom. Pregnancy means new life, and a partner or a commitment to someone may be stifling ideas and creativity within someone. This dream suggests that success may come at the price of love. Reality cannot give you all that you want. Alternatively, grief or mourning can sometimes give birth to an idea or provide fuel to bring life to a slumbering passion. Emotional periods can often transform individuals, hence the birth being alluded to in this vision you experienced.

Pregnant with a baby girl without a father

I had a dream I was pregnant, with a nice round tummy. I wondered who the father was, but I don't recall having sex. I also knew I was having a girl, it was a gut feeling. And I know I didn't pull a J Lo and got a sperm donor. In the next part of my dream, I had a girl!

Baby girls are associated with change and new personal experiences, so knowing that you are about to have a girl and then actually giving birth to a female child could symbolize your feminine intuition being spot on. You may want to pay closer attention to your gut feelings over the next few weeks as some unexpected situations unfold.

Friends protecting when being pregnant

I was pregnant with this man's baby, and my two close friends kept my secret. The one friend let everyone believe it was his child. The other one kept my secret from him. She referred to this man as her brother. They were both with me when I gave birth to his baby son. I ended up naming him. The father started to question the baby, and my friend finally told him she is waiting for him to be the man, you are meant to be.

Normally, dreaming that you are pregnant would be considered a positive sign, however, the fact that your friend lied in your regard and all the deception that ensued from this point forward portends personal losses for you in the near future. This dream symbolizes the possibility of losing the favor or approval of the people closest to you. A shameful or deceitful act may lead you to fall from grace in the eyes of your friends and perhaps even your family. Secrecy is rarely a good idea and often leads to deceit and ultimately regret, so consider this vision as a warning before you are tempted to lie to hide a certain fact that you may feel too ashamed to share with or reveal to others.

Pregnant by a former crush

I had a dream that a guy I used to like got me pregnant, but then I had a miscarriage and I shook the baby out of a mason jar.

Getting impregnated by someone you used to like in the past represents ideas and prospects gleaned from previous experiences. You may be inspired to pursue a business or opportunity inspired by lessons from the past. However, the miscarriage speaks of possible failure and disappointment. You may feel that not succeeding at it would become an ultimate disaster and result in a great loss. Things may not go as planned, and yet you retain the hope of starting all over again armed with the knowledge you have collected from any failed attempts to succeed.

Becoming pregnant by a deceased father

Have been dreaming that my late father has been having sex with me, I went to my pastor and he prayed for me. Then two days later I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby boy. The labor pain was not painful, in fact, I gave birth within seconds and he grew up almost immediately.

Despite the disturbing nature of the dream, having sex with your father in the dream world actually does not refer to intercourse or intimacy in reality. It can often symbolize your tendency to make broad assumptions or ambiguous and unclear generalizations that confuse you and prevent you from developing a better personally. Maybe you want to tap into your late father's experiences and knowledge to help you grow. In that sense, the baby boy is a positive sign which predicts that you would have a fruitful future if you are guided properly. This vision foreshadows that wealth and prosperity would come to you and your kin in times yet to come.

Not feeling baby move while pregnant

I was pregnant at the hospital. I told the nurse I can't feel the baby move and she could hear a heartbeat. I was rushed to delivery when the baby started to move and I started having contractions. I'm a female btw.

Dreaming of encountering problems with your pregnancy suggests uncertainties about your future. There could be projects or business ventures that would not pay off or put you in debt. Alternatively, you may think that your ideas and efforts at work are not being recognized or rewarded. Despite the mounting frustrations and resentment, this vision is telling you to hold on. As indicated in the dream, the baby eventually moves and you are set to give birth. In reality, this means that you need to stay patient and wait for the day you can reap the rewards of all your hard work.

Feeling beautiful while being pregnant

Female. Dreamed I looked very beautiful in a black dress with black shiny hair, I was pregnant and carried small, not big. Felt really beautiful. My hair was long and shiny black. I do have black hair in real life.

Dreaming about noticing the prevalence of black colors in your clothes and overall appearance, including your hair, could contain negative connotations. It symbolizes a period of unrest or annoyances in your life. However, the notion of seeing yourself pregnant and being comfortable with it indicates that despite the difficulties that you may face, this experience could bring along unexpected surprises, such as new acquaintances or even romantic prospects.

Pregnant at a birthday party

I am at a birthday celebration, I'm in a house that I recognize, but it's bigger than before and has new rooms built onto it and I'm sitting in a very comfortable armchair eating cake and I have a glass of wine, but I'm also pregnant with a baby girl and happy about it! There is no father around for the child?

Attending a birthday celebration in the dream world means you may be self-conscious about aging or getting older. Maybe you are trying to evaluate your current state, including how much you have achieved up to this point in your existence. For married dreamers, being pregnant means you are not happy with your husband. However, if you are not yet married, then pregnancy reveals your yearning for something more. You may be looking for a new opportunity or searching for your purpose and place in this world. Perhaps you would find that purpose sooner than you think.

Future child with no resemblance to parents

Hi, I'm a 32 year-old female that is 34-weeks pregnant, had a dream of my baby not looking like either myself or his dad.

Dreaming that your future child does not resemble you or seems unfamiliar in some way may be a sign that you have overlooked the needs of someone close to you, possibly your partner, another family member, or a close friend. In your pregnant state, you are rightly concerned about your own welfare and that of your future child. However, you should not ignore others who may need advice or assistance, especially if you have a particular skill or area of expertise that they lack.

Being pregnant and afraid to give birth for males

Hi, I am a single white 45-y.o. man. I had a dream that I was pregnant and almost ready to give birth, but afraid to give birth out of my butt. I was advised and suggestions were given to me by people around me in my dream to schedule a C-Section.

Pregnancy for males usually means that the dreamer is feeling burdened by an issue or concern. You may have been carrying a problem or responsibility of considerable consequence that has been weighing you down. Giving birth out of your butt or anus signifies release. You want to get rid of this problem once and for all. However, it may not be so easy to shake off. As implied in the dream vision, the people around you are suggesting a C-section, which means it would require introspection and personal transformation to rid yourself of the burdens you carry. Perhaps there is a lesson you need to learn before you can fully be free of these existing concerns.

A miscarriage and a house break in

I had a dream about having a miscarriage but I'm not pregnant. It then switches to a different dream where my family is involved in a shooting and house break in and I find myself somehow stopping it. I have no clue what it means. Please help.

Dreaming about a miscarriage, if you are not pregnant in reality, may be an allusion to health issues. Perhaps you are taking part in unhealthy activities or habits, maybe even harboring self-destructive attitude or perspective. In addition, a miscarriage also symbolizes failure. You may be handling a particularly challenging project or venture which is not quite working out the way you had imagined. Similarly, the break in towards the end of your dream reveals your insecurities. You could be questioning your skills and capabilities. Your attitude and self-esteem may be the root of your previous failures and your subconscious is trying to reveal this weakness to you so you can overcome your personal issues and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Mother pregnant and cutting the baby out

I'm a 24-year old female. My dream was about my mom being pregnant (would be her 4th child), but I also dreamed that either she or someone else tried to cut the baby out and I found my mom in that state and she nearly died. The dream was very realistic and gory. Thank you!

Pregnancy is usually an auspicious symbol in dreams. It is often associated with blessings, opportunities and lucrative new ventures. However, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding your mother's pregnancy in the dream vision carry a very negative message. Specifically, your mother may be a victim of manipulation or involved in an unhealthy relationship. Trying to cut out the baby from the womb suggests self-destructive behavior. There is a likelihood that someone close to her is abusing her generosity or perhaps forcing her to do things that are against her beliefs and principles. Alternatively, she could be on the brink of a financial catastrophe because of her own bad decisions or due to being surrounded by individuals taking advantage of her.

Pregnant and throwing up water

Hi, I'm a female, I dreamed that I was throwing up water and in the dream I found out I was pregnant. What does this dream mean?

This vision has two main symbols which are important to consider. First, throwing up may reveal some sickness within you that you are fighting. Your body could be trying to ward off an illness, even if you are not showing any symptoms. Water, however, is often a symbol of correctness or of following the right path, so it seems like the sickness would not be life-threatening. Rather, it would help you get where you need to go next. Where you are going may be related to your pregnancy in the vision, as this is often thought to represent meeting someone new who would become an important part of your life.

Pregnant from a celebrity

I dreamed I was working with Noah Wyle and dreamed we had made love and I was with a child, his child. We were working on a TV show together and he had left his wife for me. Also I was the artist in the TV show, we had met at an art showing in Boston.

Dreaming about becoming romantically involved with a celebrity or a famous person could reveal a deep desire and longing to connect with someone in reality. In a sense, the celebrity is taking the place of someone from reality, probably because their face is well-known to you or you felt a strong connection with their character. You may desire such a loving, companionable relationship as the one you envisioned with someone from your reality, likely an individual you see on a fairly regular basis but who is not close to you.

Being pregnant and traveling

I dreamed about getting pregnant and traveling somewhere with my parents and my mom's siblings.

Dreaming about being pregnant and traveling could mean that there is something new in your future that will bring you great joy and happiness, even though it is not necessarily a newborn child. It could be a long-term project finally coming to fruition, possibly something connected with your family life since you mentioned your parents and your relatives present in the dream as well. Whatever it is, it could change your life for the better.

Being charged more because pregnant

First off, I'm a woman. That is about to become very obvious. I only remember part of the dream. I was in a gas station or convenience store and I was buying something really cheap, and the old woman charged me 6 extra dollars and when I asked her what it was for, she told me it was because I was pregnant and didn't realize it yet.

Finding yourself at a convenience store in your dream reveals your lack motivation and enthusiasm. You could be looking for purpose and inspiration in order to reignite your passion for your work or even a reason to chase your personal goals. In this context, perhaps the cheap items you were trying to purchase could mean you are chasing cheap thrills and shallow goals in the hope that the rush you get from those experiences would awaken your zest for life. Unfortunately, the old woman you encounter generally symbolizes upcoming problems. Those problems may be a result of bad decisions you made in the past that would continue to hound you. Given those symbols, the news that you are pregnant similarly portends to something surprising or shocking that would occur in the near future. You may need to face up and be accountable for the consequences of your reckless behavior and careless actions from your past. This challenge may help you realize the importance of tempering short-term pleasure with long-term aspirations in order to achieve a stable and secure future.

A pregnant couple and alligators

I am a female... I had a dream about a couple, they were waiting on the Doctor to call to see if they were pregnant. As they waited they noticed an alligator in the house, and then quickly noticed another that was pregnant with twins. The Doctor called to let them know that they were pregnant, they were very happy, and dancing around until they remembered about the alligators, so they jumped back in the bed. That pretty much sums up my dream.

Pregnancy in dreams refers to growth and development. So envisioning this couple in your dream who are expecting a baby likely represents your positive outlook about the people around you, whether they are your family, friends or colleagues. You probably believe in their capacity for goodness and ability to grow into better versions of themselves. Maybe this is also a reference to your personal and professional growth. However, an alligator represents an adversary or a threat to your well-being. In general, alligators symbolize anything that would get in the way of achieving your goals or realizing your potential as well as threats to the well-being of your loved ones. So perhaps the alligator which was pregnant with twins portends something terrible that is about to happen or a tragedy that would likely be twice as unpleasant or doubly worse than you expected. You may have to prepare yourself to confront powerful enemies and external factors that would make your life infinitely more challenging.

Cheating on husband and getting pregnant

I am a female who cheated on my husband with my good friend's brother and got pregnant.

Cheating on your husband can be bad omen for your marriage. It usually means that you may soon lose your husband's trust or love, probably due to other issues you are facing in reality. It could involve a long and unresolved problem or a lack of open communication between the two of you. On the other hand, getting pregnant from this adulterous relationship means it may be you who is experiencing dissatisfaction in your marriage. Perhaps you are looking for something that would fulfill you outside of your own relationship. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you think can make you feel happier. Maybe it is just a matter of finding new hobbies and projects to make you feel productive. Alternatively, you may be seeking attention and affection elsewhere.

A friend getting pregnant

I saw one of my friends got pregnant before marriage.

Pregnancy symbolizes growth, progress, as well as new ideas and opportunities poised for success. So this is a very auspicious dream symbol predicting your friend's sizable achievements during her single years. Before she settles down, she would be fortunate enough to have ample means and a financially secure life with which she will be able to provide for a family of her own later on.

Finding out about not being pregnant

I had a dream I had just found out I was pregnant, I went to the doctors for a scan only to find out I was no longer pregnant, I felt relief, then I had to choose between ex boyfriends to be with?

Dreaming that you are pregnant is a bad omen about a prospective husband. You could either experience a miserable marriage or bear unappealing children. Fortunately, this negative forewarning is negated in the same dream when you found out you were no longer pregnant. Perhaps this is all a reflection of your own anxiety and uncertainty about your future. In fact, choosing from your ex boyfriends reveals your inability to break your old, destructive patterns and sabotaging your own chance of experiencing a healthy and loving relationship. This could be your subconscious encouraging you to stop dwelling in the past and embrace a brighter future by moving on from past boyfriends.

Family on the beach for pregnant

I had a dream that my family was on vacation on a beach or island. I was walking around the mall when a cosmetologist came up to me and did my makeup. When I was done I was supposed to stay for class but I looked at the time and it said 10:45 and I immediately got up and ran to my family as if I was late for something. When i got to them they were eating outside and I joined them. Not long after, the waves starting getting taller and people were panicking. It might be good to note that I am pregnant as well as married but my husband wasn't in the dream and I wasn't pregnant. I have two daughters and they were there. The ones in my family that were there was my parents, grandma, brother, and sister and brother in law. We told my sister and brother in law to take all the kids to safety and they left. After that for some reason we started digging for crabs and one pinched me. We decided to stop because the waves were getting worse and looked scary. There is a void in my dream between digging for crabs and ending up in a submarine with my family members that were left (me, my parents brother and grandma). While being in the submarine we ended up in a HUGE DEEP WHIRLPOOL. I was extremely scared. It literally felt like the end. We decided it was gonna take us in and we let it go. When we went down it felt so real I could feel the pressure and unsteadiness then suddenly we hit the bottom, it felt so deep and then, we bounced back up which was the biggest relief. When we came out the sun was bright skies were clear and we had obviously missed the tsunamis (water damage on island). After this I woke up and immediately started dream interpretations. Its a very complex dream as there are so many different things I did and we did together and alone? I really want to know what this dream was trying to tell me. I suffer daily from anxiety and depression and recently heard that my pregnancy is very risky as it is my 4th pregnancy. One miscarriage and they were all so close together. Need help interpreting.

Walking along the seashore in a dream vision often represents upcoming changes or new experiences you would partake in. Given your pregnancy, this is to be expected, as new family members often change the dynamics as well as increase the love already present inside your family. The man offering to put makeup on you in this vision could represent some inner part of yourself that is concerned with or ashamed of your struggle with mental anxiety depression. You may worry about passing it to you child or feel embarrassed about needing extra support. However, the growing waves are a positive symbol indicative of overcoming obstacles. While you may continue to have low moments, your vision seems to reveal an overall positive outcome, meaning your entire family would grow deeper in their love and understanding of mental wellness. Furthermore, the act of digging in the sand for crabs could reveal the fortuitous meeting with someone new, either your future child or someone who would be able to give you good advice about how to deal with your personal situation.

Deceased grandmother pregnant

In my dream my dead grandmother was pregnant and I was helping decorate a new blue house.

Seeing your deceased grandmother could suggest that, amidst the chaos in the world, you would always have a a safe place to return to. This safe haven would be your shelter against the experiences filled with hardships and iniquities of this world. The hardships may reveal themselves in the form of her pregnancy, which point toward some unknown danger or difficulty. The new blue house means that it would not necessarily be your troubles but the suffering of someone close to you that would cause these feelings. While it is true that you personally would always have someone to rely on, perhaps there is a double meaning that you would be the shoulder for someone else to cry on as well.

A pregnant bird

Good afternoon, in my last night's dream I saw a small bird (pregnant) or at least in my dream I knew she was pregnant but she was falling from a tree. Ultimately the bird looked like a baby bird but she was really small and pregnant.

Birds in the dream world are often aspirational. Their ability to fly is a metaphor for your own dream of succeeding and getting what you want in life. Therefore, to see a pregnant bird reveals your overly ambitious nature and a hunger for recognition. This could be your downfall as illustrated by the bird falling from a tree. This allegory is telling you that you may want too many things too soon. The bird looking like a baby also suggests you may need more time, experience, and maturity to be better equipped for the kind of profession or role that you want to take on.

Fighting a pregnant woman

Dreams about fighting a pregnant woman can be unsettling and may leave the dreamer feeling confused and anxious. Such visions indicate the inner turmoil or conflict within the dreamer. Usually, a pregnancy indicates the potential for new beginnings, ideas, or projects in waking life. But in this case, the dreamer is resisting or feeling negative about it, as fighting or arguing is associated with a bad mood and feelings. Furthermore, if the dreamer feels bad or negative during the dream, it reveals feelings of guilt or conflict about resisting change. However, if the dreamer feels empowered or positive, it indicates a healthy resistance to change and a need to set healthy boundaries.